Stepmoms & Stepdaughters

Stepmoms & Stepdaughters

Movie Type: All Girl
134 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest & Alex Ladd

THEMES: Fauxcest, Lesbian Sex, Stepmoms, Stepdaughters, Big Tits, Older Women with Younger Women

STARS: Jazmin Luv, Lauren Phillips, Leana Lovings, Melissa Stratton, Natasha Nice , Rissa May, Ryan Keely, Vanna Bardot


In the world of fauxcest porn, it seems you can pick your own adventure these days. If your wheel of “not quite related” turn ons stop spinning at both step mom and step daughter, then this is a movie for you. The four older women get to loving guide the four younger women through the wonderful world of lesbian sex behind their husband’s backs. In some scenes, this journey is playful and silly while in others there is a distinct romantic bend. That gives a nice bit of variety to the action. The best scenes come early in the movie. Ryan Keely is fantastic in this type of scene. She and Rissa May have a passionate and romantic relationship that leads to a very hot scene complete with toy play. Natasha Nice and Vanna Bardot playfully argue over which one of them gets to wear their sexy witch costume for Halloween. They hook up for the hottest sex of the movie. Natasha is perfect here and Vanna does some serious ass eating if that floats your boat. Melissa Stratton helps Jazmine Luv learn about human sexuality in ways that her father likely would not approve of, but that make for a nice round of lesbian love. Leanna Lovings is that final step daughter. When step mom Lauren Phillips discovers a toy in Leanna’s bag, the visit to catch up with the family become a hot romp with with father’s this new bride. This wall to wall lesbian fauxcest so if that is your thing, enjoy it.

Ryan Keely & Rissa May

Ryan Keely has a very romantic relationship with her stepdaughter. After describing her as the “reason” she stays in her marriage, the busty cougar puts the moves on her sweet stepdaughter. They had for the bedroom where Ryan kneels and eats Rissa right in the doorway. As they get to the bed, Ryan continues her oral assault, making Rissa’s toes curl as she is pleased by the expert tongue strokes of her amours stepmother. Rissa climbs on top and ride Ryan’s face before slipping between her legs and grinding their pussies together. Keeping things moving, they stand up together in bed and Ryan goes on a slow assault, gently licking and blowing on Rissa’s meaty lips. Breaking out a toy, she bends Ryan over and slides it easily into her juiced up twat. They finish up with some kissing and great toy play. Hot start to this movie.

Natasha Nice & Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot is super happy to have her new stepmom, Natasha Nice. They are talking about their Halloween costumes. Deciding to try them on at the same time and surprise one another, they are shocked to see that they are both dressing up as sexy witches. After a bit of discussion about who should get to wear the hot outfit, they just decide to fuck. Vanna gets Natasha out of her top and marvels at the amazing double handful of perfect titties she is holding. They each take a boob and suck the nipple. This is so hot. Damn. Seriously. Moving things along, Natasha gets her stepdaughter on her back and starts working her pussy over with expert finger action. Flipping around, Vanna shows her sexy step mom just how much she loves eating pussy. Natasha bucks her hips enough to make her massive mounds of mommy milker meat shake and jiggle beautifully. They work into a sixty nine where they both seem quite happy munching out on each other. When pussy is not enough, Vanna bends Natasha over and makes out with her asshole for a while. They finish up with some kissing that leads me to believe they will be doing this again really soon.

Jazmine Luv & Melissa Stratton

Jazmine Luv is having some trouble with her human sexuality homework. It seems that being raised by a single dad has robbed her of a proper education. No worries, stepmom Melissa Stratton is more than happy to give her a demonstration. It starts with some kissing and light breast play, but Jazmine is soon ready to do some giving. She looks quite lovely with her dad’s new wife’s jugs in her face. They take turns eating pussy and the action looks great. Both of these women are attractive and Melissa shows her some really cool tricks along the way. There is some really hot footage of Jazmine masturbating while Melissa rides her face. They finish up in a long 69 that keeps them both busy. Lessons learned.

Lauren Phillips & Leanna Lovings

Leanna Lovings comes home to visit. She hasn’t seen her stepmom Lauren Phillips since the wedding and they are both excited to see one another. Trying to be helpful, Lauren opens Leanna’s suitcase and sees the big dildo she has packed. No worries, she is very open and happy to talk with her cute young brunette about masturbation and her lack of experience. Both women play their role perfectly as Lauren takes on the role of mentor and Leanna is perfect as the wide eyed college girl eager to learn and even more eager to please. There is also a huge height discrepancy between the two women if that happens to float your boat. After being stripped and gently licked, Leanna is ready to try out some new things on her stepmom. Learning quickly, the pretty brunette puts her tongue to work on Lauren’s experienced holes. Her pretty face adds to the hot action as she learns some new tricks including a strong finger and pussy-slap game. Lauren sits on Leanna’s face while her cute stepdaughter eats and rubs her own pussy. That seems to get them both off and we end as Lauren slides off and dangles her big tits across Leanna’s mouth for a final lick.

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