Dare Dorm 6


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Dare Dorm 6


199 Mins
Reality Kings
THEMES: College Girls, Dorm Sex, Amateur Porn, Group Sex

By now, the Dare Dorm thing has found its niche. The cash prize for the hottest “real” college tape thing drives the site and has given us a half dozen DVDs. You either like it or you don’t at this point. The idea is great and most of the time it’s even believable. I’m still really impressed that they can find girls who aren’t recognizable. The idea that these chicks are just hot and horny co-eds works for me. The fact that the camera angles and lighting are limited only adds to the fantasy. This time around the three scenes are stretched out over three hours. That leaves a ton of time for set up, tease, mindless chatter and stuff that may or may not be hot to you. Some of it is fun, but there is a whole lot of drunken idiot footage to get through before the good stuff. Even though some of the action drags, there is enough here to make it worth a look. I’m going to just imagine that there really are chicks out there on college campuses just waiting for cocks to suck on camera. Real or not, this is fun and something very different from your run of the mill porn flick.

That’s So

Using night vision, a couple of dudes doing some of the worst action you will ever see try in vain to pull off the unplanned sex tape thing. One of the guys kicks his roommate out and then brings in a very eager girl some fun in the dark. If you like the green tint of night vision you might find this somewhat erotic. The girl is leggy, sucks a pretty good cock and leaves her heels on during the sex. The sex is all right, but a stationary camera shooting in the dark just isn’t all that interesting to me. With limited eye candy angles it is hard to even tell if the girl is pretty. She’s thin, likes to finger her own butthole and fucks with enough energy to work up a bit of a sweat. Beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

No new chapter, but things seem to have reset.

One guy sits in a dorm with five chicks including the one behind the camera. They compliment him on his clean room, make fun of his unbuttoned fly and then watch as he starts kissing the pretty brunette on the bed with him. The chat and silliness go on forever before the couple finally gets down to business. The girl has a nice shaved pussy and a great set of big tits. Her eyes are pretty also and we get a bit of eye contact as she straddles her chest for POV blowjob fun. He doesn’t handle the camera well and she seems less than thrilled about being face fucked. We switch to a different girl finishing the blowjob. She has tiny tits and lets him jerk off all over her face.


The plan for the next video is to have a giant slide in the dorm room. I suppose that makes it interest, but don’t we just really want to watch hot chicks getting fucked stupid? The planning stage takes forever and unless you really want to listen to people pretending to be party-ready coeds looking to shock the Dare Dorm audience, you might want to skip forward a bit. To their credit they do create an amazing Slip N Slide in the hallway. The girls eventually get naked while using the slide. It takes forever to get here, but now we have a couple of cute coeds. This is pretty fun if you like the wild party feel. Once the sex starts the lighting is so poor that it takes a lot of the heat away. On the other hand the POV footage with a blonde cutie sucking cock with one hand and holding a drink in the other is pretty damn fine. The girls are cute in this one, especially the check being fucked flat on her back on a mattress. Even with the low lighting, the girls in the room are worth watching.

Fooling Around

The final segment starts with a leggy brunette shaving in the shower. Her friends are also getting ready. There is something very real about the way they get dressed and the general chatter involved. Eventually the chick who was shaving finds something better to do in the shower. She uses her toothbrush as an emergency vibe on her pussy and gets wet right in front of her friends. The party moves to a dorm room where there are a bunch of people just hanging out. What follows is a lot of guys showing off their abs, a lot of girls not getting naked and the kind of footage that is probably amusing if you’re really drunk. Eventually the sex kicks in, but the camera work is so jerky that I dare you to find a decent shot over three seconds long. There is a short haired girl doing her best to suck off some chucklehead with a personality as annoying as his facial hair. The chick from the shower is being fucked in a corner and while she seems to be having a good time, the camera is pretty much everywhere but on her. Things get more interesting when two girls go join her and it becomes a little three way lesbian make out session. After such a long set up I was hoping for a better sexual payoff. Other than the short haired girl who eventually gets plowed hard enough for her tits to pop out of her bra, there just isn’t enough to make it worth sitting through all the pre-bang stuff.

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