Fantasy Football Week 9: Two Months, No Trash Talk. Ya’ll ‘Er Soft

Fantasy Football Week 9: Two Months, No Trash Talk. Ya’ll ‘Er Soft

It’s a really good thing Mr. Incognito doesn’t play in any of our leagues or he’d probably send everyone home crying. Of course I can’t do too much trash talking because two of my teams totally suck. But still, someone should probably step up and do something. Open forum here. Someone take the ball and do something with it.

Before I continue with the update, the usual disclaimer: We are always looking for eye candy and cheerleaders for our league. Send over a picture or two and I’ll post it along with links to your site, cam page or whatever. In fact, the link below to Streamate has plenty of cam models. This is an open request to any cam model who wants to be added to our fantasy football updates to send something in. League 1: In a week filled with incredible scores, no one in the league even had Nick Foles who somehow managed to put up a big 50. (Just four fewer points than Joe’s entire team.) The week’s best game was between Astro and Craig. Despite getting no points from his TE, Astro held on for a 92-91 win to run his record to 6-3 while dropping the TDs and Beer to 3-6. Perhaps if Craig had through to put in a kicker who wasn’t on a bye, he wouldn’t be packing it in for the year. The only other close game had Ed (6-3) taking down Sheldon (3-6) 95-83 despite getting a week-high 22 points from his defense. Bono used 44 points from Andre Johnson to put up a league-high 158 points en route to a 104 point win over Joe. The win, coupled with losses by Casey and Dy-Nasty left a logjam of 4-5 teams barely hanging on. Cody got a win over Casey to run his record to 5-4 good enough for the last playoff spot for now. And Rog’s Potatoes? 7-2 after an easy win over the Dy-Nasty. With just four weeks left, every game counts. But there is an opening as both 6-3 teams square off. The winner hold firmly to the second seed while the loser may have to fight off some teams on the rise. League 2: Not much for me to brag about in this league. Not after another lost. Bono’s team took me down to drop me to 1-7-1. Last time these two teams met, the result was a tie. Once again no one had Foles whose points would have really made a difference for some of the teams. The week’s top score went to the Isners who put up 169 points while taking down the Beach Stars. A win for Brian and a loss for Tim left them in a three-way tie with the Beach Stars for the league’s best record at 6-3. With Tim and Brian going head to head and a pair of 5-4 teams (Isners and ASSasins) there could be some real shake ups in the play off picture. Not for Rog and Natalie though. With those two teams, it is just a battle for the number one draft pick next year.

2008 League: There is a little bit of trash talking on the message board this week. It seems Willie is a little jealous that Aly is giving love to Bono. Wow, a love triangle. Boys, I think that Aly has got PLENTY to go around and keep you both really happy, ok? Or maybe Willie is jealous of Bono’s 7-2 record. Then again Willie did hand Astro his first loss of the season 116-83 thanks to a big game by Big Ben. Aly kept on winning, joining Astro at the top at 8-1. Someone in this league actually had Foles. Mark’s A Holes used those points to bury Rog’s team 187-100. That wasn’t the biggest scoring outburst of the week though. Nigel dropped 193 points thanks to 49 from Andre Johnson, 31 from Chris Johnson and 21 from Phillip Rivers. The best match up of the week has Astro’s 8-1 team taking on Bono’s 7-2 squad. At the other end of the league, Rog and the Wolfpack go head to head for the worst record in the league. Did someone say number one pick in two leagues? Nice going Rog.

That’s all for this week. Anyone who feels like writing a wrap up of the three leagues is welcome to step in. We are also looking for any eye candy that ANYONE wants to send in. We will promote you, your site or anything. Just fire it over.

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