Cute Little Babysitter 17

Cute Little Babysitter 17

Movie Type: Vignette
126 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest & Alex Ladd
THEMES: Babysitters, Cheating, Older Men with Younger Women

STARS: Haley Spades, Macy Meadows, Nina Nieves, Phoebe Kalib, Brad Newman, Danny Mountain, Michael Stefano


The babysitter storyline is a familiar one. A couple hires a cute young, but legal woman to take care of the kids. She has that hots for the man of the house (in this series anyway) and then they fuck. It isn’t super complex, but it isn’t supposed to be. It is supposed to a little forbidden and a lot of fun. To that end, this movie delivers. It features some cute female talent who know how to seduce. Not that the guys fight too hard. Phoebe Kalib is really cute and I enjoyed her scene a whole lot. Haley Spades is also quite attractive. Her scene features a lot of foot play if that floats your boat. Cover-sitter Nina Nieves is really attractive and knows how to use her body to put on a fantastic show. Macy Meadows might be my favorite of the bunch, so stick around for the final scene, you won’t be disappointed. If you like babysitters who are cute, ready to play and don’t care at all that the guys they work for are married, well this is the movie for you.

Phoebe Kalib & Danny Mountain

Phoebe Kalib is a little taken aback when Danny asks her to stay late to help him decorate the house for the holidays. With his wife and kids gone, he quickly turns his attention to her. She knows he will never leave his family, but can’t resist some naughty fun under the mistletoe. She gets out of her clothes and between her legs. His cock fills her mouth as she uses both hands to pump the thick shaft. Really nice looking head her and she even works up a pretty good spit streamer when they shift into 69. He moves around behind her and holds her hips while pumping into her from behind. Phoebe is really attractive and has great thighs in this position. When he turns her over, she faces the camera and shows off her body and sternum tattoo. He rolls her over and finishes by shooting his big load all over her shaved pussy while she holds out her tongue to catch any that flies up that far. Gotta applaud the effort there.

Nina Nieves & Brad Newman

Brad is late to work, but babysitter Nina Nieves wants his cock. (Every day dad problems.) She insists and he gives in despite the fact that he is late and his wife will be home soon. No worries, horny little Nina has a mouth like a vacuum that works on his balls and fat cock. He stands her up and takes her panties down while lifting her skirt. There are some really nice eye candy shots as he takes her from behind in front of a mirror. The clothes come off so he can flip her over and fuck her on the edge of the couch. There are some foot shots thrown in here that may work for some as he bangs her hard enough to make them shake as much as her perky tits do with each hard stroke. They flip over and she rides him hard, working her hips and taking every inch. After cumming on his cock, Nina sucks him clean, making sure he is wet enough for the next round. She really loves his dick and rubs her clit furiously while she long strokes her tight slit. He pulls out and finishes on her.

Haley Spades & Michael Stefano

Blonde babysitter Haley Spades is waiting for Mr. Stefano to come home so she can leave and see her boyfriend. While talking to him on the phone, she agrees to get warmed up for their date with a little phone sex. Of course she gets caught and of course he isn’t mad. In fact, they both think it is a goo idea to pick up where she left off, but with a partner t his time. He helps her out of her clothes and gets his tongue to work on her already wet pussy. She sucks his cock briefly before giving him a footjob. He seems to like her toes because he shoves them into his mouth while fucking her. Haley climbs on top and works her hips like a seasoned vet, making sure his dick hits all of her hot spots along the way. The foot play is strong and she even gets cum on them at the end. If that revs your engines then act accordingly.

Macy Meadows & Danny Mountain

Macy Meadows comes back to the house after Danny’s wife and kids have left. She wants to see him and that makes him really nervous. He tries sending her away, but all she has to do is flash her perky tits and he changes his mind. dropping to her knees she sucks his cock and has him moaning in no time. If he is worried, it certainly isn’t showing as he tells her how much better she is than his wife. Moving her to the bed, he licks her tight pussy and then starts fucking her. She pulls her legs back, showing great flexibility as she takes every inch of his big dick in her tight hole. He fucks her and then lets her take a ride on his big dick. When she is on top, she shows off some impressive hip action and a really nice booty. Danny dives it to her hard in spoon while she holds herself open for the camera. She is very active and looks like a lot of fun in bed, in addition to being cute as can be. The best shots of this scene come when Macy grabs her feet and holds them up over her head so he can pump deep and hard. Her tits bounce and she is ready to hold her mouth open when he pulls out. Most of it covers her busy, but she gets a taste anyway. He isn’t likely to say no again.

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