Naughty Nanny 3

Naughty Nanny 3


98 Mins.

Smash Pictures

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers



THEMES: Nannies

STARS: Faye Reagan, Britney Beth, Angelica Raven, Jynx Maze, Lily Carter,

Evan Stone, Jack Lawrence, Alec Knight


It is time to take a look at the fun that goes on in homes when nannies takeover. Oddly enough none of these houses have moms present or kids who are every awake. I suppose that is a good thing because it leaves these cuties free to fuck and suck the dads. Cute girls here for sure. Faye Reagan leads off the movie with the best scene. She is a superstar with a flawless body and amazing face. Her scene has a cute set up and then the best sex of the flick. Second to that one is the one with Jynx Maze getting fucked hard. She plays her role quite well and is really energetic. The other scenes are well shot, but fall a bit short. Britney Beth is super cute, but her scene is a little low-energy. Good, but not great.

Faye Regan & Evan Stone

Faye looks like the perfect nanny, all proper and ready for a hard day’s work as she says good bye to Evan. Once he is gone though she changes into a sexy little fetish outfit, fires up her web cam and does a live broadcast of her very own “Naughty Nanny” show. The tease here is great as she takes off her clothes and does her best to play up the exaggerated porno girl talk. Evan shows up in the middle of the broadcast and is not too happy to see how she spends her days. Faye does a really nice job of playing shy, but After some quick talking they come to an agreement and he stops lecturing her long enough to savor the flavor of her tight little pussy. Knowing that her work is cut out for her, Faye starts sucking his cock, jerking the long shaft with her fingers and letting him help her head down until she nearly bottoms out on it. Since she has been a bad girl, Faye gets spanked before he pulls her on top for a ride in reverse cowgirl. It is pretty tough not to love the sight of Faye riding hard and shaking those perfect tits. This girl is just too damn hot for words. The long strokes are really working for her and she proves to be hotter on camera with a dick in her than she was toying with that feather duster. He finally pulls out and sprays all over that pretty little hole. Faye is just too hot to ignore.

Britney Beth & Xander Courvus

Poor Britney is sent searching for a watch by the lady of the house. She finds it all right, wrapped around a jack rabbit vibrator that seems to be a clear invitation to the blond nanny to dress up and have a little fun. She takes the toy and some sexy lingerie into the bedroom for a bit of personal time. Her legs part and she slides the toy right into her pussy. It does the job and has her juices really flowing. Xander comes home to get his wake board and finds the pretty nanny wanking off on the bed. He tells her to keep going and she puts on a nice show. They find a way to play together and Britney seems much happier with the real thing. Some eye contact during the BJ would be good, but this chick is cute and gets the job done. The sex looks good as well, but is a bit sleepy. Brit fucks a little like a new girl who just has to lie back and let her hot body to the talking. He shoots a load all over her face. There is promise here, but she needs to practice a bit.

Angelica Raven &

Angelica is watching something romantic on TV (based on the music) when the alarm goes off. She is suddenly upstairs with her top off and jerking off a dick. It seems like we missed something here, but the busty brunette is so happy to shove a cock in her mouth that we can hardly complain. Then that ends and the vag lasts less than a minute. Angelica gets fucked in the ass the pace goes back to normal sort of. There are few shots of her spreading her cheeks and getting fucked, but this whole scene seems to have been chopped into a highlight reel. She takes it on the face, but something is really wrong here.

Jynx Maze & Jack Lawrence

Jack shows Jynx the room she will live in when she comes to work for his family. He asks her why she left her last job and gets a sob story about being left on the street because she doesn’t have a green card. He’s looking for more than just a nanny and she is more than happy to jump right on him and gives him all the extra he needs to hire her. Jynx barey gets her jeans off before he is eating her tuna taco. Jynx gives a very sloppy blowjob and stays in character as she adores his throbbing meat stick. Once she starts fucking, the energy just goes off the chart. Jynx works her hips, shakes her ass and fucks like she loves cock or just really, really wants this job. Great looking doggy here as she bends over and gets slam fucked in her hot little hole. Mounting her he keeps fucking until he explodes right into his young nanny. If they aren’t careful she will have another kid to take care of.

Lily Carter & Alec Knight

Alec comes home to find his nanny strolling down the stairs and dropping her clothes as she comes. They come together in a very passionate kiss and fall together on the stairs. He eats her for a while and then she lovingly holds his cock in both hands before stuffing the head into her mouth. Though this scene has a slower pace than the last one, the ass shots are great and they build up to some serious energy. She turns around and takes it on the face. This is a rather romantic scene with a great finish from a cute girl.

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  1. Johnnie says:

    If you look at the back of the box cover, it looks like they had Tommy Gunn dressed up in baby clothes and apprarently they changed their mind on that and edited all of those shots out in his scene with Angelica Raven.

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