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115 Mins.


2000 (999)

DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas

THEMES: Plot, Public Sex, Models.

STARS: Kobe Tai, Inari Vachs, Bobby Vitale, Michael J Cox, Tyce Bune, Ted Shred, Ava Steele, Kimberlee, Dascha, Taylor St. Claire, Maya Divine, Renee LaRue, Tex, Bobbie, Ginger Paige, Chennin Blanc, Julian, Regan Star, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon.


This is the first Vivid disc I have reviewed that comes with this whole bonus disc of extras, so I’ll break it down for you.


Mind Teazzer Game- This is the game where you get to match heads, boobs and hips. Pick wrong and they slam you. Pick well and you get a little preview of a sexy dance.

Meet the Girls- Nicely done bios, photos and video clips of ten Vivid Girls.

Award Winning Sex- 16 Clips from Vivid Award Winners. They have identified the movies and what they won for. (Very nice addition) Highlights here have Janine taking a dildo DP, Nikki Tyler bent over taking cock and a high energy three way with Dyanna Lauren and Melissa Hill from Bad Wives. Of course the great Taylor Hayes three way shown here from Masseuse 3 was cut from the DVD release.

Intel Sex Game- Five solo sex clips. Julie Meadows makes this feature one to cherish.

Bad Girls Room- Eight clips of raw sex. (Again, identified so you can find the scene you like and pick up the DVD.)

Previews- 19 Vivid Previews. What I like about these previews is that they are actually trailers for the movie and most of them make me want to check some of these titles out.

Web Info- Bikini Chicks doing a Vivid Web Commercial.


Pure Previews my friends. 23 from Wave, including some Ginger Lynn and Brat flicks. 22 from Vivid Raw, featuring some of Vivid’s gonzo stuff.

There are also the usual collection of extras on the main disc, making this the most feature packed extras package on the market.


With a cast this big, I have to figure this is one of those big Paul Thomas movies that he releases a couple of times a year. Either that, or there are a ton of scenes in strip clubs. In all seriousness, this one does seem to be the annual Thomas serious flick, full of relationships, meaning and a whole lot of stuff that generally make rain coaters run for the nearest ‘White Trash Whore’ video. While I don’t always dig this kind of movie, Thomas is more than capable of combining interesting, even intense stories with blistering hot sex. (Bad Wives comes to mind.) He has wisely chosen Kobe Tai to star in this movie and brought along Inari Vachs, Regan Star, Maya Divine and Renee LaRue to handle the sex. (You know, that stuff in between the dialog scenes.) It’s been a while since I’ve seen a decent smut fuck with a good plot, so I have to admit, I’m kind of rooting for this one to be as good as it can me.

We start out with photographer Bobby Vitale taking some racy shots of models Maya Divine and Renee LaRue. I have a personal thing for both blonde Maya and the strawberry blonde Renee, so I’m hoping this scene turns into something special. They seem a little disgusted by his rather perverted style and hands all over posing method. Inari is working nearby and she seems less than pleased with the amount of attention Bobby is giving his models. She needs some reassurance and in a little girl voice, let’s Bobby know that it’s time to show her how much he still wants her. He forgets all about his models (Leaving Maya handcuffed to the light stand.) and starts licking Inari’s little pookie. She goes right into a very nice two fisted hand job until Bobby cums in her hand. Interesting to see an opening scene like this.

We move to a Thanksgiving prayer at Kobe Tai’s house. She is a recovering addict who is enjoying the meal with her pals Inari, Bobby and Michael J. Cox. After dinner, Bobby is unaware that Michael now has his tongue buried in Inari’s snatch. Actually, he knows, but he just likes having her fuck. Inari is looking really good with a cock in her mouth these days. We cut away to hear Bobby pushing Kobe towards her old habits. In the other room, Inari is bent over being fucked like mad. I love the way she works her hips here, though it takes us a long time to see anything but soft core shots. No shortage of hard core shots during the anal however. Inari pulls her thighs way back and lets Michael just slam fuck her tight ass. He pulls out and sprays all over her little ass.

As the three of them ride home together, Bobby and Inari are getting busy in the back seat. There is some pot , some booze, a blowjob to distract the driver and things turn ugly very quickly. How often does a main character in a porn movie get killed in a car wreck early in the film? Michael dies, Inari lands in a wheel chair and Bobby just gets more bitter and distant. Kobe is a wreck, but her career as a singer won’t wait for grief. The dialog gets very, very heavy here as Inari sinks into a severe funk. Her physical recovery is difficult, but there are deeper spiritual questions to be answered. When she goes to see a new age heeler, nothing seems to change. Bobby and Inari share a very frustrating sexual encounter that ends with her miraculous recovery.

Convinced that it was the burning sage and mombo jumbo that cured her, Inari immerses herself in the ways of feng shuai and crystals. Bobby is more interested in getting back to regular nookie sessions. He tosses his recovered girl on the table and gets back to licking that coochie. We’re a half hour into this movie and Inari is the only chick we’ve seen fuck. This time around the scene is cut painfully short, with just a few moments of vaginal sex (We’ve now moved to the shower) and some well shot, but too brief anal.

