Afterglow: Red Tobacco Candle

Afterglow: Red Tobacco Candle (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

>Overall Rating: B+

Type of Toy: Candle, Wax, Body Moisturize

Bottom Line:

Price: $42.00

Manufacturer: Jimmy Jane


Material: Soy, Jojoba, Shae Butter

Color: White

Size: 3″ by 3″

Best For: Wax play, massage and scent


This is less of a toy and more of a sex-play accessory. The Afterglow Red Tobacco candle is, well first and foremost a candle, but it does have some other uses. As a candle, it is nice for ambiance and has a pleasant fragrance. This one does have a Tabaco scent with a strong hint of cinnamon. It kind of reminded me of some mild cigars. While I wouldn’t say this is our favorite thing to smell at intimate moments, it was pleasant and other users may really enjoy it.

The wax in the Afterglow candle is designed to melt at body temperature. As such, it makes a very nice massage oil and is good for warm wax play. It is recommended that you light the candle and let it burn for 10-15 minutes so we did that, enjoying the scent and some of our favorite foreplay activities. We poured the wax directly onto the skin and it was warm, but not too hot. You can also dip your fingers in if your partner is super sensitive or afraid of the heat. It was pretty good as massage oil, especially for something that isn’t actual massage oil. Again the fragrance is strong so you you might pick your favorite and really enjoy it.

The specs say this will burn for up to 32 hours so we haven’t come close to using that all up. So this should give you a lot of use before you need to replace it.

This was something different for us and we really enjoyed it. Candles are always nice, massages are even better and if you like warm wax play this gives you all three. It is a nice looking candle with a enough scent to fill the room, but not enough to overwhelm. There are a number of different scents available so pick the one that most appeals to you. We enjoy both warm wax play and massages and generally they don’t go together well. This worked nicely. We will probably also add some traditional massage oil, but the was on the Afterglow did not ball up and get sticky like other candles we have played with. This is lots of fun and a very high quality candle.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Wet cloth.

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