Archive for 'Website Reviews' SYNOPSIS: If you are looking for something a little different then has you covered. A site specializing in parodies and pop culture-themed smut, the site offers fun X rated twists on old favorites and currently relevant fantasy fulfillment. These are generally single-scene efforts covering classic TV, horror films, Sci-Fi and day to day […]

When it comes to lesbian porn, the landscape has never looked better. There are so many sites and video lines dedicated to girl on girl action that it would be hard to imagine a site with something new to offer. And yet, that is just what you get with What makes this site different is that is openly a model-friendly site. The women featured on this site are not paid for a day or a single scene.

In the ever-changing landscape of adult entertainment, some studios have come and gone. Others live on and thrive. For decades now, Elegant Angel has brought some of the best XXX action to our homes. Their site,> continues that tradition with an easy to use site that is packed with timeless classes, old favorites, award-winning series and new material guaranteed to to remind everyone why some names still carry some weight among the perverts. SYNOPSIS: Some sites provide members with content that appeals to a very broad audience, while others stay very focused. I am sure that it won’t take you long to figure out which camp> you know that the fauxcest will be heavy, mommy-oriented and hyper-focused. Like that site, the style and content will also […]

Best Web Cam Sites: Where to Find the Best Trans Cam Performers

Best Web Cam Sites: Where to Find the Best Trans Cam Performers The explosion of cam sites has created a revolution in adult entertainment unlike anything the industry has seen in decades. Thanks to faster internet, webcam sites can bring gorgeous women of every type from around the world right to your screen. No more […]

With a title like>, you can be pretty sure you know what you’re going to get. The models are top notch porn performers who are a mature enough to be in the MILF category. The sex, in case you aren’t quick enough to pick up on the title, is of the POV variety. Just in case the mature female stars weren’t enough, the performers in these scenes are doing their best to act like the naughtiest bunch of moms and stepmoms you ever saw. If that type of role play appeals to you and you want to porn that closely simulates what living out these fantasies would look like, then come on in.

As you might imagine the action featured on> is rather specific. That is bound to be why fans of the glory hole genre will find it appealing. It features young women visiting the GH to experience anonymous dick.

If you have watched porn in the last two decades. Good porn I mean, solid, hot filthy gonzo porn, there is a pretty good chance you are familiar with Tim Von Swine and his work. If you are a fan of fantastic POV smut there there is a 100% chance you have seen his stuff and it is a near certainty you have spanked a few out to some of the best filth the genre has to offer. Welcome to, the home of professional pevert, amateur hockey enthusisc, POV fucking master and all around great guy Tim Von Swine.

Welcome to, home to some of the hottest women in porn from the US, Europe and around the globe. There are tons of gorgeous women to choose from, starring in hard core action that covers all bases with a serious nod towards threesomes, foursomes and bigger groups.

There are lots of XXX sites out there. Most of them have something to offer. The best of them do something really well. Sometimes it’s a look, sometimes it’s a specific fantasy appeal. Sometimes it’s star power. Some of them bring a huge library into the digital age. But the very best sites, do a little bit of all of that. That is what we have with As the 2 time winner of the XBiz Paysite of the year, much should be expected of this site. SYNOPSIS: How does one go about reviewing a site for arguably the greatest adult entertainment studio in the history of all things smutty? I have little doubt that nearly everyone reading this is aware of Evil Angel and their impact on porn as we have experienced it for the past three decades. The […] SYNOPSIS: Welcome to, a site that features original adult series, classic smut and everything in between. With frequent new updates and a huge catalog, it is the kind of site you can spend weeks or months exploring and still find something you haven’t seen before. They have a dozen original lines that […]

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