Phat Black Juicy Anal Booty 9

Phat Black Juicy Anal Booty 9


162 Mins.

Company: West Coast Productions


THEMES: Anal, Black Women


Year of Production: 2012

STARS: Leilani Leeane, Charlie Baltimore, Monique Dash, Jayden Starr, Amber Steel, Mr. Marcus, Natt Turnher, Jon Q, Jon Jon

Reviewed by: Miller Huggins

Leilani Leeane gives us a pretty quiet, no-frills scene to start off the disc. There’s some tease and some moaning, but by and large, I found myself losing interest. She’s cute but unremarkable, and she has a nice ass, but hardly what I would call a Phat Juicy Booty in comparison to the usual run of Phat Booties. Smallish breasts, nice tats, reasonable enthusiasm. The scene does pick up a little toward the middle, with a little more energetic fucking and some choking that doesn’t last long, but overall this is not a truly memorable scene. They run through the usual positions, and then hit most of them again anally, and eventually she takes a blast on the tongue.

Charlie Baltimore, a decent-looking girl with nice tits that look best when she’s bent over, starts off her scene a little more involved than Leilani did, talking the camera and explaining that her girlfriend told her this shit works (exercise) so she’s going to try it. She does some, out by the pool, but ends up going inside to get worked out some more, this time on the stairs by two guys. She’s a screamer, especially when getting pounded silly from both ends. Standard positions, both withone cock and two, as well as vaginal and anal. DPs in cowgirl and RCG, and there’s a fair amount of ass-to-pussy switching, for those of you who want to send her a get-well-soon card. She takes both loads sprayed across her pussy, although not at the same time.

Monique Dash is a hot little tattooed wonder who starts out her scene sunbathing, only to get oiled up by her man, who definitely enjoys his time ont eat ass, which he notices is open and ready for some fingers, or so he says. It just looks like an asshole to me. Anyway, she likes the fingers and decides to reward him by sucking his cock, right there on the deck. They move inside for some more shaded fucking, and this is, unfortunately, where the scene takes a little bit of a nosedive for me. Even though she’s the best-looking of the girls so far, she’s kind of repetitive and doesn’t really take his cock very deep. It’s a lackluster fuck, although Monique tries to make it sound a lot more exciting than it looks. They run through the usual positions in anal and vag, and he pops on her pussy (hilariously, he does it seconds after saying “want me to make you come?” and hearing her say back “yeah, make me come!” Boom! Take that, woman!)

Jayden Starr has the closest thing to a Phat Juicy Booty yet to appear on this disc. She’s a giggly, babyfaced little chubster kitted out in fishnets and a red mesh top that shows off her firm little tits admirably, and she announces right off the bat that she thinks she wants to get her freak on. Luckily, there’s a guy handy who is ready to help her out with that, and a couple of quick slaps is all she gets in terms of foreplay before she ends up propped against a wall and taking a cock from behind. She takes some time out of oral, which she seems to enjoy, and then they moce on to showcasing that bouncing ass in doggy and RCG. Anal, of course, ensues, and she finally, after a nice sequence of what a friend of mine used to call Persian-style fucking – from behind, girl on her stomach with her legs closed and the guy straddling her – she takes his load on her ass.

Amber Steel is built like a fifteen-year-old Chinese gymnast (only a slight exaggeration); her Booty is as Phat and Juicy as a copy oif the Wall Stereet Journal, and not a rolled up one.I happent o think she’s pretty hot, and she’s very enthusiastic, but she belongs on this disc about as much as I do, Her foreplay is nonexistent, and there’s no tease sequence here – she and her guy just walk into the apartment and get to it. She’s an enthusiastic and energetic cocksucker, and cute as well. She never stops calling her man daddy, which is a little hot if you like that kind of thing, but becomes a kind of annoying mantra and makes me want to go back and count the number of times she says it (that number, gentlemen, is one hundred and seventy-six, and I am not exaggerating, in a 21 minute scene, and because I am this kind of person, I can also tell you that she cvalls him baby three times. I was tempted to then go back again and count how many time she calls her bitch, but couldn’t make myself do it). Those of you who want a girl with daddy issues, here she is. She’ got come on her pussy from the pop shot, but here she is.

Unfortunately, the girls on this disc are ot the kind of girls who benefit from an up-close examination with really good video quality. Bad shave jobs, zits, blemishes, cellulite and bad skin all take away from the overall appeal of the show for me, and despite the promised Phat Juicy Booties, the pickings, ass-wise, were slender. I’m not saying the girls weren’t cute – a couple of them were – but don’t come here for the ass.

EXTRAS: None (Advance disc)
SEX: 7

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