Mom’s Cuckold 9

Mom’s Cuckold 9

165 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila
THEMES: Cuckold, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Big Tits,
STARS: Layla Rivera, Zoey Holloway, Diane Prince, Margo Russo, Devon Lee, Jon Jon, Tyler Knight, Nathan Threat, Sledge Hammer, Sean Michaels


Here is the latest collection of cuckold sex from Reality Junkies. This series has been pretty consistent with attractive women and a variety of cuck fantasies. This one keeps up with the variety, but the cast is less than stellar. There are a few hot women and enjoy to make it worth a look if you enjoy the genre, but the appeal stops there more often than not. The sex is all right, but mostly this is a flick for people who want to see white wives fucking black guys in front of their husbands. Zoey Holloway opens with Sledge in a friendly cuck scene. Hubby is totally down with it, even when she is singing the praises of bigger and better cock. It’s an OK scene, but only appealing within the niche. Diane Prince is very sexy in a classroom. Her hubby is shocked as she fucks Sean Michaels in an effort to teach him to share. I was surprised by how much I liked this scene. Layla Rivera is always hot and really loves rubbing her hubby’s face in her lust for bigger and better. Margo Russo is pretty cute and dishes out humiliation talk right and left. Her accent is so thick though that it’s hard to understand any of it. Devon Lee is usually a hot performer, but she is rather uninspired in the finale. The cuck action is good and fans of the genre will be pleased. When this series is at its best however, the action is great even for people who don’t like the cuckold angle.

Zoey Holloway & Sledge Hammer

Horny wife Zoey Holloway is helping her husband clean up after their child’s birthday party. She suggests that they pay the magician in a very special way. He happily agrees to their payment plan and she starts sucking right away. Even though it’s hubby’s idea, Zoe reminds him how small his cock is and marvels at Sledge’s other big muscles. In no time at all, she is bent over the table telling her husband what it feels like to be poked with such a big cock. The interaction between Zoe and her husband is interesting and there are some nice ass shots as she rides the big cock. Otherwise it is pretty average stuff. Sledge fucks her; she ‘squirts’ a bit and then pounds away again. He finishes with a shot right in her mouth. As a cuck scene, this should have a lot of appeal. As straight jerk off material it is mostly forgettable.

Diane Prince & Sean Michaels

Diana and Jimmy go in to meet with their child’s teacher, Mr. Michaels, Their son is disrupting class and the teacher seems to know why. Apparently when there is a lack of intimacy between the parents, the child will often act out. Sean insists that Jimmy needs a lesson in sharing and then beings by having to watch his wife fuck right in front of him. They take their time getting Diana naked and she warms up to Sean right away. When Diana gets a look at his cock, she is more than a little bit impressed. Once she sucks him hard, Sean orders Jimmy to whip out his cock for comparison. She easily chooses the bigger tool and leaves her husband watching as she orally worships Sean’s long dong. She spreads her legs and leans back into her husband’s arms while Sean plows that shaved white pussy with long strokes. To further the education, Sean fucks Diana in the ass. She is timid at first, but then blown away by how it feels. She likes being spanked and shocks her husband by telling Sean how much she loves it rough. When Sean pulls out and shoots his load all over Diana, Jimmy learns how to share something else.

Layla Rivera & Nathan Threat

Married artist Layla Rivera is waiting for inspiration. Her husband does his best, stripping down for her. That just leaves her cold and ready to bring in something that really gets her going. Layla returns with Nathan who gets naked despite hubby’s objections. She starts sucking the model’s big cock and pushes her husband’s head between her cheeks so silence his whining. Nathan doesn’t say much, but delivers the dick and slides it between Layla’s long legs. Hubby stays close and has to listen to his lovely wife get completely owned by her new friend. The best hubby can do is lick her toes and get his face in close as that big black dick stretches his slutty wife. The dirty talk from Layla keeps things really interesting and the sex is hot as well. Eventually she is fucked on her back while pulling and biting on her husband’s tiny member. Nathan ends up shooting all over Layla’s firm tits and smiling face.

Margo Russo & Jon Jon

Blonde Margo shows up at the office looking for her husband. He’s the boss and verbally berates Jon Jon who is just trying to do his job cleaning up. She doesn’t like the way he treats Jon and decides to show hubby what a real man can do. Her accent is pretty thick, but I think we can get the basics of what she’s going for. He gets between her legs and sucks her pussy while her man has to sit there and watch. With her sweet pussy all wet and her big tits out on display she drops to her knees to see what a real man has to offer. When her husband whips out his cock, she just laughs at him and goes right back to the task at hand. She likes trash talking her husband almost as much as she likes the way Jon Jon bends her over and fucks her on hubby’s desk. There is some good footage of the blonde getting banged and she earns bonus points from anyone who like a Natasha accent. Hubby may be hurt, but he eventually accepts his role and just watches his wife get railed. This is pretty good, but it ends up feeling like it goes on way too long before he finally pulls out and shoots his load all over her face.

Devon Lee & Tyler Knight

A trip to the doctor’s office for busty cougar Devon Lee and her husband takes an unusual turn when Dr. Knight tried to get to the bottom of their fertility issues. He gives her a very thorough exam and finds that she is just too tight because she hasn’t had anything big “down there” in a long time. Dr. Knight tells her that black cock is really the only way to maintain the health elasticity of vagina and offers to help. Hubby watches in dismay as she sucks his dick to full size. Devon leans back, enjoys his tongue on her clit and the opens up her legs for deep thrusts. She happily sings his praises while her husband just sits there stewing. There are some good ass shots as her big, soft cheeks roll while she rides. This is a fairly low energy fuck that relies mostly on shots o her big ass and those huge tits shaking until he shots his load on her ass. At least he didn’t leave his seed inside of her.

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