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Aug 2002

How long
have you been in the adult business?

Since 1998, I started at Heatwave Entertainment as
an editor and four months later I was fired! But soon after I started working
at Extreme Associates when it was just starting, I left that job and became
freelance, so it wasn’t really that long.

What were
you doing before?

I was working construction in South Central L.A. I was working there when the
riots happened. I was also in charge of a show called the underground film
nights in Hollywood, I was showing really fucked up films in a coffee shop,
the funny thing is that it made it in L.A. weekly’s best film series of 1997.
Before that I was a drummer for a lot of bands.

How did you
get into porn?

Some of the audience (Toby Dammit, Greg L.) who came to see my films at the
show worked in the adult industry and thought my films were pretty innovative
so they hooked me up with some companies. I thought it would be funny to apply
experimental underground film techniques to adult videos and they hooked me up
with Extreme who let me do whatever I wanted.

What was it
like the first time you were on set?

It was nerve-racking, when I was directing my first feature "Terrors from the
Clit" Rob Black was just breaking up with his girl friend during that time, he
was my cameraman on my shoot but right in the middle he would drop the camera
and walk off to deal with his problems. During this time there was an AIDS
scandal going on with Marc Wallace, I never met him but talent was hard to
cast because they were scared to work unless it was condom only and Extreme
was not about that. I wouldn’t care less but that was their thing so I had to
comply and because of that there were a lot of no-shows. I threw the script
out the window because things changed really fast.  I was dealing with a new
set of rules, in a cliquish industry that wasn’t kind to newcomers.  I thought
to myself "This is going to come out bad" and yet it received an AVN editors
choice and a few nominations,


Were you a
big porn fan before?

Oh yes, I was a peeping tom at a young age and when I discovered porn It saved
me from falling off trees and fences to peep at my neighbors having sex.

What was
your first movie as a director?

When I was thirteen I was given a super-8 film camera, I was to be the
families documentarian, but instead I made a film called FREAK SHOW it was a
claymation piece, because I had these clay figures fucking and eating each
other, I couldn’t have my friends do that.  One day my Mom was drunk at a
party she told her friends that I’ve been working on a film.  She insisted on
having me project it, since technically she was my Producer I had to comply, I
remember my brother charging my Mom’s friends 10 cents to enter my room in the
basement area. I turned on the projector then RAN MY ASS OFF!  I was ready to
run away thinking my Mom was going to turn me in to a nut house. When I came
back, everyone was laughing their asses off, thank God they were all drunk.  

How many
have you shot?

Too many to count.

Did you find
a lot of resistance to the kind of stuff you wanted to shoot?

There were a few, and surprisingly it wasn’t the blood and porn thing which I
use to do in Terrors from the clit, the resistance came from behind the
scenes, the budgets were really low so I had to do everything myself, I was
always going against the grain and I had to shoot guerilla style, and this
would be for a feature.

What was it
like working for Extreme?

Pretty dramatic, when I went to work it was like going into a war zone, things
were disorganized and chaotic.  I just had to go with the flow but when I
couldn’t handle the stress I would lock myself in the editing bay and tune out
while I worked.
People in the company didn’t like me so it felt like I was walking on a
tightrope a mile high while people were throwing stuff at me.

Who are you
working for now?

Kick Ass pictures, Smash pictures, West Coast Productions,
and I started my own company Sub-vision films which you can buy through Elite
multimedia. I do the occasional edits for Tom Zupko at Extreme.

Do you write
your own stuff as well?

I wrote all of my stuff except for the first Kung-Fu girls, which was written
by David Aaron Clark.

Who are your
porn influences?

There are too many to name,
Jim Lane
is one of them, I use to work for him, let’s see there’s Lee G.,
Irons, and Col. Rob at Mondo Video.

Non porn?

David Lynch, Lars Von Trier, Alejandro Judurowski, Andy Worhol, Lucio Fulchi,
George Romero,a lot of underground and horror figures.


You often
mix sex with horror. Are there any subjects that you just won’t touch?

Granny gang
bangs. That’s more horrific than horror films itself.

What is
harder to shoot, the sex or the other stuff you do?

