Dare Dorm 12


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Dare Dorm 12


215 Mins
Dare Dorm
THEMES: Amateurs, Big Tits, POV
CONDOMS: Some Noted


It’s time to take a peek into the horny lives of some of Americas naughtiest coeds. With ten thousand dollars as the prize, they submit their hottest sex videos for our viewing pleasure. The action is always interesting and still feels quite genuine. I don’t know how they keep getting girls who aren’t easily recognizable as big time porn chicks,but they do. Some of the party footage serves as great tease. The best example of that is the first scene. Watching the girls get geared up to party is great fun. I really wanted to see certain ones get fucked. It didn’t work as well later then the guys are such total douche bags that watching them is something akin to grinding broken glass into one’s eyes and ears. Even the sex in that later group scene is a mess because the guys are annoying and limp. There is a one on one scene here as well. It’s a good POV fuck with a pretty busty babe. The final four-way fuck is supposed to be a dude banging an “ugly” chick. She’s not ugly though, but he’s a complete tool who struggles with wood throughout the scene. If you like this style, then this volume of Dare Dorm will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Measure Up

The first scene starts with a bunch of girls getting ready in the dorm bathroom. They are mostly in underwear, young, cute and talking about all sorts of things. The acoustics are dreadful of course, but no one is going to be too worried about that. It may be tough to hear these girls, but we get a nice preview of the hotties who will be partying and get to hope to see certain chicks (The blonde with the perky tits and huge smile) fuck later on. The party moves to the dorm room and the girls are still pretty much in bras and booty shorts. They pay around, talk about sex and eventually let the guys in. The party footage is fun with some girls making out and flashing and a general sense that something hot is going to happen at any moment. Eventually one guy gets lucky with three half naked chicks in his lap. The girls are cute and take turns with the cock. There is a very pretty brunette girl who is getting a lot of the action along with the blonde I liked so much from the bathroom. I love the way these girls look like hot college party chicks just looking for a good time. The guy performs really well and as things thin out he gives a few of he girls some dick attention. Two of the girls settle in for most of the fun though, including the perky brunette who really seems to attack his cock with her mouth. He does a great job with everyone cheering him off of fucking until the girls seem to have had enough. The brunette queen bee chick sucks him off into her mouth and then runs for a trash can to spit it out. Hell, even that bit worked.

Just You

What do you do late at night when you’re horny, have a camera and a hot girlfriends. You roll tape and pull the covers off of her until she wakes up whining. Despite her objections, this busty brunette is worth a tumble and unable to resist him when he really turns up the heat. While she plays with her big tits, he fingers her pussy and has her wiggling around like crazy. He hands her the camera so she can shoot while he eats her perfectly shaved little pussy. This is tough POV, but her body is sexy and the scene works. Of course it works even better when he takes the camera back and lets his horny girl start sucking some cock. She should look at the camera more, but this girl is very good with her mouth and shakes her tits a big while she sucks. Climbing on top she rides him with her tits in the camera first and then turns around. The ass is nearly as impressive as the titties as she slowly grinds on his dick. This is garden variety POV with decent lighting for the genre and camerawork that’s OK. The girl is truly impressive though and does everything well except look at the camera when she sucks. She has a great smile that we really only get to see after he shoots his load on her tits and she can finally relax.

Straight Pimpin

They should call this one “Ass Clowns, Inc” because the fucking douche bag tools with their stupid pimp clothes and pimp cups could be the board of directors. The pre-scene fun with girls in bras is hot. Pre-scene footage of lame jerkoffs playing dress up as comic book pimps is just bad porn. Some girls show up and they don’t really look like “hos” so even the potential pay off for this lame set up turns out to be a bust. As if on cue a few girls show up in appropriately slutty attire to improve things greatly. The party footage is all right, even if the guys do seem like extras from “Tool Academy.” There are some cute chicks here including ne with a really nice set of tits who likes kissing other girls. It just takes so long to get anywhere with this scene. The girls finally get things going, making out topless in bed and doubling up on a lucky cock. The girl with the great tits is looking for dick and having a hard time finding one that works in this crowd. She finds one and though it’s not very big, it is hard enough for her to bounce on. The guy fucks her hard and she proves to be quite a spirited little fuck with a little extra meat on her bones and light up earrings that somehow scream “coed attention whore.” There is a pigtailed blonde who insisted she was too innocent looking to really be a “ho” but does pretty well getting fucked from behind. The camerawork in this scene is just shaky enough to cross over from amateur good to distractingly bad. There are some cute girls here and some decent sex, but when the camera moves this much it really takes away from the heat. In the end the cute almost chubby chick gets cum on her ass and walks away with it drying on her cheeks.

Going Down On It

The final scene features a couple of young looking dudes telling us about their grand plan. The one dude has a girlfriend with an ugly friend so his buddy has to take one for the team. Somehow these MENSA candidates thing that this is the way to win the ten grand. When the girls show up we see the cute girlfriend and her friend Cara. She’s far from ugly despite the one duche’s rolling eyes. They play a drinking game and the poor girl ends up with alcohol up her nose or something. The loser who spilled the drink has to give her a slap dance. Cara lets him rub up on her, but demands that he get fully naked. Instead he dry humps her while fully clothed. Both girls eventually flash and the lead up to the sex is actually almost interesting. Both girls do lap dances half naked and we can see that Cara really does have some serious tits. The girlfriend does the first BJ, finally working her man’s meat out of his pants and sucking on it. She is definitely cute and willing to make her man happy. Over on the other side of the room, Cara is being fucked from behind. The camera work is horrible and it takes them a while to get smart and turn her over to show off those knockers. Things get a little better when the first guy has the camera and his girlfriend is sucking him in the foreground while his roommate plows Cara on the other bed. The girlfriend is very interested in what her friend is doing and goes over to find the bigger girl eating cock. You know, the dude talked about taking one for the team, but it’s not like he’s giving Cara much to work with. The busty brunette has her glasses on and is sucking like crazy to make his modest dick semi hard. They get is hard enough for a condom so she can ride on it some more. The first guy finishes on his girlfriend’s tight little tits leaving poor Cara without any cum for her efforts.

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