Kobe is not quite ready to buy into the whole miracle cure thing, but she’s supportive of her friend. At a huge celebratory party, we get our first non-Inari sex of the movie. As she wanders through the house, everyone seems to be getting it on. Still, it’s Bobby partying with a couple of girls that really catches her attention. Chennin Blanc is also watching and keeps projecting herself into this scene, making it a four way. This scene is really to short and choppy to have much heat, but the women are good looking, so some of you might enjoy that part.

Maya and Renee are back for another hot photo session. This time, Inari doesn’t hand around to watch. Bobby actually gets to play with his models a bit this time. Actually, he plays with himself while the girls get it on. Maya fucks Renee in the ass with a whip, but I think I would have jumped right in there and fucked the hot two girls.

Inari is back at the mystical bookstore. She has suddenly realized that sex is making her ill. It’s explained that her spirit is awakening and she is realizing the difference between sex as a spiritual sharing and sex for sport. All of her purification is getting on Bobby’s nerves. It’s one thing to lose your sexy slut girlfriend, but when she takes away your Twinkies, that’s just too much.

Kobe’s career is taking off, but I have a feeling it’s not her singing that has made her so popular. While performing her act on stage, she brings Lola up on stage and goes down on the sexy brunette while everyone watches. Little Lola gets passed through the crowd and fucked in the middle of the dance floor. Great shot of her nearly fisting herself as her man jerks off right into her pretty mouth. This is just too much for Inari to handle. She’s lost and in need of something more. Enter TV huckster Tyce Bune. Intrigued by his infomercial, Inari orders his book.

Thankfully, Bobby is back to his old tricks, shooting a sex scene between blonde cock slut Regan Star and a dude in a black leather hood and spandex suit. She cuts a hole just big enough for his cock to spring out and goes to work sucking it hard in her mouth. In the middle of the scene, Bobby and Inari have a big fight, but I’ve explained enough plot for a while. Now Regan and Julian are totally naked and she is enjoying a hard ride on his big cock. Regan seems less than thrilled to have her h
ead held in a toilet, but she does it. Julian fucks her tight ass with his fat pole and end up cumming on her face.

With things spiraling out of control, Bobby finally convinces Kobe to sit with him and do a few shots. It’s a quick slide back to the old ways for her, and Bobby helps her shoot up. (OK, junkie footage is a pretty good bone kill.) Once she’s wasted, Kobe is open to other things as well. Bobby bends her over on the front porch and fucks her hard from behind. Kobe is one of those women who is too thin for my usual taste, but she is just so fucking pretty and hot that I can’t help but love watching her work. She bounces hard on Bobby’s cock for a while before letting him take over on her ass. They both masturbate to climax together with Kobe taking a taste of cum off the tip of Bobby’s cock.

In the bookstore, Inari runs into a pair of Tyce’s followers. They tell her about a weekend retreat and she invites them over for dinner. Bobby is drunk and belligerent at dinner, embarrassing his wife in front of her new friends. He wakes up the next morning and finds that Inari has taken off. Following her up to the retreat, Bobby sees the cult like control that Tyce has over his flock. He tries to get his wife back, but is confronted by what seems to be a genuine miracle.

Back in the city, Kobe’s show is getting even hotter. She screams out “Who wants to fuck me” and then dives into the crowd. (Britney Spears take note.) Evan Stone is the lucky guy who ends up in the van with the sexy pop star. Kobe gets her mouth around his cock can just goes nuts. Great hand action here as Evan explodes on her tits. When is done another guy comes into the van and fucks the sexy little slut. When he pops a load on her back, another guy gets in on the fun. This time her gorgeous face wears the load. All that sex causes her to pass out. Is Kobe dead?

Inari rushes to her friend’s side, carrying her back up into the mountains with them. Tyce assures them that he can cure Kobe, but you know he’s just looking for a chance to strip her naked and jerk off on her feet. If you think it ends with the white knights racing in saving the poor girl, think again. I’ll let you watch the final several minutes of this movie and decide for yourselves whether you like it or not.

It isn’t often that porn gives us a movie with this kind of a script. First of all, there is actually some character development. People in this movie change as it goes. It’s also rather well acted, particularly by Inari. I have never seen her this good and I would have to say she’s a front runner for best actress honors this year. How is the sex? Sometimes, it’s quite good. Both Inari and Kobe do some very good work, however, there is no way this is going to be mistaken for a rain coater flick. Instead, it is a very well written, finely acted, nicely shot couples movie. They might as well hand David Stanley the award for best script right now. I always applaud movies that are different, and Awakening is certainly that. It’s a tad depressing for me and the sex could use a little tweaking, but this is easily the most complete couples movie I have seen this year.

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One Response to “Awakening”

  1. boy4strapongurlz says:

    Um, you didn’t twig anywhere along the line that this movie is Paul Thomas telling the story of his ex-girlfriend Kristine Heller (70s star of Babyface and other Golden Age movies, who committed suicide in 1989)? That’s the whole point.

    Trivia: when the Paul Thomas character (Bobby Vitale) asks another porn stud, in exasperation, “Why do you always laugh when you cum?”…that’s got to be a dig at Peter North, hasn’t it?

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