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Cute Little Babysitter 17

The babysitter storyline is a familiar one. A couple hires a cute young, but legal woman to take care of the kids. She has that hots for the man of the house (in this series anyway) and then they fuck. It isn’t super complex, but it isn’t supposed to be. It is supposed to a little forbidden and a lot of fun. To that end, this movie delivers. It features some cute female talent who know how to seduce. Not that the guys fight too hard.

Cute Little Babysitter 14

The babysitters in this movie fit the title perfectly. They are cute, just over eighteen and know how to please the guys they work for. This specific fantasy is the focus of the movie, but there is a strong general appeal as well. The attractive cast and high-quality technical aspects combine for an effective XXX flick beyond the obvious. It helps that they throw in a couple of scenes with a slightly different bend. In one of the best scenes of the movie, Kiara Cole is a babysitter who sneaks her boyfriend into the house for a hot bang.

Women Loving Girls 7

This is a nicely shot all-girl movie with some basic story set ups to lead us into the lesbian sex. We have established couples who can’t keep their hands off of each other. Horny wives with the hots for the babysitter. Workplace lesbian attraction and best friends who take it to the next level

A Black Bull for My Hotwife 7

What happens when for hot white wives have full permission to fuck black dudes on the side? You get four happy hotwives and four really good scenes in this latest New Sensations effort.

Stepmom Seductions

This latest fauxcest title from SN is what you would expect. Four tales of forbidden lust between stepmoms and the dudes of approximately the same age who just happen to be the progeny of the presumably much older dudes they are married to.

A Stepfather’s Desires 8

As I am sure you have all figured out by now, this movie is about stepfathers and stepdaughters getting it on. Wouldn’t it be a shock if that weren’t the case. I mean it is possible right. The titular “desires” could be to see the offspring of one’s spouse grow up, go to college, find success and love forever and ever. Or it could be about stepfathers who just really enjoy model ship building or playing cribbage. But then would it be called “A Stepfather’s Hobbies”?

My Sexy Little Sister 12

I wonder what flavor of fauxcest is the most popular. In fact, does that even matter? Is it just the banging of a step that matters? Or is there a hierarchy at play? Is a stepmom more desirable than a stepsister? There must be some difference because we just don’t see the mixing of the steps these days in our fauxcest.

Daddy’s Favorite 3

In this latest fauxcest vignette release, New Sensations covers the honry stepdaughters getting it on with their new parental figures angle If that appeals to you, there is plenty to like. If it doesn’t, but other fauxcest combinations work then they have a line for that.

My First Hotwife Experience 6

Adding to what seems to be a never-ending list of hotwife titles, this one features wives or their new studs taking the first trip to Hotwife town. Does that add to the fantasy? I suppose it does for someone.

Asian Schoolgirls

Nothing sneaky about the title of this movie. The cast is made up of lovely Asian performers who all don the familiar schoolgirl uniform. It is a really attractive cast as well. Cover girl Clara Trinity is very pretty and I enjoyed watching her.

My Black Hotwife 3

New Sensations takes their hotwife formula, adds some lovely women of color to the cast and gives us something hot. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. The women in this movie are quite lovely, sexually energetic and make the flick hot even if you aren’t specifically looking for hotwives who happen to Black.

Watching My Girlfriend 5

This is another iteration of the hotwife fantasy I suppose. Instead of wives fucking in front of husbands, it’s girlfriends fucking in front of boyfriends. (I just know there is a scene or full movie already in the works where it’s a girl watching her girl fuck a dude because, why not?)

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