Facial Violation 3

Facial Violation 3


173 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mark Wood & Francesca Le
THEMES: Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Gagging, Choking, Spitting, Slapping, Hookers, Threesomes,
STARS: Marina Angel, Cindy Starfall, Alina Li, Meiko Askara, Jenna Ashley, Carmen Caliente, Teanna Trump, Chloe Amour, Francesca Le, Mark Wood


Mark Wood and Francesca Le are a unique couple. They are both long time porn stars who work well in front of and behind the camera. In this movie they share some hot young things. It’s not your typical three-way action either. Francesca loves girls, but she also loves her man and when she gets the chance, she also loves to humiliate chicks by using her man’s dick to choke them. The oral action in this movie is hard, messy and with plenty of gagging, slapping and verbal humiliation thrown in. The girls are all pretty hot and most of them handle whatever Francesca dishes out just fine. Among the highlights are a trio of scenes with awesome, petite Asian girls. Cindy Starfall is a really hot little thing who says she can handle the rough play. She does so and then some, wearing a mask of spit and cum before her day’s work is finished. Adorable Alina Li shows up from the agency unaware of the rough sex she is required to perform. Given some extra cash and time to adjust, the shines as always. Little Meiko Askara is just adorable in her schoolgirl uniform. Don’t miss this girl. In fact, but her on your list of babes that you simply must see.

Cindy Starfall, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Pretty Cindy Starfall comes over and tells Francesca that she has a thing for married couples. They aren’t sure if they believe her, but this hot little Vietnamese babe promises that she is ready, willing and able to please them both. Cindy gets down on her knees and lets Mark fuck her face until the drool is really flowing. Francesca holds her new plaything’s head and shoves it down to help Cindy take as much as she can. It isn’t gentle at either end for this girl. Francesca puts her through her paces. Forcing her head down, she also holds her eyes wide open for the camera. It is sloppy head from the start and Cindy is breathless as she chokes on dick. Francesca helps out, shoves her pretty friend’s head around and rubs her ass on Cindy’s tongue. She also tries gagging the pretty Asian babe and really works her over. Submissive Cindy gets face fucked until she finally takes that big load all over her face. The post pop cum play is messy and she swallows as much as possible.

Chloe Amour, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Even in Porn Valley, contractors are shitty. Chloe isn’t working fast enough to get Mark and Francesca out of the house they are flipping. They confront her and Francesca tells the pretty young girl that she wants to pull someone’s hair out. Grabbing her from behind, she slaps Chloe’s tits and takes her to her knees in front of Mark. Holding her head in place she helps the young girl take her husband’s dick into her slutty mouth. Things get messy quickly as Francesca helps her take that hard dick deep into her throat. This naughty teen gets seriously punished by the raunchy couple. Francesca holds her face in place while Mark blasts her with a big wad of ball batter.

Teanna Trump, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Francesca is having a bad day, but Mark brings her Teanna Trump. Having a slut to boss around always improves Francesca’s mood. She sits behind the pretty girl and stretches her mouth out, examining her like a horse. Mark takes out his cock and his wife grabs Teanna’s head. The slobber is heavy from the start. Francesca pushes her aside and sucks that cock while the new girl does ball duty. Getting a second shot, Teanna sucks deeper than before, looking up through streaks of spit for approval. This is a sloppy scene with hard face fucking and lots of ass licking. Once Francesca lights that fire under Teanna, she turns into a truly filthy mouth slut. Mark shoots a load all over her face and lets it drip down her chin.

Alina Li, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Mark and Francesca call for a private session with Alina Li. They pay a little extra for a rough time and then sit back and enjoy this adorable little ball of awesome. She isn’t too keen on rough sex at first, but they aren’t going to take no for an answer. Francesca grabs Alina from behind, rubs her pussy and prepares her for the cock abuse to come. Alina has to earn her money with a cock in her throat and stinging slaps from Francesca on her cheeks. Her pretty face gets fucked with more than a helping hand from the naughty wife. Things get sloppy as she sucks that throbbing meat. Hanging her head upside-down, Alina gets even messier as she gags on that hard throbbing pole. If you like girls with spit all over their faces and make up smeared to shit then you are going to love this scene. Mark finishes her off by dumping a good load in her mouth. Alina plays with it and eve though she is a mess; she’s fucking too cute for words.

Carmen Caliente, Mark Wood & Francesca Le
Mark works really hard to assure blonde Carmen Caliente that they are alone in the house. He gets her to pull up her top and show off her pretty tits and to wiggle her way out of her tight short. When he finally gets her on her knees to suck some cock, Francesca comes home. She grabs the younger girl by the hair and helps her out. Seeing Carmen do her man makes Francesca want some so she shoves her new plaything’s head into her “sweaty gym crotch.” Francesca is rough with Carmen, slapping her, covering her face and making sure that if she is going to suck her husband’s cock that she do a really good job of it. In the end, Mark shoots a load that the girls share.

Marina Angel, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Francesca takes Mark into the bedroom to introduce him to his Easter present, Marina Angel in bunny ears. The cute blonde has an adorable smile and a fantastic ass. Things get rough from the start as Francesca kneels behind the young girl to force her head down, close off her nose and slap the side of her pretty face. When that isn’t going on, we get some pretty hot POV shots of Carmen’s pretty eyes locked on the camera. Mark fucks her face pretty hard and she eventually loses the ears so any fantasy appeal those offered is gone. The rough play continues and gets more intense until she takes a load on her face and then licks her fingers clean.

Jenna Ashley, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

When Mark and Francesca come to check on their home, they find Jenna Ashley hiding in the abandoned house. Francesca takes her out of the closet and pulls down her top while grilling her on her activity. Jenna is really cute, but isn’t really adding much to the action in terms of speaking of playing her role. It’s OK though, Francesca knows how to carry the action. She spanks Jenna, grabs her by the head and holds her mouth open for that big cock to enter. Spit and tears get on her face rather quickly. The slapping gets really intense and Jenna seems like she’s just waiting for it all to be over. It ends with a good facial. This girl is a cute, but this scene was really flat and seemed cruel even for a rough sex movie.

Meiko Askara, Francesca Le & Mark Wood

Last up is cute Asian girl Meiko Askara. Francesca is sick of the way girls act around at some academy. She is a new head mistress and is going to change things by taming Meiko who is the lead trouble maker. She turns the naughty student over her knee and spanks her. Meiko screams and wiggles until Mark comes in. Now the punishment will really begin. On her knees, she opens her mouth and waits for Mark to take out his dick and ram it home. Francesca gets behind Meiko, blindfolds her and offers some less than gentle verbal guidance. She also stands over the prone cutie for some pussy licking. Meiko is very cute and a good cock sucker. She also plays the part of the naughty schoolgirl quite well. They hang her head upside-down to make sure she can take it all. He shoots on her face and then Francesca finishes by getting her pussy licked a little more.

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