Bikini Outlaws

Bikini Outlaws

106 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Barrett Blade
THEMES: Crime, Violence, Bikinis, Bad Ass Girls, Hookers
STARS: Samantha Saint, Jessa Rhodes, Anna Morna, Teal Conrad, Mr. Pete, Danny Mountain, Keni Styles


Barrett Blade directs this high-style crime flick. It’s told in flashbacks and focuses on a group of hot chicks who love guns and being general badasses. The violence is mostly of the blood free variety, but it is still there. If gunplay, humiliation and lots of dead folks bother you, then this might not be for you. The girls are hot and they do wear bikinis. That’s always a good start. The editing and music stand out as well. Blade’s slick movie moves along a good pace with one of the best soundtracks of the year. Sexually the movie is good from start to finish. The bikini girl lesbian opener would be better suited as a final act, but warms things up adequately. Teal Conrad is gorgeous and does a really good scene with Mr. Pete. Jessa Rhodes pads her best new starlet resume with a solid boy/girl effort and Samantha Saint caps the movie with a star turn. Not a bad movie if you like fast paced flicks with a splash of violence mixed in with the eye candy.

Samantha Saint, Jessa Rhodes & Anna Morna

With the caper complete and one of their team off to get some dick, the three remaining bikini outlaws get busy with one another. There are a lot of long legs, fishnet stockings and probing tongues. Samantha throws her legs back over her head and gets slammed nice and hard by a strap on. The toy play is pretty good with Anna on the receiving end of the two blondes work her with dildos. The energy isn’t bad in this eye-candy heavy opener.

Anna Morna & Danny Mountain

When she isn’t robbing people or eating pussy, Anna makes her money pleasing creeps in hotel rooms. Danny wants her dress like a schoolgirl and wear her hair in pigtails. When she has the look down, the lanky brunette crawls over and sucks his cock while she gets her face fucked for a while and then slides into 69. Anna takes a condom out of her bag and slips it over his cock. Climbing on top of him, she works her hips up and down. They fuck in spoon as Anna shows off her long legs. Danny fucks her from behind, turning her cheeks pink from spanking her as he does. The action gets really intense when her legs are up over her head and fucks her shaved pussy even harder. He finally unloads all over her face. That isn’t the last shot in this scene however.

Teal Conrad & Mr. Pete

Before the caper, Teal Conrad found herself so horny for dick that she pretty much rips the game controller out of her boyfriend’s hands and makes him give her some meat. He gets with the program quickly enough, licking Teal’s pussy and getting the juices flowing. The pretty brunette goes looking for his cock and grips it in her fist. Teal sucks his balls and really works to take what she can while she he fucks her throat. He tosses her onto the couch and starts fucking her pussy while she rubs her clit. He makes her suck the condom clean before putting it back into her slit. The best shots come when she is bent over and getting slammed from behind. Love arched back and sexy butt. He finishes off in spoon and shoots all over her pussy.

Jessa Rhodes & Eric Masterson

Sexy blonde Jessa Rhodes is a hot stripper who earns extra cash getting dirty with some of her best customers. Eric tosses some money her way and she has his dick in her mouth before you can Andrew Jackson. Really nice looking blowjob here as she plays with his dick, using her hands, lips and tongue to give him more than his money’s worth. Not content with just head, he condoms up and lets her take a ride on his rocket. The leg shots get really good when they move into a semi-spoon and he grabs her by the thigh. I like her energy as she rolls over and works her clit while he fucks her. They finish this one up with a shot all over her pretty face. Jessa is really fucking sexy.

Samantha Saint & Keni Styles

When Keni offers the job to a male drug dealer, Samantha rolls into action. She sucks his cock, licking the fat head and making it grow in her mouth. The lovely blonde makes it throb and the bends over to give him a taste of her big round ass. He sticks his dick in there for a while, but really revs up her engines when she gets on top and pumps those hips. When Samantha turns around and bounces we get a full view of her awesome body. Wow, this girl is put together nicely. Keni rolls her onto her side and keeps pounding that pussy. This is a really strong scene with a very pretty girl getting nailed. Keni pulls out in doggy and launches a big load all over her pretty ass. Strong finish to the movie sexually.

Bonus: Trailer for Bikini Outlaws, 2 Bonus Sex Scenes (Samantha Saint, Teal Conrad & Jessa Rhodes), Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promo Reel

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