Jesse Jane’s Pirate Booty Stroker – Clear


Name: Jesse Jane’s Pirate Booty Stroker – Clear

Manufactured By: Digital Playground Novelties (

Jesse Jane Private Stroker

Type of Toy: Personal Masturbator

Price: $24.99 at

Bottom Line: Cool Looking, Very Tight

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches.

Material: Phthalate free Rubber

Best For: Super Tight Grip


Part of Digital Playground’s Pirates line, the Jesse Jane Pirate Booty Stroker is your basic pocket pussy with a serious twist. On the inside it is a super tight fit perfect for self-stroking or special handjobs. On the outside is a fancy looking unit fashioned into the shape of porn superstar Jesse Jane all done up in her Pirates best. The miniature version of Jesse is busty and curvy in a way that makes it easy to grip.

The material is pleasing to the touch both inside and out. It isn’t all sticky and is soft enough to apply specific pressure when and where you need it. The inside is super tight. I say this every time about these toys, but lube is mandatory, and lots of it. Make sure your junk is slicked up and if you really want to use this thing then slip a well lubed finger into her. Once you do that, you’re going to slip into the snug sheath just fine.

The unit I reviewed is clear so you can see inside. That’s an interesting touch especially since it’s shaped like a little Jesse Jane. There is something a little odd about looking down and seeing a little Jesse taking what would be a giant cock into a very tight hole. The back of the toy has Jesse’s body including a nice little bubble butt. The clear toy and the design make for an interesting experience with a little bit of fun fantasy play. It also makes the unit look pretty cute just sitting there on your desk or nightstand.

If there is a drawback to this toy it is that it just isn’t that deep. The unit is 6.5 inches deep, but it’s only got about 4. It’s a tight fit over the head, but you can bottom out pretty easily. That limits it somewhat, but these pocket pleasers generally aren’t for deep stroking anyway. It is also a little heavier than some of the other units. It is not as portable. That’s the trade off for the look and cool pirate motif. On the other hand, if you have a fun-loving girl who is willing to talk the talk she (or he for that matter if that’s what floats your boat) can turn an ordinary handjob into a fun little role play. Just imagine a charmed piece of pirate booty that comes to life when you fuck it. (OK maybe that’s a little too much information even for a review.)

I doubt this is as much fun as the real Jesse Jane, but it’s not a bad way to spend some time with your favorite lube and perhaps a willing partner while watching Jesse on TV.

The Jesse Jane Booty stroker allows for a tight grip, limited visibility and fun a visually pleasing experience. It cleans up easily with some running water and if you angle it just right she even turns into a fountain. Overall it is a tight fighting toy that is original and fun alone or with a partner.

Weaknesses: Very Shallow

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner. For longer life, use Renew on the toy after each use.

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