Dare Dorm 2


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Dare Dorm 2


130 Mins
Reality Kings
THEMES: College Girls, Dorm Sex, Amateur Porn, Group Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted


This second installment of Dare Dorm takes us to three new college campuses for all new girls. The idea is simple. Put out a reward for the hottest real sex tape from colleges across the country and let the fun begin. It’s a great premise with loads of fantasy value. The resulting scenes are a mixed bag of course. It’s supposed to be pure amateur, but we know that there is a certain element of fantasy play here. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be real. In fact the guys generally do look like frat boys just out for a good time. If there are really this many hot (and yes the girls are damn good looking) on campus just waiting to fuck, then all the better. However, I remain skeptical while still being willing to suspend disbelief and enjoy the fantasy. The video quality is spotty with a lot of jerky camerawork that plays into the idea that this is just some stuff that people shot without planning. The dorm rooms are cramped, the lighting is less than optimal and the whole DVD would need a solid round of editing to even make amateur porn level. If all of that sounds like a negative, it’s not. The charm comes from the homemade look and the fantasy appeal rests solely on the idea that this is in fact, totally real raw and part of the hottest co-ed video search in the country. I like, quite a bit actually and can’t wait to see more.


Tina and Chylene just strip right down in a matter of seconds. Once naked these cute young girls shake their asses, do some martial arts demonstrations and just generally clown around for a bit. They get dressed and go visiting a dorm room down the hall. They explore the room with night vision on. After stealing some boxers and condoms, the girls get stuck in the bathroom and caught. The guys are quick to come up with something better than a dorm raid for their Dare Dorm video. Tina drops right to her knees to suck dick, but Chylene says she doesn’t do that. Eventually they move out of the bathroom for a little four way on the dorm beds. Chylene has got a serious ass on her. We don’t get to see enough of it, but wow. The camerawork is jerky and can’t seem to settle on one couple or the other. That’s part of the appeal of course. These are supposed to be ragged home made videos and they have the right look. Both chicks are pretty easy on the eyes so it doesn’t really matter who we’re watching. The girls switch partners and despite some really out of focus footage, the girls make it pretty fun to watch. There are no traditional cumshots, but the overall fun is worth watching.


To Colorado we go for a game of beer pong between a couple of young cuties and a bunch of scruffy looking douches with a camera, too much testosterone and not enough sense to shut the fuck up. The girls cheer as the guys start to lose and their clothes come off. When the girls lose, they do a little make out session for the cameras. The kissing turns to the boy/girl variety and the relatively steady camerawork kind of goes out the window. The blonde girl is a very enthusiastic kissing her grinds her thong covered pussy onto her man’s crotch. The brunette starts sucking cock and even the crappy angle can’t hide the guy’s tiny dick. At some point they hand the camera to a girl who tries to shoot a blowjob while playing with herself. It’s a technical disaster but it does offer some decent shots of her friend licking prick. Better footage comes when the blonde hands the camera to the dude with the douche bag sunglasses for some double BJ fun. The girls are doubling up on this guy now and the little blonde seems to take the lead. She rides his cock like a chick really is just looking to get off. Eventually she does just that, cumming really loudly and then giggling as she dismounts. Impressed by his skills, the girls shower him with kisses. When he finally cums into the blonde’s mouth, she dribbles it back onto his cock and licks it back up.


I know that all dorm rooms kind of look alike, but this one already looks very familiar. Oh well, who cares. There are two girls grinding and kissing on the couch. The camera finds a way to get in close as the girls invite a guy in to play with them. He figures out a way to fit and kisses them both. The finger play is interesting as the girls are fine just kissing the dude while pleasing each other. The little strawberry blonde gets some POV fucking while her blonde friend is busy sucking off some other modestly hung dude. The action has been choppy throughout, but in this scene the mass of bodies, cramped quarters and poor angles does just enough to discourage me from recommending this final scene. It’s OK I guess. The girls are cute and they have a good time, but at some point the charm of a free for all in the dorm fades and hot amateur porn just become amateurish. If you could edit together the good footage, even the stuff that is rough around the edges, you would have a pretty hot, though much shorter scene. I know that would defeat the purpose, but it would make for better porn in the end.

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