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Fantasy Football Week 9: Two Months, No Trash Talk. Ya’ll ‘Er Soft

Before I continue with the update, the usual disclaimer: We are always looking for eye candy and cheerleaders for our league. Send over a picture or two and I’ll post it along with links to your site, cam page or whatever. In fact, the link below to Streamate has plenty of cam models. This is an open request to any cam model who wants to be added to our fantasy football updates to send something in.

2013 Football Pick Em: Bottoms to Top & Vice Versa

The full season standings look very much the same, but there were some big turn arounds in individual scores this week. With only four players picking better than 50% of the games correctly, we are truly a sorry lot. As he has for most of the season, Fetish Director used a solid 12 point week to keep his spot at the top of the standings. Montana, Bono and Rog all slipped back a bit as Fetish Director has widened that lead.

Fantasy Football Week 8: One unbeaten, No Winless Teams Left

Trash talking is at an all time low. Come on guys. This is a fantasy football league with porn folks and we are acting like it’s fucking high tea with the bloody queen. It’s so much more fun when people get involved, but hey, I can do this on my own. Isn’t that what porn is all about anyway? Then again, anyone reading this is probably just doing so to check out the picture of hot girls that go along with the posts. Speaking of hot girls…

2013 Football Pick Em: No Changes at Top or Bottom

The top of the standings look very much the same as they have for a while now. With another solid week of 16 points, Fetish Director held onto his lead. Montana matched the 16 to stay four points off the lead. Bono grabbed 14 points to slip back a bit from the leaders. With little movement at the top. Rog used a league high 18 points to close the gap a little.

Fantasy Football Week 6 Wrap Up: Dogs & Cats Living Together

Seven weeks in and no one has the balls to talk any trash. So I’ll do it again. Even though it’s a pretty bad week to talk trash given my best team’s total shit pile last week. But still, since the rest of this league, men, women and all things in between included, writers, fans and loud mouths alike, are all too chicken shit to write a few hundred words I’ll do it

2013 Football Pick Em: Danza Slappers Bringing Up the Rear

Another week on top for Fetish Director as he added 16 more points to his total, giving him 117 for the year. With no one cracking 20 for the week, his total was good enough for second behind a three-way tie for first at 18. Two of the three second place finishers were Montana Sax and Bono who inched closer to first with 113 total points. In keeping with tradition, here is link to SevereSocietyFilms.com in honor of the first place team. Check out their great fetish work.

2013 Football Pick Em: Fetish Director Back on Top

Severe Society regained the top spot this week as Fetish Director enjoyed a great week to take over the lead for the season. Using a league high (Tied with Astro and Aly) 18 points, he ran his season total to 101 (54.9% of games picked correctly) The link once again goes to SevereSocietyFilms.com in honor of the new leader.

Fantasy Football Week 6 Wrap Up: Trade Winds Blowing

Yeah, last week’s call out didn’t work. No one from the leagues wants to write an update. That’s fine. I’ll do it. Consider yourselves open targets for all the trash talk one guy can manage to throw at you on a web site with plenty of readers. If the with two of the three winless teams in our leagues can manage to write a little something and talk trash, then surely one of you can manage.

Fantasy Football Week 5 Wrap Up: No One Wants to Write the Updates

ll right guys (and girls) in the three below leagues. Consider this a “calling out.” I’ve done five of these updates and not one of you has stepped up. Come on. I’ll even let you only write the paragraph about the league you’re in. I’m handing you the keys and challenging every one of you.

2013 Football Pick Em: A New Leader

After two weeks on top for Mistress Dee (Sorry, couldn’t resist) from Severe Society, the standings have a new name at the top. Using a solid 18 point week, Bono has taken over the top spot with 85 total points for the week. (55.2% of games picked correctly) His ascent to the top had at least a little bit to do with the fact that Mistress Dee forgot to make her picks for the week. (Or perhaps she was just trying to give us all a fighting chance after building up such a huge lead.)

2013 Football Pick Em: Mistress Gives Still in the Lead

For a second week in a row, Mistress Dee from Severe Society has the top spot in the standings. To pay tribute to our leader and stunning mistress, please visit SevereSocietyFilms.com. They make great fetish flicks, are awesome people. Mistress Dee’s lead was so big that she was able to survive a relatively low total (15) and still lead by ten.

2013 Football Pick Em: Mistress Gives the League a Spanking

We are now three weeks into another year of RogReviews.com Football Pick Em . It is a whole lot of fun for those who want get in on the NFL action, but don’t play fantasy football. It’s simple. Players pick games based on actual betting lines and score points for each win. No money on the line, but there are prizes. It is not too late to join. Just follow the sign up instructions below.

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