Cum Eating Teens 3

Cum Eating Teens 3

Movie Type: All Sex
90 Mins
Sex Z Pictures
DIRECTOR: Richard Monfort
THEMES: Facials, Younger Women

STARS: Vanessa Michaels, Trent Tosoro, Luccia, Kyle Stone, Hillary Scott, Jack Lawrence, Tricia Oaks, Tony Tedesci, Annie Cruz, Trick Dickson


Reaching back a few years to review a DVD I kept in my collection is always fun. Well, no. Not always. This one was kept primarily because it features a scene from Hillary Scott in her white hot prime and also Annie Cruz. They are special and worth watching, but the movie itself is a little lackluster. The theme, if you can call it that, is facials, maybe cum eating done by young looking women. The cast is already pretty young and they add some costumes and hairstyles to add to that. Vanessa Michaels kicks off the movie with a pretty basic scene that includes a bit of tease and a decent facial. Lucia has a strange obsession with her stuffed bear. She is paired with Kyle Stone who struggles so badly with wood that you wonder how long it took them to get through this scene. The stuffed animal play is odd and at times a bit disturbing. This one might appeal to people with a plushy fetish, but I was left completely cold. Hillary Scott helps to pick things up with a very enthusiastic scene. She does a lot of dirty talk, mostly playing into the younger woman themes. Then she sucks until her makeup is an absolute mess. Great energy and she is not afraid to go after every drop of cum she can. This scene made me glad I popped the movie into the player. Trisha Oaks has a tough act to follow and fails to do much to help herself. She gives a decent solo scene, but then falls silent when she starts fucking. It’s good if you like to hear the guy doing all the dirty talking, but the lowlight of the movie for sure. Annie Cruz finishes the movie up with some really impressive deep oral action. She is always fun to watch and even with cumshot that is poorly captured and a bit of let down, the scene is worth a look. Overall the movie is pretty disappointing with Hillary and Annie standing out as the only real reasons to check it out.

Vanessa Michaels & Trent Tosoro

No set up for this first scene. Vanessa Michaels, wearing a cute pink top and short denim mini skirt, joins Trent on the couch for a short kiss. Seconds later we cut to her on her knees with her tits out and his dick already in her mouth. She needs a bit of help to get to the root so he he mounts her face and fucks her mouth while she kind of touches herself. With nothing under her skirt, she makes it quite easy for him to get at her pussy with his tongue, fingers and finally, his dick. As she rides him in reverse cowgirl, we get a tight shot of her pussy and some really nice footage of her perky natural breasts. Leaving her shoes on, she mounts his lap and rides. Good footage that is broken up by a short BJ and then again moments later when he pulls out and shoots his load on her face.

Lucia & Kyle Stone

Leaning into the youth play, we have Luccia checking her stuffed animal for a cock. Finding nothing, she rubs it all over her nipples and her pussy. Kyle comes back and she is much happier with a real dick to play with. Luccia doesn’t seem to speak much English which kind of makes things odd. She does know how to suck and works overtime trying to coax Kyle’s notoriously slow starter to a semi rigid state. When she isn’t trying to make him hard, she keeps playing with the bear. It’s just kind of off and fractured. He manages to stay hard enough to fuck her for a while and she keeps grabbing the bear at strange times. They finish with a facial which I guess is really the point in the end.

Hillary Scott & Jack Lawrence

One of the main reasons to grab this movie out of the stack is Hillary Scott. She is one of the very best to ever do this and looks pretty cute as Jack comes up behind her and starts fingering her. Nice visuals, but her dirty talk really drives the action. He starts eating her, going right to the ass for some serious rimming. Hillary piles on the “little girl” talk while her ass gets a thorough tongue bath. She starts and shows off the kind of sloppy head skills that made her a legend. With drool running down her chin, she shoves him tino her throat and makes every guy wish they could learn what that mouth can do. Her makeup is a mess by the time she mounts up for reverse cowgirl. Hillary bounces, screams and acts like she loves every second of it. After a quick round of oral to clean him off, she goes right back at it. Hillary keeps talking dirty, rubs her clit so hard she might start a fire and always breaks out deep throat skills when they shift positions. You have to love her energy and her willingness to get as filthy as she needs to be. When he shoots his load all over her face and tits, Hillary isn’t happy until she has licked up what cream has spilled on the floor.

Trisha Oaks & Tony Tedeschi

Trisha Oaks gets warmed up with her fingers and then breaks out a toy that needs some lube to properly fit into her snug hole. She gets going on herself and is quite loud as she bangs her horny holes. Tony shows up and gives her his fat salami to play with instead. She sucks it for a few moments before mounting up. While she grinds he talks non-stop, throwing the word “teenage” whenever he can. She flips over, bucks her hips back while she fucks and occasionally talks back to him. Honestly she showed more energy with the toy and when he unloads on her, they close out the most disappointing scene of the movie.

Annie Cruz & Trick Nixon

Annie Cruz rides her bike into the living room, puts away her helmet (safety first) and finds a naked dude on her couch. Apparently she likes him, because she goes right to town on his cock, sucking it to full mast in seconds. As always, she does an amazing job with the BJ, taking him to the root with seeming ease (and this guy isn’t small) and getting things quite wet. He returns the favor for quite a while and Annie seems to really love it. She has him by the head and is quite vocal about the job his fingers and tongue are doing on her sweet pussy.She gets on top and rides hard, showing off her body perfectly. Annie’s natural boobs are perky as hell and bounce harder as she gets into the action. They don’t fuck for long because he is ready to pop and she says she wants to eat his cum. With everything set up for just that, there is an awkward cut and Trick manages a very weak cumshot on her face. We can hear the director telling her to spit it out so there is more of a show. Disappointing end to a scene that Annie made quite hot all by herself.

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