Mom’s Cuckold 8

Mom’s Cuckold 8

123 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila
THEMES: Big Cocks, Interracial Sex, Cuckolds, Big Tits,
STARS: Katie Kox, Cece Stone, Julia Ann, Katie St. Ives, Sarah Vandella, Tyler Knight, Sledge Hammer, Sean Michaels, Jon Jon, Nathan Threat


I always wonder about this line. It’s really good, don’t get me wrong. The sex is great and the cuckold action is usually pretty harsh. It’s the mom reference that makes me scratch my head. The women here are wife material to be sure, but mom? OK some of them are mothers, but they really aren’t MILF or cougar performers with the exception of Julia Ann. So maybe I’m nit picking, but this seems more like Wife’s Cuckold than Mom’s, but that’s enough of that. Let’s get to why this movie is really good. First, the cast. Four of the five women in this movie are really, really hot. Katie Kox starts the movie and is just perfect. She’s a cuckold queen who talks dirty and fucks like she can’t get enough. Her big tits and pretty face are enough to make every scene great. But the way she humiliates her partner and goes crazy for the black cock makes her perfect for this series. Cece Stone offers her best scene to date, fucking a star athlete in front of her husband. Julia Ann needs something bigger and Sean Michaels provides it. Great scene here from this always gorgeous woman. Katie St. Ives fucks the recently departed Sledge Hammer in a wickedly hot jail cell scene. Katie is totally cute and really loves big cock. Sarah Vandella finishes the movie off with a very hot fuck. She takes on a doctor right in front of her lame husband. Sarah is a walking wet dream with a great body and a face that could launch a million loads. Overall this is a very good movie with hot women taking big black cocks and rubbing it in their husbands’ noses. If that’s what you’re looking for them Mom’s Cuckold 8 is right up your alley.

Katie Kox & Tyler Knight

Gorgeous Katie Kox has dinner on the table, but her husband is late. When Jimmy finally comes stumbling home, he is drunk and has an angry cab driver right behind him. Apparently Jimmy puked in the back of his cab. Katie is pretty pissed so she decides to get even with hubby, take care of Tyler and get some black dick all in one shot. The blowjob takes place just inches away from hubby’s face and Katie makes sure to let him know how much she loves the taste of black dick. While Tyler is busy eating Katie, he tells her that hubby has also lost his job. It’s a very bad day for this dude. They move to the couch where he starts fucking her. Always the cuckold queen, Katie knows jut how to talk to her man to make sure he is properly humiliated. She also knows just how to take a cock and make us all believe she loves it more than anything. Katie mounts up and shakes her big tits as she pounds away. They make Jimmy sing a Carpenters song while he watches his white slut wife get pounded by black cock. He finally shoots all over Katie’s tits and she makes her hubby clean them off.

Cece Stone & Nathan Threat

Coach brings home a star player and introduces him to his wife. She seems a bit annoyed that he is trying to order her around. Ignoring her old man, she hits on the player right in front of him and drops to her knees to suck his cock. Hubby storms around in the background, but she doesn’t care. She just makes that cock grow harder in her hands. Cece spreads her legs and lets him eat her. She’s kind of a poor man’s Stephanie Swift with similar hair and body type. Her legs go back over her head and she encourages him with some good dirty talk while he bangs her box. Her husband has given up on protesting and is now jerking off while the takes long deep strokes. The long doggy strokes make her scream until he pulls out and shoots on her face. Good cuck action and one of Cece’s best scenes to date.

Julia Ann & Sean Michaels

Super sexy cougar Julia Ann is fed up with her husband. He can’t get her off with his mouth and openly attacks the size of his cock. Hubby rushes off to buy a big dildo to take care of his woman. As soon as he’s gone Julia calls Sean and invites him over. While she is sucking that big black cock, hubby comes home with a new toy. He finds his wife sucking a massive pole and is instantly ordered to sit and enjoy the show. Julia plays it up, but also just delivers a perfect blowjob. She sucks and strokes, making eye contact and admiring the size as she makes it disappear. Her pussy is wet and she rubs it while begging him to slide it all the way in. Great leg shots as Julia puts one foot up into his mouth. She is beautiful, classy and totally starved for the big cock Sean is dishing out. Watching her squat on that big cock is really a treat. She jerks him off into her mouth, plays with the load for a while and then spits it all over her helpless hubby’s face.

Katie St. Ives & Sledge Hammer

Katie St. Ives shows up to visit her man in prison. Apparently it’s some kind of conjugal visit, but Sledge doesn’t leave. Katie starts flirting with the big black inmate and is impressed that he is behind bars for robbing banks. Stripping down and shutting her old man up with her bra, Katie sits down on Sledge’s lap and lets him give her a reach around. When she leans back to let him eat her, Katie grinds her elbow into her husband’s crotch. Torturing him is just half the fun. She also makes him lick her armpit while getting pleased. When Katie gets a look at Sledge’s cock she goes after it with her mouth while forcing her man to suck her toes. Wanting to humiliate him more, she makes him stand up and shake his tiny cock while she waits to get fucked. They keep the hubby close so he can see every inch as Sledge stretches his hot wife’s horny hole. Katie loves the big dick and really plays up the husband abuse angle while sill turning in a great scene. Her poor hubby just watches in horror as his cell mate drops a huge load of cock cream on Katie’s wide open mouth. It’s going to be a very long sentence for this cuckold.

Sarah Vandella & Jon Jon

Hot blonde bitch wife Sarah Vandella has a husband who is laid up in the hospital. She brings him a doctor, but isn’t about to just leave it that. Sarah screams at her husband about how worthless he is while hitting on the doc. While Jon gives her an exam, Sarah brags of having no gag reflex and whips out her big tits for further examination. With hubby watching, she grabs Jon’s cock and marvels at how big and hard it is for her. While sucking cock, she shakes her ass for the camera and shows off that lack of a gag reflex. When her mouth isn’t filled with dick, Sarah is shouting insults at her husband. She climbs up onto all fours and begs for his meat in her tight pussy. Sarah is built for sex and knows just how to move her body to put on the best possible show. After cleaning him with her mouth she gets on top and slams her hips down on him. Great ass shots here. If this doesn’t get you going then nothing will. The pretty blonde spins around, opens her mouth and lets him blast a big load all over her pretty face.

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