Asian Schoolgirls

Asian Schoolgirls

Movie Type: All Sex
145 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
THEMES: Schoolgirl Uniform, Petite Girls, Cheating, Asian Girls
STARS: Clara Trinity, Gia Dibella, Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kimm, Michael Stefano, Tommy Pistol, Brad Newman


Nothing sneaky about the title of this movie. The cast is made up of lovely Asian performers who all don the familiar schoolgirl uniform. It is a really attractive cast as well. Cover girl Clara Trinity is very pretty and I enjoyed watching her. She fucks her boyfriend’s dad, adding that little wrinkle to the storylines. They dip into the “I’m here to see someone else” theme quite a bit. Hey, if it works, why mess with it. Lulu Chu goes after her sister’s boyfriend and then pro fucks him in perhaps the hottest scene of the movie. Damn, she is sexy as fuck. Gia Dibella decides to go after her tutor, giving him plenty of reasons to behave in an unprofessional manner. Kimmy Kimm is another really hot performer who puts the moves on Stefano to satisfy her urges for older cock. If you like these simple, “try me” scenarios or the uniform appeal, then the movie is perfect. If you like the cast, then all the better. It is well worth a look and all four of these women know how to rock the naughty girl angle.

Lulu Chu & Tommy Pistol

Lulu Chu has to inform Tommy that her sister isn’t home. He is upset because they had plans so he asks if he can wait for her. That turns out to be a bad (and good) idea. Lulu starts flirting with him and he isn’t able to resist for long. She gets on her knees to show him some tricks she has learned at school. With lots of eye contact and dirty talk, she begins sucking his cock and doesn’t stop until her lips are at the base. He smacks her outstretched tongue with his meat and is all the way on board by the time he stands her up to fuck her. (Uniform still on.) They move to the couch where she gets a chance to shake her cute little ass while riding up and down on his rocket. Nice view of her legs and backside in doggy as well. After getting thoroughly fucked, she gets back on her knees and works on him with her mouth. Tommy fucks her face and makes sure that she gives his balls some attention while enjoying her talented tongue. (She did say she learned some tricks in school and is just proving her point.) They start up again, this time in spoon and she wonders aloud why he hasn’t tried this sooner and informs him that he doesn’t fuck her good, she may have to tell her sister. She abandons that idea when he shoots his load all over her face. Better to keep this a little secret.

Clara Trinity & Michael Stefano

Clara Trinity shows up to see her boyfriend, but ends up alone with his father instead. He asks her if she has ever considered being with an older man. This bold approach makes her giggle, but she lets him slowly open her blouse and play with her firm boobs. When he gets her skirt up, it is easy to just slide his dick into her tight pussy while she sings his praises. She takes a break to suck his cock and fans of uniform play will love that she is still mostly dressed. Clara gets right back on top and opens her thighs to let him work her hot hole some more. She is not so shy any more, talking to him and working her hips to get him in deeper. She is very cute and energetic with big bonus points if you like the uniform play. They finish with a flurry that includes him picking her up and bouncing her on his dick and finally a big load shot right onto her pretty face. Great finish to a scene that is well worth a look.

Gia Dibella & Brad Newman

Gia Dibella is frustrated with her tutoring sessions. She is bored and wants to blow it off for some lunch. Her tutor is worried about the optics since he is married and a professional. She promises to be discreet and even alters the whole lunch deal to be a stay at home and fuck on the couch kind of lunch date. Gia is impressed by his fat cock and bots her mouth loudly while he rubs her pussy through her panties. He gives her a lot of verbal encouragement while she does what she can with that fat pole. He flips her over and keeps stroking his big dick while eating her out. Gia has a dirty mouth on her as well. She loves the way he licks her and then climbs on top of his fat meat to take a good, hard ride. Her ass looks really good as she reaches around and takes it in both hands to help guide her. They get going really hard in doggy and she grinds herself back on his dick. He flips her over and shoots a load all over her shaved pussy. Lesson over, but I have a feeling there will be more.

Kimmy Kimm & Michael Stefano

Last up is Kimmy Kimm. She has been thinking about Mr. Stefano all day and can’t wait to get over to his house. He is happy to see her and even happier to feel her mouth around his junk. They kiss while he helps her out of her clothes just enough to get his cock into her pussy. Once they get warmed up, it’s over to the bed where she throws her legs up behind her head and lets him plow into her good and hard. Some of the best action comes when she gets on top and he lets her ride at her chosen speed. Her ass gets going at a pretty solid pace while her slit swallows his prick. After quickly cleaning him off with her mouth, she bends over again and takes hard strokes from behind. They finish up in spoon with a nice big load sprayed all over her hot little slit.

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