My Sexy Little Sister 17

My Sexy Little Sister 17

Movie Type: Vignette
141 Mins
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
THEMES: Fauxcest, Step Sister, Step Brother

STARS: Madi Collins, Kelsey Kane, Sophia Sterling, Ashlyn Peaks,


This is the kind of movie you might enjoy if you like combining fauxcest with romance movies. And that makes sense since Digital Sin has made really good flicks in both genres for a long time. Lots of short voice over plots to get us to the action and then the basic bump and grind happens. Madi Collins stands out in the opening scene. She is very pretty, energetic and adds some intense kissing to her scene that puts it at the top of the list for this one. Kelsey Kane is less in love with her step brother, but she knows how to keep him quiet when she needs a secret kept. Those are the two best scenes of the movie. Sophia Sterling stars in another romantic romp that lacks spark and just kind of gets to the end without a ton of energy. Ashlyn Peaks is a thick girl with a lot of appeal, but her scene is rather unenthusiastic. I haven’t seen her in anything else so I don’t know if this was just a flat scene or if this is her usual level energy. It still has some appeal, but the first two scenes are the best with Madi as the clear stand out.

Madi Collins & Damon Dice

As Madi Collins explains in her voice over, finding true love is very special. In her case, it is also tricky since the man she adores most is her step brother. He doesn’t seem to mind at all when she shows him just how much she wants him. In fact after some intense kissing he literally tosses her into the bed. She desperately sucks his cock, getting him wet with her eyes and begging for more with her eyes. Her hand finds its way to her pussy for some self pleasure while she gags on his hard dick. They roll her on her back where he gently penetrates her pussy for the first few strokes. She gets used to him quickly and wants to feel him pounding. By the time she gets on top, she is ready to slam her hips down and feel every inch. Madi is very energetic in this scene and doesn’t stop until he creams all over her horny little pussy.

Kelsey Kane & Nick Strokes

Blonde Kelsey Kane is masturbating in the bathroom when her step brother comes home. It turns out this is their parents’ bathroom and if he tells them, she won’t get to go to a party. In exchange for him not ratting her out, she offers to take him to the party and suck his dick. Well that escalated quickly. He is happy to accept such a generous deal and finds out quickly why Kelsey is (we assume) quite popular. She starts sucking his dick, showing real skill with her mouth while she gets him wet. I really like the way she keeps blowing him while taking off her top. Got to love a pretty girl so devoted to task. They head to the bed where he returns the favor, getting her pussy good and wet before fucking her. She settles in on top, spreading her legs towards the camera and grinding on him while he pumps up into her tight slit. He rolls her over and holds her hips while hitting it hard from behind. This leaves her in a perfect position to take a big load all over her cheeks.

Sophia Sterling & Jay Romero

Sophia Sterling has found a lover she can’t get out of her head. It’s her step brother Jay. She greets him at the door in something sexy and they are off to the bedroom. He doesn’t even get her fully out of her lingerie before her toes are in his mouth and she is practically begging him to fuck her. He flips her over and gets going nice and hard. Sophia looks really good on her back with her legs high in the air as he builds up speed. She gets on top and he grabs her legs, holding them out for the camera. Sophia is very cute and curls her toes while being fucked. They finish up with her bent over so he can spray her ass with a big load of cream.

Ashlyn Peaks & Nick Strokes

Busty Ashlyn Peaks says she is into taking risks. She feels the attraction from her stepbrother and shares his feelings. She is ready to act on them. When their parents are gone, she strips and joins him in the shower. He is happy to see her and they are off to the warm and wet races. They do a little oral in the shower before moving to the bed where she spreads out and lets him taste her charms. Her tits are big enough to fit right into her mouth while he licks away. Her BJ is pretty unenthusiastic, but gets him hard enough to spin her around and hit it from behind. Ashlyn has a nice big ass and fans of barley BBW bodies will enjoy the eye candy. She wraps her tits nicely around his cock and lets him fuck them until he is ready to blow his load all over her ample rack.

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