I Am Asa Akira 2

I Am Asa Akira 2


155 Mins
Pornstar Empire
THEMES: Asa Akira, Asian Girl, Lesbian Sex, Bondage, Anal Sex, DP, Work Out Sex
STARS: Asa Akira, Skin Diamond, Dani Daniels, Steve Holmes, Ralph Long,


Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for five years knows all about Asa Akira. She is the biggest star in porn over the last few years and just keeps getting hotter. This second installment of Asa’s entry into Pornstar Empire’s hit “I Am” series is very hot, features great variety and a fantastic bonus scene. There are some really good solo scenes here including one that features Asa pleasuring herself with a mannequin hand. Very hot. There are also plenty of scenes where Asa fucks an actual person. She hooks up in two lesbian scenes in the flick. Skin Diamond matches Asa’s intensity quite nicely. Dani Daniels offers a kinky twist with some bondage as she tames Asa’s inner beast. Of course a woman like Asa can’t get by on pussy alone. She hooks up with Ralph Long in the first scene of the movie. We get a really hot POV blowjob and face fuck in the middle of the movie. Asa ends up with two big loads on her gorgeous face. The finale features Steve Holmes giving Asa a hardcore workout. Great tease and some serious anal action. The bonus scene is always worth noting as it features Asa doing DP and taking it like a champ. If you love Asa Akira, this movie is another must see.

Asa Akira & Ralph Long

Kicking things off with some solo fun, Asa rubs her orange vibrator against her panties to get those juices flowing. Just about the time she gets really comfortable Ralph comes in and gives her a hard dick to feed on. She stuffs it right into her mouth and starts sucking until it is nice and wet. Hot shots of her rubbing that slit through her panties as she uses her mouth perfectly. Straddling his dick, she lowers her pussy down on him and works her hips perfectly. After sucking him clean she gets right back on the horse. They use the couch nicely, getting her into doggy with some good leg shots as he hauls off and really pounds that tight pussy. Rolling her over onto her side, he dishes out the dick and she handles the rest. Ralph pulls one of her legs up over her shoulder to really open Asa up for the camera. He shoots a big load all over her ass and then watches as she scoops some up onto her fingers and licks them clean. Nice looking scene to kick off the movie.

Asa Akira (Solo)

Stripping down on the couch, Asa shows off her body in a little black bra and panties set. I love the way her panties stop at mid-thigh while she dances with them stretches between her lovely legs. Asa breaks out a small toy and rubs it over her nipples before moving the vibrating pleasure giver to her throbbing clit and wet pussy. It fits nicely as she slowly builds her strokes to a really solid pace. She breaks out a second toy to buzz her clit while her pussy gets plenty of attention.

Asa Akira & Skin Diamond

Bringing together two of the hottest stars in XXX, this lesbian tryst starts with a hot little kiss and some mutual body adoration. Asa kisses Skin’s neck and dry humps her leg before they ever even get naked. Slipping off Skin’s panties, Asa goes down and she goes down hard. Using fingers inside of her new friend, she also power licks that clit until the juices are really flowing. Asa gets on all fours and loses her bottoms to give Skin access to her tight lower holes. First with finger play and then with her tongue, Skin gets her sexy superstar friend off quickly. They go clit to clit, showing off their hot bodies while they grind their pussies together. Asa breaks out a toy and works Skin over. The smile on her face as they switch tells us just how much she wants to feel that knobbed glass pussy pleaser in her tight little hole. Great looking lesbian play from these stunning creatures.

Asa (Solo)

This one is really pretty. It’s nicely lit with a slightly blue tint to it. Of course Asa is gorgeous in any light so everything looks perfect. She lets her fingers do the walking between her spread thighs. I love the shadows on the wall behind her as she fingers and cums for our viewing pleasure. Great climax here as she uses just her fingers to push herself over the edge.

Asa Akira

This next scene starts out with Asa talking dirty to the camera. If her sweet words and pretty face don’t get you going then you need to get yourself checked out. When finally given the chance to use her mouth for more than just talking, Asa does not disappoint. (Of course) With the camera right in there close on the action, she takes that big hard cock into her mouth and puts on an amazing show. Working slowly, she gets her lips nearly to the root with some incredibly skilled BJ action. There is some face fucking, but mostly Asa handles the action with her lips and tongue. Asa holds her mouth wide open and takes that load on her tongue. This is a fantastic scene from one of the hottest women ever in adult. When she is done with that load she finds that there is a second cock just waiting to be sucked. In 69 she locks her eyes on the camera and downs the dick like it’s nothing. Her balls bump up against the balls she shows off great deep throat skills and ends up eating load number two as well.

Asa Akira (Solo with Mannequin Hand)

The next solo scene is really original. It features Asa leaning back and finger banging her pussy. What is so original about that? The fingers are not her own. She has a mannequin hand doing the work for her. It is an interesting sex toy and seems to really get the job done. When she squats down and starts really fucking herself, the action gets super hot.

Asa Akira & Dani Daniels

Kidnapped and helpless, Asa finds out what sexual Stockholm Syndrome is like. Dani Daniels has Asa all tied up and enjoys tormenting her while sexually teasing. Sliding a hand up her shirt, Dani gently molests Asa’s perky boobs to get her going. Out of breath, Asa feels hands on her thighs and rubbing her crotch. Dani finally frees Asa and takes off her pants. That tongue on her pussy has Asa forgetting all about the whole kidnapping thing. Happy to return the favor Asa gets Dani out of her pants and goes to town on her pussy. These two women are beautiful together and the kissing is nearly as sexy as the sexy labe licking. They break out toys and add another level to the hot play. Dani looks fantastic bent over on the edge of the couch as Asa shoves that toy deep inside of her. Great match up of pure beauties.

Asa Akira & Steve Holmes

Doing her workout naked, Asa stretches on the mat and spreads her legs wide. OK my heart rate is already racing just watching. All of this just a warm up though because Steve Holmes is really going to stretch her. Continuing to work with her on the mat, he bends her over and finger fucks that tight asshole. Nice hair pulling here. We don’t’ see a lot of that in porn, but Steve really handles that nicely as he gets Asa ready to take on that big pole. They get into 69 where she sucks and strokes that long dick. Nice blowjob here before he rolls her into spoon and slips his cock between her tight cheeks. Rolling over, she keeps his dick in her ass as she slams her hips down. They get really nasty with some ass licking by Asa and then Steve choking her against the wall. He stands her up and fucks her from behind one more time before feeding her a bit wad of ball batter.

Bonus: Bonus Scene (Asa’s first on-screen DP scene), BTS, Photo Gallery, Trailers


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