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Deeper: Three

This Deeper movie focuses on sex in threes. There is variety in the setups, but the sex is all two girls-one guy. (No complaints from me or from the lucky guys in the flick.) There are some nice set ups and lots of great eye candy.

Dysfucktional 2

Add this to the growing list of incest titles on the market. Like so many other from Porn Fidelity, this one is well shot, moody and sometimes too creepy for its own good. The cast is very good on all levels. We have some very pretty women who can also handle the dialog and provide the sort of mood the producers are going for.

Ashley Adams from OperationEscort.com

The cops are all set up to catch hot hooker Ashley Adams in the act. As soon as she mentions money, the cops swoop in and cuff her. The interrogation starts and Ashley is defiant. At some point she realizes that things are getting serious and she starts begging not to be taken to jail

Losers Never Get Laid

This is a simple little comedy with some nice dialog, a pretty cast and sex that fits the target audience. Nothing too crazy, just solid sex in between a few good laughs. Connor Kennedy plays a basic loser with loser friends, a broken heart and a video came addiction. His best friend (Played well by Tommy Pistol) is equally inept but willing to pay for booty when he needs to get his rocks off.

Village Sluts

This collection embraces women with questionable virtues. These village sluts are to be celebrated for their open sexuality and fun outlook on life. OK, that maybe going a little far. We just love the way they fuck and that’s what matters.

Tranny Vice

This is one of those movies that made its way onto my desk at awards time. It looks like a collection of web episodes, but ends up playing as a fairly decent feature. There are some serious glitches though. First of all they leave the web-episode editing intact. What I imagine to be opening credit sequences end up looking like looped or repeated scenes.

Ass, Cash & Politics

This Private flick is a torrid tale of sex, money and politics. Hell, that’s practically the name of the bloody thing. Directed by Anissa Kate, this sexy little tale of intrigue has some real star power. In addition to the director herself, who is so smoking hot she could carry any movie alone, this movie stars Caroline Tosca.

WHORE STORIES: Street Tricks, Hotel Kicks Exposed By ‘Nacho’s Hot Horny Hookers’

Spanish sex maniac Nacho Vidal loves working girls. In “Nacho’s Hot Horny Hookers,” coming January 26 on DVD and VOD from Evil Angel, the director/stud documents the adventure that can be had when business meets pleasure. Performing as the john in each scene, the super-hung Vidal tames racy professionals in rough, intimate transactions, and the movie includes lots of the risky, outdoor public lewdness that has juiced up his recent porn.


It’s award season in Porn Valley and this Brad Armstrong feature is bound to get a lot of nominations. It’s a long, plot driven movie with a great cast and fantastic sex. It stars Asa Akira in the title role. Holly is a very high priced escort who specializes in movie stars, rappers, politicians and anyone else with several grand to throw down for a throw down.

Facial Violation 3

Mark Wood and Francesca Le are a unique couple. They are both long time porn stars who work well in front of and behind the camera. In this movie they share some hot young things. It’s not your typical three-way action either. Francesca loves girls, but she also loves her man and when she gets the chance, she also loves to humiliate chicks by using her man’s dick to choke them.

Bikini Outlaws

Barrett Blade directs this high-style crime flick. It’s told in flashbacks and focuses on a group of hot chicks who love guns and being general badasses. The violence is mostly of the blood free variety, but it is still there. If gunplay, humiliation and lots of dead folks bother you, then this might not be for you.

Misty Stone in the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Game

Talented award winning adult film star Misty Stone appears in the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Game that has hit stores worldwide today. GTA 5 is available on XBOX One and Playstation 4. For more on GTA5 please go to; www.rockstargames.com. Stone’s character is a sassy street hooker, and she recorded several scenarios that has several different outcomes.

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