Dare Dorm 13

Dare Dorm 13


219 Mins
Dare Dorm
THEMES: Amateurs, Co-Eds, Natural Tits, POV
CONDOMS: None Noted


This series is pretty fun. It’s got the reality porn feel and features fantastic fantasy fodder, hot fresh girls and some pretty decent action. The set ups are simple. College kids hanging out in dorms with video cameras are trying to win a 10K cash prize for the hottest sex tape. This leads to some fun stuff. I really love the way they find fresh talent for this series. It isn’t easy these days to find girls we can’t easily identify right away. This adds to the authenticity which really helps the fantasy appeal. After all, who doesn’t dig the idea of hot coeds randomly fucking on campus? The girls in this one are very cute. The middle scene features a very sexy brunette. It also features a smoking hot blonde who basically does nudity but no sex. There are some really hot chicks in the finale. I love the tease footage in that one. It’s fun watching half naked girls playing drinking games. Even when things get a little slow, the fantasy appeal is high. This is a lot of fun with some cute girls and pretty good sex to boot.


Some very sexy girls come over for a loud game of beer pong. The banter is just banal and annoying enough to feel very real. The game works as pretty decent foreplay and these cute chicks look like hot coed hose beasts. Of course it goes on a lot longer than is interesting for most of us. I guess that’s either a good example of prolonging the fun or a great excuse to use the FF button. Eventually the game leads to the girls stripping down to their undies and showing off young flesh like we like. When they figure out that one of their friends is missing, the girls hunt her down only to find her blowing one of the dudes in a bathroom stall. Undeterred she takes him back to the room for more fun. This couple hits it on the top bunk while the guy on the bottom gets blown by two other cuties. There is still a game going on so there is that feel of authenticity to the action. One of the girls is riding away while still talking to the camera guy. That’s kind of hot. There is an odd cut back to the original babe sucking dick in the stall again. She does a good job though and has him throbbing as he bends her over against the wall. This hot bodied little thing seems to enjoy being taken from behind and isn’t worried about the camera at all. Hot fucking her, but her mouth gets most of the workout and his load. She spits it in the toilet and rushes him back in with the others. The three way is still going strong with two girls taking turns on a very modest cock. The guy gets a little bored looking before one of the cuties bends over to let him slam fuck her from behind. He eventually cums in the other girl’s hand, but he pooped out a long time ago and most of the heat went with him.

Two Hot Babes

The next scene features a couple of hot and kind of bitchy coeds. The girl behind the camera is very vocal about guys and girls are her school. Her skinny blonde friend is pretty cute and just as down on people in general. Eventually they talk about how they want some money and mention the cash prize offered by DareDorm.com. The first guy they ask turns them down, but two dudes pass by who seem a little more receptive. When they decide the offer is too good to be true, a passerby stumbles onto his luckiest day. The girls tease him, butter him up and don’t bother to tell him they plan to make ten grand off a fuck tape. Eventually the brunette girl strips down her jeans and bra and gives him a lap dance. She starts sucking his cock and does a pretty good job with lots of encouragement from her friend behind the camera. There are some really good shots of her ass as she rides his dick. The camerawork is very shaky, but that just adds to the fun as the blonde girl searches for the best way to capture the action between her friend and the handsome stranger. The brunette is quite cute and has a sexy body that we get to enjoy while she fucks. At some point the blonde puts down the camera and sits next to them while they have fun. No threesome here though as she grabs the camera and finishes the rest of the scene out of view. He shoots his load all over her sexy ass. All in all, a pretty good fuck.

Tequila Shots

The final scene features a groups of very cute girls enjoying a night of drinking in their dorm. There is a big party that they are getting ready for. That leads to a lot of talk about hot guys and some fun tease as they try on different party outfits. The brunette girl has a Katie Perry thing going and loves showing off her boobs. Her roommate even suggests taking her around to all of her professors for a boob show for grades. As the girls get drunk, one guy shows up. Five on is a pretty good ratio for him and he clearly enjoys it. As more guys show up things just louder and a little less interesting as drunk guys are just not as sexy as drunk chicks. The group starts playing games including a loud game of strip quarters that would be hot if not for the annoying “woooooo” shouts at every turn. The party picks up when everyone starts doing body shots and a few of the girls end up naked. The girls split up and while one hot chick deep throats a cock, the two roomies team up another lucky guy. The chick with the big tits has a bit of sag to her, but she is also quite the party slut. After watching her blonde friend suck at double speed, she grabs the cock and tries to do her one better. Watching the two roommates share a cock after their pre-party talk is pretty fucking hot. They even go down on each other while the dude fucks them from behind. Blondie really loves eating pussy, but her busty friend steals the show by licking like her life depends on it. While he pounds the blonde from behind, the guy pulls out and shoots all over her back. The camera finds a pretty girl on her knees in the shower blowing one of the guys. The chick with the camera hands it to the dude for some hot POV blowjob. His cute little girlfriend gets up and begs him to put it in her pussy. The camera is in really tight here making it hard to get a great angle, but He finally pulls out and jizzes all over her ass.


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  1. SlickDickNick says:

    One of the lamest websites I have subscribed in long, long time. The camera action is deplorable, even if the person filming is obviously drunk too, too much shaking and out of focus, spends too much time panning to the drunks instead of the action at hand. Some of the girls are hot. The worst thing….no downloads! That’s right these suckasses only stream videos. That’s enough to never rebill with them. Rating…2 for the hot babes.

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