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Phat Black Juicy Anal Booty 9

Leilani Leeane gives us a pretty quiet, no-frills scene to start off the disc. There’s some tease and some moaning, but by and large, I found myself losing interest. She’s cute but unremarkable, and she has a nice ass, but hardly what I would call a Phat Juicy Booty in comparison to the usual run of Phat Booties.

Made In XSpana 8

Not to be down on Nacho, because I like his movies and think he’s one of the best performers around, but I’m not going to go into any laundry list of the positions and activities in Xspana 6, because there isn’t really any need to. If you want to see that gargoyle thing that he does, you know it’s in there; if you want to know if he fucks them doggystyle in the ass, he does;

His Dracula 3D

So this movie says it’s a parody, and you can usually trust Hustler/LFP to know what a parody is, but it doesn’t appear to be humorous or to have any satirical content. It seems like what it is, instead, is just a gay-sex-friendly retelling of Dracula.

Sorority Sex Orgy 2

As is often the case with orgy and group sex movies, the most difficult part of reviewing for me is figuring out which girl is which girl. Going into this movie, Katie St. Ives was the only one of the performers I knew. Coming out, I am now happily familiar with Dani Jensen and Aiden Price, both of whom are eye-catching and very very dirty.

Tale of the Dancing Bear 6

If you’re into CFNM (clothed female, naked male) or exhibitionism and you haven’t seen the Dancing Bear phenomenon, you will poop your pants with excitement when you get this DVD in your sweaty little hands. Its a simple conceit – there are these giant bachelorette parties – or divorce parties, or birthday parties, or whatever kind of parties you can imagine

Lesbian Psycho Dramas 9

If the scenes aren’t individually credited, all-girl movies can be like those word puzzles where there are six people at a dinner party and the banker is seated next to one of the divorced people and all the people with children are seated at opposite ends of the table and no women are seated next to vegetarians.

She-Male XXX Goes to Bangkok

How much you enjoy this movie might depend on how much you can take of Christian XXX. Props to him (if people still say that – it might be mad respect instead now) for continuing to be the standard-bearer for bi and tranny porn in the mainstream world, and lord knows he’s an icon, but five scenes of Christian in a row can wear a little.

Asphyxia Heels The World

Whenever I get a Burning Angel movie on my desk, all kinds of parts of me perk up, but it’s a tribute to Joanna Angel, the movies she makes, and, I hope, my own sophistication that all of those parts experience equal perkage; there’s the usual collection of erectile tissues signing in, of course

Whores in Training

All the girls in this movie are young, cute, slender, and dirty; none of them is particularly more or less of those things than any of the others. Unless you are either A) already a fan of one of them or B) watching your very first porn movie ever, you won’t leave the experience with any lasting appreciation for any of them, or for anything that happens in the movie.

Young Sweet Muffins 3

There’s not much to choose from between these scenes, unless you have a particular favorite among the starlets, or maybe you’re related to one of them. None of the names are A-listers, and it looks, from having skimmed through the disc to get the list of stars down, like this is going to be a pretty ordinary effort

Hidden Camera Videos

JM Video is pretty much the most reputable source for the sleazient video you can find – it’s the best team in AAA ball (that’s the Football League, I think, for you soccer fans). Its product is reliable, filthy, and leaves you feeling like there might be something to the arguments of the people who say that all porn, no matter the orientation or content, is degrading to everyone everywhere.

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