Village Sluts

Village Sluts

102 Mins
Pretty Dirty
DIRECTOR: Craven Moorehead
THEMES: MILFS, Cheating, Hookers, Cuckold
STARS: Alix Lynx, Jessa Rhodes, Kalina Ryu, Jaclyn Taylor, Johnny Castle, Chad White, Xander Corvus, Damon Rice

This collection embraces women with questionable virtues. These village sluts are to be celebrated for their open sexuality and fun outlook on life. OK, that maybe going a little far. We just love the way they fuck and that’s what matters. Like other Pretty Dirty projects, these scenes have nice set ups and watchable dialog leading to the sex. Alix Lynx is a neglected wife who goes looking for dick. She finds Chad White who is slow on the uptake, but eventually fucks her pretty well. Jessa Rhodes shows up in a scene that is part of a continuing story. She welcomes Kalina Ryu to the neighborhood and then goes upstairs to fuck Johnny Castle. Jessa is super cute and the cheating wife/hooker thing just adds to the fun. We will return to that storyline later. Jaclyn Taylor drugs her husband so she can fuck Xander Corvus feet away from him. The rich wife is happy to use the staff and Xander seems to consider fucking his boss’ wife a nice bonus. That was a fun scene with a little kinky twist. The finale takes us back to the neighborhood hooker theme. This time Kalina is the one entertaining another woman’s husband. I really love watching Kalina and she looks really good here. She also plays it a little more subdued than usual. It actually works her and adds to the appeal of Kalina as a sexy wife. I really like the way this movie is shot and the stories are interesting enough to keep things fun.

Alix Lynx & Chad White

Upset with her husband Billy, Alix Lynx takes off in the car vowing to fuck the first guy she sees. As luck would have it, Chad White is on the side of the road looking for food or cash. She invites him back to her place and gives him a bath. He is totally clueless as she scrubs his body, talking about sandwiches while she is clearly throwing herself at him. He finally gets it when she strips and starts sucking his cock. Alix is quite pretty and intent on giving this guy the BJ of his life. She swings her hips over his face and grinds her pussy on him while she sucks deep. Alix gets up on top and fucks him in reverse cowgirl. She is quite thin, but those boobs are big and bouncing all over the place from her energetic fucking. Chad has finally figured out what she wants and bends Alix over to fuck her in doggy. Great looking shots here. I love the way her back is arched and she pushes back to take more dick. Nice eye candy here from the leggy blonde who really likes having her shaved pussy pounded. He pulls out and sprays down her boobs just in time for her husband to come home and catch her.

Jessa Rhodes & Johnny Castle

Beautiful Kalina Ryu is new to the neighborhood and goes for a run to get the lay of the land. She picks out some neighbors who look like fun and goes to visit them. While she is having tea with Jessa Rhodes, Johnny Castle shows up. The two head right upstairs and start to fuck with the stranger still sitting at the table. Sucking his cock as she strips down to her bra and panties, Jessa brings instant heat the action. I love the way she wiggles her ass when she’s filling her mouth with cock. He gets behind her and grabs a handful of that blonde hair as she bangs her. Jessa is very pretty and her body looks fantastic in this position. They roll into spoon and she screams while he nails that pussy hard enough for her boobs to be bouncing like crazy. This is just great looking sex from a woman who is pretty, hot and totally fun to watch. They finish up with a big load right on her pretty face. Don’t miss this scene.

Jaclyn Taylor & Xander Corvus

Xander works for the Taylors and wants to keep his job. It gets hard to concentrate when Jaclyn Taylor makes it very obvious what she wants. Her husband invites Xander to sit and watch them game with him. Jaclyn makes him a special drink that knocks him out. As soon as he is out, Jaclyn makes her move just a few feet away. Xander tries to resist but a slap to the face and her mouth on his cock shuts him right the hell up. Their clothes come off slowly while her mouth stays busy. Great energy here and the close proximity to her sleeping husband is kind of a hot twist. They fuck hard on the couch with Jaclyn providing some dirty talk and bouncing frantically on his cock. . He bends her over the arm of the couch so she is close enough to touch her passed out husband while Xander rams her twat at full speed. Her husband gets up at one point and groggily leaves the room without noticing. They finish up with a big shot all over her face. Hot and kinky.

Kalina Ryu & Damon Dice

Picking up where the scene from earlier left off, Kalina Ryu has joined the hot wives escort club and entertains Damon Dice. She is very reluctant at first, covering herself as he pulls off her clothes. Eventually his hands and mouth on her body get the leggy wife in the mood. She gets a look at his cock and seems fully on board now. I love the way this woman sucks cock, but she is quick to spin around here. She wants his dick in her and wow does her body looks fantastic in doggy. Great legs and her flexibility just adds to the awesome sight of her pushing back to fuck him. She gets on top and shows off a tight, firm ass as well. Oh yeah, this woman is built for the hot wife life. I love the way her legs look while they fuck in spoon. Kalina just has such a great body and so much energy that I could watch her do anything. He pounds her into the mattress until she squirt. He returns the favor, shooting all over her pretty face. What a hot finish to really good movie.

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