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Afterglow: Red Tobacco Candle

This is less of a toy and more of a sex-play accessory. The Afterglow Red Tobacco candle is, well first and foremost a candle, but it does have some other uses. As a candle, it is nice for ambiance and has a pleasant fragrance. This one does have a Tabaco scent with a strong hint of cinnamon.

Mini Chroma Personal Massager (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

Straight off, this toy is exactly what we are looking for. Small, easy to use but powerful vibrators like this are a huge favorite in our bedroom. We have used a number of these toys over the years and The Mini Chroma from Jimmy Jane is one of the best such toys we have ever used. It is a great looking toy with easy controls, numerous options and plenty of power.

Scandal Ball Gag (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

We reviewed this Ball Gag along with the Control Cuffs and Hot Tie set from the same series.

This part of the set is the simplest and yet it was very important to us. She is a little iffy on gags in general and has found ball gags to be very uncomfortable in the past. We agreed to try it as part of the set, but we went into this expecting to enjoy it the least.

Scandal Hog Tie (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

This restraint set is more advanced than the Control Cuffs, but has many of the same strengths. The cuffs are very visually appealing. They look nice from the outside and feel great on the inside. We used them quite a bit and they didn’t rub her raw at all. This is pretty important when you picture her on her tummy with her wrists bound at the small of her back and her ankles drawn up to her ass. Just being in that position is enough to cause some discomfort so the last thing we want to worry about it any pinching or binding from the cuffs.

Scandal Control Cuffs (Reivewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The control cuffs are very comfortable. That was the first thing we noticed when trying the out. The insides are soft and don’t create any discomfort even when she struggled against them. The cuffs clip together easily and are just as simple to pop free when needed.

Bound by Diamonds: 2 Piece Diamond Thigh Restraints (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

This is a really nice addition to the bondage-themed toys we have been reviewing lately. It is a simple set of thigh restraints that allow one to be bound in a number of positions. It is a set of comfortable and adjustable thigh straps clipped to adjustable wrist straps. They have nice crystal accents to make them look very pretty, but they hold pretty well.

Intimate Basics Mistress Kit (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The Mistress Kit from California Exotic Novelties is a three piece set from their Intimate Basics line. That pretty well covers it. It is a basic mistress kit for some very gentle, beginner bondage and kink play. It consists of some fur-lined cuffs, a mask and a tickler. And by tickler, they don’t mean a euphemism for some naughty bits stimulator.

10 Function Charisma Tryst

Taking a break from the cock rings we have been reviewing, we gave the Charisma Tryst a try. This 10-Speed mini vibe is very comfortable and discreet. It’s about the same size as the Pocket Rocket which we have used in the past and enjoy.

Lia: Love Ring (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The Lia Love Ring features a nicely stretchy ring that fits comfortably around the base of the penis. It is a snug fit as it needs to be and easily holds the vibrator in place. It also serves as a cock ring which can be an added bonus.

Magnetic Power Ring: Power Jag Double Ring (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The stimulator extends up from the ring for perfect positioning to enable clitoral stimulation. It is shaped into a jaguar’s head. (What is up with all vibrators being shaped like animals anyway?) It is soft and pleasing to the touch, but mostly it is functional. Cute face aside, the jag head serves to diffuse the vibration from the bullet.

Crystal Rider (Happy Loving Couple Review)

Overall we found the Maximum Enhancement System Crystal Rider to be very well designed, easy to use, easy to clean and mostly effective. We loved the vibrating stimulator, but the bulk and texture was of minimal importance. Your results may vary, but this toy gets our strong seal of approval for couples who really like intense clitoral vibration during intercourse.


Buzz Buddy: Shivers

Buzz Buddies: Shivers (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple) Overall Rating: A Type of Toy: Pocket Rocket Bottom Line: Awesome Vibe, Fun Design Price: $24.99 at PEXXX Manufacturer: TME Products Size: Fits in the Hand. Material: Waterproof Phthalate Free Best For: Intense Vibration Alone or with a Partner Review: A little background before we get to […]

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