Buzz Buddy: Shivers


Buzz Buddies: Shivers (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

Overall Rating: A

Type of Toy: Pocket Rocket


Bottom Line: Awesome Vibe, Fun Design

Price: $24.99 at PEXXX

Manufacturer: TME Products

Size: Fits in the Hand.

Material: Waterproof Phthalate Free

Best For: Intense Vibration Alone or with a Partner


A little background before we get to this review. The basic Pocket Rocket is the essential sex toy around our house. Wifey loves it, uses it and it has unlocked the secrets to many, many orgasms for her. So you can imagine her disappointment when her trusty toy finally gave out last month. I rushed to the local sex toy shop to find a replacement only to discover that they didn’t have the real Pocket Rocket. Instead I bought a cheaper version that just hadn’t been doing the trick. Needless to say we were thrilled when our friend Rog sent over this cute little toy that also happens to be exactly what we were looking for.

Our Buzz Buddy is named “Shivers” and he appears to a cat or maybe a baby polar bear. It is basically a Pocket Rocket with the cute character at the handle. It reminded me of the Japanese toys they now sell at Disneyland and was perhaps a little “too cute” for Wifey. Rog had mentioned that the makers of the toy were wondering about the demographics and why it hadn’t caught on with people our age (35+). My wife pretty much nailed it when she exclaimed “this one has to stay hidden, the kids will think it’s one of their toys.” It really does look like a cute animal toy. So you might want to keep it out of sight of the little ones. (One of the things we love about the PR is that it is so discreet. It’s not even interesting to the kids.)

The Buzz Buddy comes with four interchangeable tips. They slip easily over the end of the vibe and offer variable textures. The tips also serve to mute the intensity of the vibe a bit. We have heard other couples complain that the PR is often a little too much. Wifey is very happy to use this one with no tip though. Bare Buzz Buddy for her.

The Buzz Buddy is waterproof for use in the shower and is very lube friendly which we like.

The twist control is easy to use and there are no speeds to worry about. Turn it on and go to town. Pretty much everything is same with the exception of the toy. Now this is where things get better.

As mentioned we love the intense vibration offered by the PR. We use it while we make love and in any position it provides the sort of intense clitoral stimulation that Wifey loves. What we found was that “Shivers” served as a nice handle to keep the vibe in place during the more amorous moments between us. It still provides everything we need and is actually easier to use. Because of the intense vibration and the additional handle, Shivers was more than an adequate replacement for our favorite toy. It is fantastic and anyone who loves the Pocket Rocket will thoroughly enjoy the Buzz Buddy.

I suppose the point of the Buzz Buddy is to be cute and quirky, but the added convenience is why we give it a glowing, Happy Loving Couple “Must Own” recommendation.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: 1 AA: Not Included.

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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