BB11 Update: Chima in Charge

BB11 Update: Chima in Charge

Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head

The post-Ronnie era has begun and it’s off to quite a start. Russell already knows that his group voted against him despite his wishes. I think he knows that that alliance is on its last legs.

I haven’t been this happy to see someone leave the house since they sent Jessie packing last year. With any luck that same thing is coming up in just a few days.

Chima has every reason to believe that she Natalie and Jessie are in charge. But she is still cautious when Natalie is in her ear immediately. Chima seems to be putting more trust in Michele than Natalie. She wants Russell out even after he apologizes.

Jeremy Piven shows up and it’s time to plug, plug, plug. He’s got a new movie coming out called “The Goods” and it looks a whole hell of a lot like “Used Cars.” Come to think of it I need to watch that movie again. The winners of the luxury competition get to see the movie.

The luxury competition was kind of interesting. Teams basically just stuffed different things into the back of two old cars for points. Right in the middle of the fun Jessie still manages to show himself to be the biggest tool on the planet by breaking out his measurements. Hey tool-boy, you left one out. 3.5″ should just about cover it. His team won which I guess is good. It means he gets to eat real food again. The last time he went on slop he whined like a prissy little bitch so at least we don’t have to hear that sad act again. Russell won himself a nice little cash bonus. Could be the best thing that happens to him all week.

After the competition Lydia is in full suck up mode and tries to lie on Jessie. He tells her “My butt’s sore.” One has to wonder how often he’s heard that one in his life. It takes Natalie all of about three seconds to run in and try to drag Jessie to bed like she will self destruct if they are more than ten feet apart for more than a minute. I guess the lap dog is getting possessive. She runs up to the HOH bed sulks like a child. After assuring Jessie that she isn’t angry she tells him that when Lydia turns on them it’s going to be “World War 5.” Ummmm, sweetums….just one thing….oh never mind, just go ask Jordan. Listen to her yap at him I find myself thinking that I would respect Jeeeie a whole lot if he would just turn around to Natalie and say “Listen, I’ve been carrying your sorry ass for six weeks, why don’t you just get the hell off of mine?” Come to think of it, these two make a perfect couple. They are both a couple of self-deluded whining babies. Go off and pout together.

I picked Lydia and Kevin as Chima’s targets, but in my mind I was really hoping for Jeff and Russell just to see the faces on the evil threesome’s faces when Jeff pulled them both off. Mrs. Rog went with Lydia and Russell and once again she was dead on.

So now it’s Russell and Lydia on the block. There is still the veto to grab and that could save either Jessie or Natalie, but it can’t save them both. Best case scenario has Chima winning the POV and leaving things the way they are. That way Jeff can swoop in and save Russell and Lydia and replace them with Jessie and Natalie. He can win some super bonus points with two important players and break the evil trio for good. And won’t it be fun to watch the lap dog yipping and yapping without her master to hold her leash?

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