A Stepfather’s Desires 8

A Stepfather’s Desires 8


Movie Type: Vignette
130 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest Eddie Powell
WEBSITE: NewSensations.com
THEMES: Fauxcest, Stepdaughters, Stepfathers, Older men with younger women

STARS: Mazy Myers, , Reese Robbins, Olivia Madison, Dorian Del Isla, Brad Newman, Lexi Victoria, Clarke Kent


As I am sure you have all figured out by now, this movie is about stepfathers and stepdaughters getting it on. Wouldn’t it be a shock if that weren’t the case. I mean it is possible right. The titular “desires” could be to see the offspring of one’s spouse grow up, go to college, find success and love forever and ever. Or it could be about stepfathers who just really enjoy model ship building or playing cribbage. But then would it be called “A Stepfather’s Hobbies”? All right, mindless pondering aside, this is exactly what you would expect. Stepdaughter’s banging the father figures in their life with little to no consideration for their mom’s or what might happen when the affairs are uncovered. That too would make for a horrible movie so let me stop meandering and get to the meat of the issue. Four scenes of fauxcest featuring younger women with older men in the most step-taboo of ways. Mazy Myers and Olivia Madison star in scenes that are wrought (overly so) with romantic tension. I am starting to wonder if the hotwife and fauxcest genres are about to cross and we shall get flowery romance scenes where stepdads share their hotwives daughters with other men. Please tell me I didn’t just type that shit into existence. Reese Robbins has to prove to her stepdaughter that she isn’t useless after failing at the job he gives her. Turns out she is really good at other kinds of jobs if you know what I mean, and I know you do. This is probably the best scene of the movie. Lexi Victoria goes after her stepfather quite aggressively in the finale. No question what she wants. This is a well shot movie that hits all of the popular notes for the genre.

Mazy Myers & Dorian Del Isla

Horny young Mazy Myers informs us that became a woman when she fucked her stepfather. The voice over describing the first time they fucked accompanies some very hot solo fun while Mazy is waiting for her mother’s husband to get home. He does show up and helps her finish up what she started by licking her pussy to a nice loud climax. She drops to the floor and shows us all what a good girl she is by sucking his cock and moanding until he picks her up to fuck. After some warm up, he tosses her on the bed and fingers her wet little slit. She gets on top and shows off some really nice hip action while she grinds on his hips. He flips her over and pumps very hard. They have good chemistry together and she can’t wait to suck the cream right off of his dick. Nice energy here

Reese Robbins & Clarke Kent

Reese Robbins gets chewed out by her stepfather He has given his recent high school graduate stepdaughter a job and she is fucking it up. Trying to convince him that she is not “completely useless” she suggests she show him the things she is good at. These are things she does with guys her own age and he doesn’t object too hard when she takes his cock out of his pants. She starts bobbing and spitting on his dick to prove she knows how to make her way in the world. Lots of eye contact here if that gets you going. Reese also sucks his balls, but seems to run out of energy before she gets naked and starts bouncing on his dick. She leaves her yellow tennis shoes on for the reverse cowgirl. Reese also is pretty flexible, but for some reason I keep thinking about a Bud Lite boycott every time the camera lingers. Maybe it’s the hair or the makeup, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. She ends up shooting all over her face and her mouth full of tin. There is some appeal if you like braces, braids and tennis shoes. Other than that, this one comes up short compared to the others in the movie.

Olivia Madison & Brad Newman

The voice over leading to the Olivia Madison scene just kind of hits wrong. It’s very overwrought and flowery, especially mixed wit the music. Really feels like they are going for the romantic angle on the whole “banging my stepdaughter thing” and just ain’t really working. Olivia is a pretty young woman with freckles and a mouth that barely fits around his big fat cockhead. With a little help she is able to take it about halfway down, giving us some pretty good looking oral footage along the way. HE gets on top and starts filling her up. Things look even better when she is on top and we get to watch her work her hips to make sure every inch of him gets buried in her. They get into some serious stroking when he is behind Olivia. She smiles and squalls while he power bangs her tight little slit from the back. They finish up with a shot all over her face. This scene was decent, but I would really like to see more of Olivia.

Lexi Victoria & Dorian Del Isla

Lexi Victoria has tried to put moves on her stepdad subtly, but he isn’t picking up on her hints. She also likes to listen when he’s banging her mom. One day when they are alone and he is in the pool, Lexi just goes outside naked. He figures it out and goes inside where they make out while she pumps his dick in her hand. She is even better with her mouth, bobbing up and down in his lap until he is hard and ready to give it to her like he gives it to her mom. She likes it when he goes deep and hard enough to make her boobs bounce. He turns her over and works in and out from behind. Nice energy in this scene and a bit of choking if that works for you. He does a lot of tit grabbing along the way as well. She rides him good and hard until he is ready to pop. When he does, it goes all over her face and she milks out the last few drops to finish him off.


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