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BB11 Update: That’s it, I’m Done

The worthlessness of lap dog Natalie has finally just gotten the better of me.

BB11 Update: Tick, Tick, Hear that Jessie?

Days before Jessie goes down, the whole house goes nuts on each other.

BB11 Update: Chima in Charge

Chima is in charge, but for how long?

BB11 Update: Bye Bye Ronnie

It’s time for Ronnie to go home. He doesn’t go down without a few parting shots. Too bad they are as weak as his chin and as sorry as his hairline.

BB11 Update: Can the Veto Save Ronnie

Ronnie needs some help with the veto if he is going to save his sorry skin. Michele finally starts stepping it up and makes things interesting.

Cindi’s BB11 Update: With All the Sexy Stuff

Lots of stuff we don’t see going on. Chima putting the moves on Russell, Lydia jumping off Jessie’s jock and onto Russell’s and all the while, Cindi just don’t dig Ronnie.

BB11: Update The Power Shifts

Russell gets his turn and perhaps makes a power play. Then again it could be a sucker move again.

BB11 Update: Mighty Casey Has Struck Out, But With Such Style

Elimination speeches are usually boring, but Casey got off to epic blasts that were just leading up to one super monster Big Mac on Roids shot.

Cindi’s BB11 Update: Sex & Sexy Stuff

Cindi has all the dirt on Michele’s sexuality, Jessie’s 2 fingers and other naughty parts.

BB11 Update: Pink Bodysuits & Steroids Run Amuck

Jessie is in charge and you just smell the brain cells burning every time he tries to think.

BB11 Update: Backstabbing and Love Triangles

Ronnie is given a new lease on life and Lydia tries to take Jessie from Natalie, or is it the other way around.

BB11 Update: Ronnie Locked in His Room. Rat Boy Found Out

Ronnie overplays his hand again and gets schooled. The boy genius gets outsmarted by the bikini model and bullied by the muscle head. It really is just like high school.

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