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Voyeur 23

This time we are going way back to check something out. As most of you know, I hold John Leslie in very high regard. His movies are among my favorite of all time. This series is one of my top three ever. That said, this particular episode is a bit hit and miss. It feels like some of Leslie’s earlier work but years later definitely suffers from a lack of star power.

Dark Meat Lovers 3

I went back a few years for this one. If you happen to need to a reason why look no further than the cover. Sarah Vandella is always worth a look. She is cute as hell, built for naughty fun, a perfect fantasy girl and she thrives on taking big cock. In this movie she is paired with Sledgehammer.

Mom’s Cuckold 9

Here is the latest collection of cuckold sex from Reality Junkies. This series has been pretty consistent with attractive women and a variety of cuck fantasies. This one keeps up with the variety, but the cast is less than stellar. There are a few hot women and enjoy to make it worth a look if you enjoy the genre, but the appeal stops there more often than not. The sex is all right, but mostly this is a flick for people who want to see white wives fucking black guys in front of their husbands.

Mom’s Cuckold 8

Let’s get to why this movie is really good. First, the cast. Four of the five women in this movie are really, really hot. Katie Kox starts the movie and is just perfect. She’s a cuckold queen who talks dirty and fucks like she can’t get enough. Her big tits and pretty face are enough to make every scene great. But the way she humiliates her partner and goes crazy for the black cock makes her perfect for this series. Cece Stone offers her best scene to date, fucking a star athlete in front of her husband.

The Other White Meat

If you like hot interracial sex then this five hour comp is going to be perfect. It features a number of good looking women taking some of the biggest black cocks in the business. A number of the stars are cougars, lending some additional appeal to the collection. There are some big stars here including Sarah Vandella, India Summers and Jennifer Dark.

Biggest, Blackest Bastards, The

I realize that this is a collection all about big black dicks, but they don’t even list the female cast anywhere. No credits on the box, none on the DVD, nothing. That’s a little crazy, even for a low cost comp. Of course some of you may not care who the girls are. If you are interested in the big dicks, they are out in force.

Mom’s Cuckold 4

This is a collection of five hot wives who love nothing more than fucking big black cocks in front of their husband’s. They do so lovingly and with the approval of said hubbies who sometimes even jerk off just for fun. All five take different tones, but end up with the same results. They fuck the huge cocks and enjoy themselves greatly.

Official Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Porn Parody, The

The Official Fresh Prince of Bel Air Parody should probably have a cooler opening sequence than it does. There, that’s my big negative comment. Everyone remembers the silly fish out of water sitcom that made then fresh-faced rapper Will Smith a household name. His snobby and dorky rich relatives were the perfect foils for Will’s ultra-hip style and classic zingers.

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