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YA 39

This is a throwback review to an older movie from a series that was quite popular back in the day. As the name implies, it features younger female performers having anal sex. The cover of each movie looked a lot like a popular magazine and that certainly pushed the boundaries a bit. Some of the stories involved taboo subjects, all featured anal sex. The themes are still prevalent today, but the box cover art, vignette stories and anal sex made it a hit. Three scenes in this volume feature some form of fauxcest, even if the phrase hadn’t been coined when this movie came out.

My Girlfriend’s Big Beautiful Titties

The cast is wonderfully stacked and tits are mentioned in the title so you would hope that action reflects that. That is where this movie shines. The boobs are front and center for most of the action and that makes it a must see for people who love big natural tits. With that taken care of, the rest of the action is also pretty good.

Powersville Tests Jennifer White Oral Prowess in ‘Headcase 5’

Jennifer White was wandering through the desert braving snakes, scorpions and heatstroke when Filthy Rich spies her as he drives that lonely stretch.
The man has an eye for the wandering hottie and a nose for the sweet snatch of a beautiful woman and few are so beautiful or fragrant as Jen. He pulls over and it pays off. The nomadic stunner is happy to see a man and eager to feel his cock in her mouth. She kneels in the desert sand to suck him off, giving so much hand and mouth pleasure that it seems it could only be a mirage.

Jim Powers’ Bukkake

It seems like a long time ago that Jim Powers’ America Bukkake series was the talk of porn’s raincoat crowd. The down and dirty series as rather unlike anything we had seen. I must confess I was never overly fond of the cum-fetish sausage fest that each new title brought us. Too many dicks, not much energy and women on the verge for retching far too frequently for my taste. I reviewed them often though. They were popular and frankly very easy to get through.

Pretty In Pink! Jennifer White Wins 2017 Spank Bank Award

It’s official – Jennifer White has the prettiest pink pussy in all of porn! That’s what the good folks over at the Spank Bank Awards decided recently, when they crowned the adult star with the Pretty In Pink (aka Prettiest Pussy) award!

Whitney Wright stars in latest release from Devil’s Film ‘Neighborhood Swingers 18’

Devil’s Film presents Neighborhood Swingers volume 18. They wanted to indulge in the club life, little did they know it would introduce them to the swinger’s life. A few drinks and all bets are off! We’re getting fucked in the club. Directed by Jim Powers and starring Ella Nova, Quinn Quest, Whitney Wright, and Kendra Lynn with Filthy Rich, Tommy Pistol, Mark Zane and Steve North.

Tranny Bunch, The

Since we have pretty much run through every possible XXX parody it only makes sense that some of them would pop up twice. This time the clean cut Brady family gets a full TS parody. In this version the Brady boys are all wearing horrible wigs and horny as fuck. The Brady girls all come with a little something extra.

Daddy’s Home 3

As we roll out the latest taboo-themed movie one has to wonder just where it all came from. It just seemed like they started popping up right and left. If you like a bunch of girls playing daddy with older guys, this trend is fantastic. If it creeps you out, or if you’ve been spending any time bashing reality stars for teenage fuck ups, then you should probably be a tad offended.

E.T. XXX A Dreamzone Parody

All right. Here is another porn parody that you may have thought they would never make. OK some of you old schoolers will remind me that they already have made it, a couple of times. But this is a full ET parody with a little spaceman and everything. As you might expect, our Extraterrestrial is a horny fucker with a long green penis that glows and makes everyone feel good.

Owner Gets Clipped

I just want to shake my head at this one. As a basketball fan (from San Diego and old enough to remember when Donald Sterling screwed us over) and a porn fan, I cringed at the idea of this parody. Let’s take an ugly, racially charged, stupid, TMZ scandal with not a single sexually appealing participant and turn it into a movie we are supposed to jerk off to. What’s next, a well respected internet company offering a gun toting loser a contract? What? Too late? Fuck me raw.

Babysitting Jodi Taylor Gets Back Payment

Young Jodi Taylor did some babysitting back in the day and now thanks to legendary director Jim Powers she got to use some of that real life experience in a movie out this week, Don’t Tell My Wife I Assfucked the Babysitter 14 (Devil’s Film).

Exchange Students

Jim Powers has a collation of hot babes from around the globe who have two things in common. First they are all exchange students, looking to learn here in the States. Second, they all have a burning desire to get fucked in their host family’s home, usually by the brother.

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