Made In XSpana 8

Made In XSpana 8


168 Mins.

Company: Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal



Year of Production: 2012

STARS: Jordan Perry, Azahara, Cerecita X, Julia de Lucia, Butterfly, Nacho Vidal

Reviewed by: Miller Huggins

Not to be down on Nacho, because I like his movies and think he’s one of the best performers around, but I’m not going to go into any laundry list of the positions and activities in Xspana 6, because there isn’t really any need to. If you want to see that gargoyle thing that he does, you know it’s in there; if you want to know if he fucks them doggystyle in the ass, he does; If you want to know if he makes crazy faces when the camera pans to him, he does. Nacho does the things he does in every movie, and they’re just as good and fun here as they were in the last one you saw. The same is true of the women.

All the scenes in this movie, as might be expected from a Nacho Vidal effort – feature slender Spanish brunettes with pretty faces, firm medium-sized tits and nice asses. Like Paul Thomas “comedies” and Jack’s Playground titles, Nacho doesn’t stray far from his wheelhouse when given his own head. In addition to the familiar look of the women, you will find here all of Nacho’s usual fervor and slight mania. He is both a little crazy and very considerate of his partners, which makes for both passion and individuality. Not least among the virtues of watching Nacho’s women is the opportunity to listen to women talk dirty in other languages.

Jordan Perry has moderate fake tits, cute bangs, and a pretty face. She sports a few tattoos and loves Nacho’s cock in her pussy; she takes him in all her holes over the course of the scene. As with most of his women, she’s enthusiastic and eager. She swears mostly in Spanish. Azahara has a slightly bigger ass, framed by a nice sexy garter belt, slightly smaller tits and too much makeup. She’s more passive and less appealing than Jordan, although still not unattractive at all. Her ass is nice and bouncy, and if you like soft, compliant moans, Azahara might be your girl. The scene is pretty ordinary for Nacho, with a minimum of spitting, choking and slapping. Cerecita X has the bangs and the trim body, the nice firm tits, and a prettier face, not to mention some really sexy lingerie with actual garters attached to her garter belt. The outstanding thing about Cerecita is her sex noises – guttural, desperate, and sounding as though she’s very close to being in enough pain that she might want to quit but hasn’t gotten there just yet. Julia de Lucia has the smallest tits yet, no tattoos, and an unremarkable but not unpleasant face. She looks like she could use some more experience sucking cock with someone a little less aggressive than Nacho, but on the other hand that might be a draw for some of you. She shows no such inexperience pussy-wise, grinding on Nacho eagerly. She does not take him in the ass, though (there is much less anal in this than I expected there to be, by the way, so in that way, Nacho has departed from his norm a little). Butterfly is, for my money, the cutest girl on the disc, slightly ahead of Cerecita X; she has small tits with pointy nipples, short hair tied up in a side ponytail, a cute, happy face, and a throaty laugh. Her ass is less round than most of the girls, but she looks to be, in general, slighter. Nacho gets his belt around her neck and doesn’t take it off for a while. He uses it occasionally to lead her around, but mostly to keep her just a little short of breath. She also has a really interesting handjob technique, which results in an unusual and fascinating money shot (in case you were wondering, it ha up to now in this movie been facial, facial, panties, facial) that provides a nice cap to the scene.

Butterfly side ponytail

EXTRAS: BTS, Galleries
SEX: 8

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