Fantasy Football Week 6 Wrap Up: Trade Winds Blowing

Fantasy Football Week 6 Wrap Up: Trade Winds Blowing

Yeah, last week’s call out didn’t work. No one from the leagues wants to write an update. That’s fine. I’ll do it. Consider yourselves open targets for all the trash talk one guy can manage to throw at you on a web site with plenty of readers. If the with two of the three winless teams in our leagues can manage to write a little something and talk trash, then surely one of you can manage. No? If not, I’ll just make it all about me and see if that wakes you fuckers up.

Before I continue with the update, the usual disclaimer: We are always looking for eye candy and cheerleaders for our league. Send over a picture or two and I’ll post it along with links to your site, cam page or whatever. In fact, the link below to Streamate has plenty of cam models. This is an open request to any cam model who wants to be added to our fantasy football updates to send something in. League 1: Since I am doing the writing and sitting atop the standings, a little boasting may be in order. That’s right, the Potatoes overcame down weeks from big time scorers, Adrian Peterson, Phillip Rivers and Jimmy Graham to crush the TDs & Beer with a league high 125 points. Big weeks from Moreno and Jackson helped Rog pull out to a 5-1 start. A win for the Kangarooes pushed Ed’s team to 4-2 while both Astro and Bono lost, evening their records at 3-3. Cody continued his hot streak with his third straight win, putting him right back into the mix. After six weeks no one is more than 1 game out of a playoff spot. Perhaps in an effort to shake things up, Sheldon trades AJ Green to the Boston Haze for Kenbrell Thompkins. Week seven should go a long way to showing who is in and who is out as match up between 3-3 and 2-4 teams will cause quite a bit of movement. League 2: Since I talked a little trash up there it is only fair to note the I still have only winless team in this league. The Intimidators rode Charles and Foster to a 95-83 win over my 0-5-1 Aurora Snow Storm. To make matters worse, starting Stevan Ridley and his 22 points over any my underachieving running backs or wide receivers (Richardson, Woodhead, Colston or Nicks) would have turned into the first win of the year. The win, couples with the Beach All Stars loss, put the Intimidators alone at the top. In the closest game of the week, the Isners evened their record by sending Natalie Dawn to 2-4 after a 112-106 win. This week’s featured match up puts the top two teams head to head for early bragging rights.

2008 League: The good get better and the crap just gets smellier. Aly took down Rog 127-120 to move her squad to 5-1 while Rog dropped to 1-5. Only a win by the Anarchists (their second of the year) to keep the One Man Wolfpack at 0-6 prevented Rog from taking the cellar again. Now a bit of trash talk if I may. Rog, how the fuck can a team that has Rodgers, AP, RG3, Tony Gonzalez and Matt Forte be 1 and fucking 5? That’s a pretty poor job bro. Bono kept pace with Aly and is desperately trying to catch her from behind. Meanwhile, Astro stayed perfect at 6-0 and the top spot among all three leagues. Facing the winless Wolfpack, Astro looks to avoid the biggest upset of the season.

That’s all for this week. Anyone who feels like writing a wrap up of the three leagues is welcome to step in. We are also looking for any eye candy that ANYONE wants to send in. We will promote you, your site or anything. Just fire it over.

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