2013 Football Pick Em: Bottoms to Top & Vice Versa

2013 Football Pick Em: Bottoms to Top & Vice Versa

This is for the people who prefer real games to fantasy. Yes, you can still sign up and see if you can catch the bottom teams. Just take a few minutes to pick real NFL games based on point spreads and see what happens.

The full season standings look very much the same, but there were some big turn arounds in individual scores this week. With only four players picking better than 50% of the games correctly, we are truly a sorry lot. As he has for most of the season, Fetish Director used a solid 12 point week to keep his spot at the top of the standings. Montana, Bono and Rog all slipped back a bit as Fetish Director has widened that lead. In keeping with tradition, the link goes to Fetish Director and his site SevereSocietyFilms.com in honor of the first place team. Check out their great fetish work.

The interesting thing about this week was that the top scoring player was Aly. She’s been at or near the bottom all year. Now with 14 points, she moved up a bit. Danza is still on the bottom and I think by now we know two things. First, he is not a guy you would want to bet your last twenty bucks for you. And second, he just really likes being topped every week by Aly. I think it’s a little football romance or something. Joining Danza at that bottom though is one of the early season leaders, Mistress Dee. An uncharacteristically low 6 points has her down between Aly and Danza. What an odd thing to see the Mistress at the bottom. Even with low scores from the two ladies, Danza is still at the bottom with just 11 points.

With five players who still haven’t entered a single game, there is still room for people to join and make a run at the middle of the pack.

This week, we all laid an egg on the first game. None of us had Miami covering, let alone winning their game with the Bengals. We also all missed the Jets over the Saints. That one was a serious upset. Rog was the only one who picked the Eagles while only hunter picked the Skins to cover against the Chargers. We couldn’t all come together to score even one perfect game though.

That’s it for now. It’s not too late to join and make a good run. Come on, don’t be afraid to join in the fun. Follow the instructions below.
We are using www.PoolHost.com for the pool. You can look up RogReviews.com 2011 or just Click Here to check out the standings.

What we really need are some nice cheerleader shots, so if you know of a girl willing to send in some eye candy, have her pick a team and we can add pictures.

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