BB11 Update: Bye Bye Ronnie

BB11 Update: Good Bye Ronnie

Last Gasp Falls Short

Tonight is supposed to be the night Ronnie makes his exit. Unless something major happens he just doesn’t have the votes to be saved. Of course there is always the coup d’etat that could mess everything up. Whoever gets that is free to change the nominations at the last minute and basically screw over anyone they want.

Russell should be great shape. He’s about to get Ronnie out, has a deal with Jeff, one with Jessie and a new one with Michele. For some reason though he’s paranoid and starts second guessing everything. Michele tells him about Chima’s statement that she wanted him out of the house. He immediately tells Jessie about it and believes when he denies it. For someone who sometimes seems so smart, Russell has a knack for believing anything anyone says. Chima immediately calls Michele into the room to have it out. Michele mumbles “drama” on her way out the door. You’re totally right on that one. What follows is a bizarre three-way conversation. Chima is lying about never wanting Russell out. Russell is misrepresenting what Michele said and Michele is backpedaling as fast as she can. The whole thing blows up and Chima and Russell go face to face for a serious throw down. Either he is as dumb as he is paranoid or Russell has just expertly deflected any suspicion from his alliance with Michele.

With the votes lined up against Ronnie, he has one last shot. He can hope to get a sympathy vote from Jordan. It’s not a bad plan actually, but he would need the terrible trio to more vocally denounce him. It ain’t gonna happen because they don’t set us up well enough. It probably doesn’t help his cause that he makes his plea in the dark when Jeff and Jordan are trying to have a make out session. Bad timing there dork boy.

During a private interview, Russell tells Julie that he is actually loyal to both Jeff and Jessie. He’s just balancing between the two until the power shifts one way or another. Could work, but it reminds of the Karate Kid. “Walk down road. Walk left side OK, walk right side OK. Walk middle, Squish just like grape.”

We finally find out who won the coup d’etat. It’s Jeff. Fucking A, America got it right. Will he use it tonight? Hell no. He knows Ronnie is going home and that’s just perfect.

Knowing that he doesn’t have the vote Ronnie tries to go down fighting. He calls Michele the worst human being he has ever met. Huh? Either Ronnie is channeling his inner Susan Hawke or he’s led a charmed life and only knows really nice people. Michele’s only crime is that she didn’t bow down to Ronnie or respond to his lame ass threat.

No shocks during the voting. 4-2 against Ronnie with Jessie, his lap dog and the she-male sticking with him. As he heads out the door Ronnie tears up, but tries to zing Michele again. Sorry dude, your exit can’t touch Casey’s.

During his interview with Julie, Ronnie tries to explain himself, but ends up looking like a bigger dork than ever. Good bye Ronnie. Sorry sucking Jessie’s dick didn’t get you farther in the game. Don’t let the door your ass on the way out.

During the HOH contest you have to wonder why Jeff is even trying. He wants to lose this week since he has the ultimate power anyway. When Jessie loses he shows his ass again. I have never seen a worse loser in all my life. How does someone become this clueless and annoying?

In the end Chima wins and that is the best possible situation. That means she gets to prance around like she runs the place all week and Jeff can swap out her nominations at the last minute. It also means that is Jessie or Natalie don’t win the POV (And they wouldn’t have reason to.) then they should be up on the block in a week with one of them heading out the door. I don’t know though. Can things actually work out this perfectly? I guess we’ll see in a week.
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