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Dare Dorm 13

This series is pretty fun. It’s got the reality porn feel and features fantastic fantasy fodder, hot fresh girls and some pretty decent action. The set ups are simple. College kids hanging out in dorms with video cameras are trying to win a 10K cash prize for the hottest sex tape. This leads to some fun stuff. I really love the way they find fresh talent for this series.

Dare Dorm 12

It’s time to take a peek into the horny lives of some of Americas naughtiest coeds. With ten thousand dollars as the prize, they submit their hottest sex videos for our viewing pleasure. The action is always interesting and still feels quite genuine. I don’t know how they keep getting girls who aren’t easily recognizable as big time porn chicks,but they do.

Dare Dorm 11

These movies are pretty good. They are simple but highly effective. It’s basically supposed to be real college coeds competing for a “hottest video” contest. That leads us to dorm sex that is supposed to look like your run of the mill weekend fun at a local college.

Dare Dorm 6

By now, the Dare Dorm thing has found its niche. The cash prize for the hottest “real” college tape thing drives the site and has given us a half dozen DVDs. You either like it or you don’t at this point. The idea is great and most of the time it’s even believable.

Dare Dorm 2

This second installment of Dare Dorm takes us to three new college campuses for all new girls. The idea is simple. Put out a reward for the hottest real sex tape from colleges across the country and let the fun begin. It’s a great premise with loads of fantasy value.

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