YA 39

YA 39

Movie Type: All Sex
147 Mins
JM Productions
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
WEBSITE: www.JerkOffZone.com
THEMES: Anal Sex, Younger Girls, Fauxcest

STARS: Kandi Milan, Tara Lynn Foxx, Andi Anderson, Alexa Cruz, Eric John, Jenner, Jack Lawrence & Dirty Harry


This is a throwback review to an older movie from a series that was quite popular back in the day. As the name implies, it features younger female performers having anal sex. The cover of each movie looked a lot like a popular magazine and that certainly pushed the boundaries a bit. Some of the stories involved taboo subjects, all featured anal sex. The themes are still prevalent today, but the box cover art, vignette stories and anal sex made it a hit. Three scenes in this volume feature some form of fauxcest, even if the phrase hadn’t been coined when this movie came out. Kandi Milan’s parents have discovered she is a porn star and she convinces her stepfather to go to bat for her after letting him bang her in the butthole. Alexa Cruz has a disappointing anal encounter and her stepfather decides to show her how much fun it can be when done right, no matter how wrong it might be. Tara Lynn Foxx is so creeped out by her boyfriend’s grandfather that she lets him fuck her asshole. Of those three scenes, Tara’s stands out because she is such a filthy talker. It’s creepy for sure, but better than the other two. The other scene doesn’t feature anyone remotely related, but it does feature Andi Anderson as a cheerleader determined to make her ass strong enough to make it to nationals. Andi looks great in the uniform, plays up the ditzy blonde cheerleader angle and then goes full speed ahead into the backdoor sex. Great dirty talk, outstanding anal sex and a fun set up make this the best scene by far. Andi steals the show, but this remains a solid choice if you like anal sex with a dash of taboo fantasy play.

Kandi Milan & Eric John

Kandi Milan’s parents are distraught when they find out that their daughter is a pornstar. Her mom goes completely nuts in a long rant that is actually a really impressive bit of acting. Since Eric is her stepfather, he decides that he needs to be the one to confront her about her career choice. She decides that she needs his help to calm her mom down and goes right for his cock. He doesn’t even bother to try to stop her as she shows off the new mouth tricks she has learned. She gives good head and decides that calling him “daddy” will help win him over. She climbs on top and pulls her panties to the side so she can grind on his stiff prick. He likes the way she fucks and has her lick herself off of his cock and balls before banging her from behind. Since she does porn, she must to anal and he has to take advantage of that tight hole. Good close up shots of the ass fucking amd she shows off enough energy to keep the scene interesting. After some intense anal he stands up and shoots on her face. I think she has learned her lesson and will go after a new demographic for her next porn project.

Andi Anderson & Jenner

The always energetic Andi Anderson shows off her new cheers for her coach Jenner. She has plenty of energy, but she isn’t getting enough height on her jumps. To get that, she needs to work on her glutes (Jenner’s pronunciation of this muscle group is almost distracting enough to take away from Andi’s cheering.) After his spirit fingers get her going, she stops cheering and starts sucking. That modest cock fills her mouth, but allows her to take him to the root with absolute ease. The POV shots are a lot of fun. Andi is cute with great eyes and she attacks his dick with her lips like she is trying to eat him up. She is ready to fuck and he turns her over. Still in her uniform (minus panties) and shoes, she gets railed in the pussy. Always a great dirty talker, Andi rubs her clit and fills the air with a symphony of filthy vocalizations long before she opens that tight backdoor. She does of course. After all, this is an anal movie. A little worried at first since it is her “first time” Andi agrees since it will help her jump higher. Not naked except for her shoes, she adjusts quickly. The anal action in this scene is by far the best in the movie. Andi adds dirty talk while he stuffs her butthole. She gets on top (now in just socks for those of you keeping score) and actually cheers for a few strokes before reverting back to the litany of lusty lyrics. After some A2M, Andi bends over and lifts a leg high in the air so the camera can capture the anal assault while her fingers work double time on her swollen clit. When he is finally ready to shoot, Jenner jerks off while she kneels and holds her mouth open for his spray.

Tara Lynn Foxx & Dirty Harry

Poor Tara Lynn Foxx is having a rough time. She is staying with her boyfriend’s grandparents and is quite concerned that grandpa Harry is peeping on her. When she goes to sleep, he slinks into her room pulling on his pud. Yes, this is just as creepy as it sounds and it is still hard to defend stuff like this. She wakes up, makes him turn on the light and then belittles him. She actually makes him dance like a monkey and challenges him to cum. When he can’t, she calls him over the bed and jerks him off while telling him what a pervert he is. Overcome by some naughty desires of her own, she puts it in her mouth and starts rubbing herself. Taking control, she pulls his head between her legs and orders him to eat her horny twat. Returning to some blowjob fun, Tara alternates between sucking dick and talking dirty in a way that reminds us all just how wonderfully filthy she was. (Probably still is.) Climbing on top, she slides his stiff dick into her tight pussy and starts to bounce on him wildly. They roll over and get to the anal portion of the perversity. In spoon Tara rubs her pussy and is as vocal as ever with Harry pounding her poohchute hard enough to make even her firm titties shake. Sticking her ass in the air, she shows her gape to the camera while Harry catches his breath. Tara has a pretty filthy mouth and is not afraid to get loud while riding in RCA and showing off that smooth little pussy. She dismounts just in time to take his load in her mouth. Showing him the load, she smiles and swallows before tossing him out of the room.

Alexa Cruz & Jack Lawrence
Jack is worried when he hears his stepdaughter Alexa Cruz making pained noises in the bathroom. Later she is walking like something is seriously wrong. He wants to know what the problem is and she confesses to him. Her boyfriend shoved his cock into her butthole and didn’t do it right. What makes him most angry is that he ruined the fun of anal sex for her. There is only one thing to do. Teach her how to do it properly. He pushes her long, thick legs back and eats then fucks her hole. I don’t remember seeing too much of Alexa and compared to some of the other women in the cast, her appeal is a little limited. Jack fucks her and then tries to scoop her up the put her on top. He lets her turn around and works his cock into her ass. She takes to it well and bounces with a lot of enthusiasm. She takes a load on the face to close things out. This one just isn’t all the good. They can’t all be gems.

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