BB11 Update: Tick, Tick, Hear that Jessie?

BB11 Update: The Beginning of the End?

All the Power in the Hands….

With any luck the beginning of the end for Jessie has begun. Of course with Chima in power, the evil trio can’t congratulate themselves fast enough. I wonder sometimes if they are sharing a brain.

As we would expect, Lydia is in full mope mode again now that she’s on the block. As much as I hate to hear her whine, it is getting fun to watch her lose her mind every time it happens. Second only to Lydia’s constant pouting is Russell’s ever-present paranoia. He feels back-stabbed by his alliance which makes sense because he was.

Jessie is convinced that Jeff has the special power and he’s maneuvering to get himself into the veto competition so he has a chance to save himself.

With Chima in power there is an interesting little meeting. She, Michele and Natalie seem to be pondering a girl-power alliance. That could be interesting down the road and might be Natalie’s only chance if Jessie gets the boot.

Bully Russell shows up again, this time attacking Michele. He really seems to have anger issues and I can’t imagine he is going to last very long. In fact he might be messing things up so badly that Jeff could be tempted to let him leave without using his power.

The veto game involved working eggs up a tall chicken wire fence and then running them across a bridge. Chima picks Natalie which might show more allegiance to a girl team than to Jessie. Lydia chooses Kevin of course and Russell picks Jessie. That really pisses off Jessie which means I like it. That should close the door on Jessie for good. Jessie calls Russell’s choice the end of the road for their alliance. Funny, I would think that nominating him this week might have been the end of the road. Or maybe voting against Russell and for Ronnie might have been the end of the road.

It is a tedious task and both Jeff and Natalie fail miserably. Getting the eggs up the chicken wire takes forever but Kevin comes through in a big way. That was out of nowhere, but he came up huge. Lydia should be safe and will Chima put up Jeff in his place?

With his ass firmly in a sling Russell starts acting like a douche. He’s trying hard to win and has Jessie running around to save his own ass. At this point it looks as if he will be unable to food either Jeff or Jordan.

Russell has another meltdown, going toe to toe with Chima. She calls him a “terrorist” which he considers to be a racial attack. (Come to think of it, what is Russell’s ethnicity?) He keeps saying that they know who the “real racist” is now. I wonder where that is coming from.

Lydia and Kevin have the next melt down. She is sure that he will use the veto to save her, but he’s trying to think down the road. If the house is lined up to vote Russell out then why risk angering Chima (And therefore angering Jessie and lap dog as well) if they don’t have to? Lydia doesn’t see his side at all and throws a hissy fit. This is a girl used to getting what she wants and she really hates when things don’t go her way.

There is no chance he’s going to use it on Russell and in the end Kevin holds onto the veto. Lydia looks crushed and acts like a selfish brat.

I’m not sure if Jeff will do anything with his power. He might decide that he can just let Russell go. On the other hand he can break up the evil trio while cementing serious loyalty. If he pulls Russell and Lydia off in favor of Jessie and Natalie he wins all the way around. Either of them would be great to see gone and most people would probably vote out Jessie. He’s the muscle in that couple and Natalie would likely curl up in a ball like a whipped puppy with her master gone. Jeff would also win points with Lydia for saving her and bring Kevin along with her. He would also be responsible for saving Russell which might help him earn a little trust there. It would leave Chima and Natalie alone and with only Natalie eligible to compete next week might just mean that one of them goes next. I know it’s too much to hope for, but I can dream. If I leave for vacation with Jessie out of the house, I will leave a very, very happy guy.

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