It depends on the situation I’ve cut out some of the stuff I do lately to save
time and money, The sex is the easy part because it doesn’t rely on effects or
dialog. But then again there are times when the talent can’t perform and I’d
have to wait.

What do you
think of Thomas Zupko?

He would always say "He was Elton John and I was his Bernie Taupin," together
we made a great team, he would depend on me to edit his films, I’m his one and
only favorite editor, but I have a lot of projects to do and his stuff is very
time consuming.
I’ve had a love hate relationship with him, because he was so manic at times
when it came to his work, but he knows that editing is 95% of the movie and if
it’s done right, it could make the movie a lot better, and get good reviews.

Are you and
Wanker Wang actually the same person?

No, I don’t know where that came from, although Beau Demascus and Slain Wayne
are one person, also Lazarus, and Sir Blain.  Wanker is a friend of mine who
is really good at web sites, he’s pretty much in demand, sometimes I don’t
agree with some of the stuff he writes, because he can be brutal slamming my
friends, who in turn, think I had an influence on it. I find the gossip thing
pretty insane, but I realize it’s part of the business, believe it or not I
get a lot of work from bad word of mouth.

Now that you
have a proven track record, is the response different when you pitch an idea
for a movie?

I haven’t pitched a movie idea in a long time, the ideas I have I think is too
"Weird" for the porn market so I’m separating that to my side projects. I just
fill in for some series that a company is doing or I come up with what is

Have you had
any ideas turned down because they were just too extreme?

No not really, but I’ve tamed down a lot, I just went through that phase with
Extreme, and now I just moved over so that Tom Zupko can take over, I just
focus on shooting hot sex and a basic story line, I do the occasional crazy
thing but I’m trying to cover all gamut’s in the industry, like wall to wall,
gonzo stuff.

How did you
get along with Kid Vegas?

I didn’t know him that well, he came into Extreme after I left.  I would hear
crazy things about him and I’ve spoken to him from time to time but nothing
too dramatic, although he did break my steps by the spa once at a party while
he was drunk.  He keeps promising that he would repair it.

Who was your
favorite talent to shoot?

There are a lot.  I really didn’t have a bad time with any of them.  I like
KIKI D’aire, she gave me her 1st anal, there’s also Felony, Sunrise Adams,
Faith, Alana Evans, Claire, Bandy Lyons, Patricia, Sid Vicious, Jenna Haze,
Olivia Saint and the list goes on.

Who was your least favorite talent to shoot?

The only bad time I had with a talent was Sharon Wild, for Kung Fu girls #4
but that was because she was called in for the last minute to replace a
no-show, she was up all night the night before so she was burnt out. She
wanted to leave early so I changed the script were she was under a sleeping
spell through the whole movie and it all worked out in the end. She even got
the cover.

Where can
fans go to see more of your stuff?

You can go to
, , Sinister video, Elite multimedia, Smash
pictures, I’m working on
 films and

projects do you have in the works?

Kelly kick ass for kick ass pictures, also Cock Crazy quickies through Elite
just came out as well as Kung-fu girls #4

else you would like to add/talk about?

Well, I’m staring my own thing with Elite.  I’m trying out new concepts like
instead of your average five scenes, I’ll put in nine.  I figure if it only
takes the average guy to get off within seven to twelve minutes, why not make
the scenes that long? This way I can add more scenes with different girls and
the viewer wouldn’t have to use the fast forward button too much.  
I see porn headed towards this direction, the Internet is like what video was
to film.  It revolutionized the industry so everything is quick.  What I was
doing at Extreme is now the norm, everyone is guerilla shooting with no crew,
with the market being saturated new directors have to be resourceful.  The
problem with that is that it’s becoming more mechanized.  You have too much
productions going on all over the world, mainly eastern Europe, a lot of big
companies are going there to shoot since talent is a lot cheaper.  I see a big
shift in the industry in about two years, it should be interesting.


You were
telling me that you were also going to take on new responsibilities with your


I am going
to do something in this industry that I don’t think has been done before, I
usually am a one man crew, lighting directing, camera, still etc. Now I’m
going I’m going to see if one man can run a company i.e. producing, editing,
P.R. filing etc. pretty much everything, even my own site which will be
which will be a learning process for me to update
almost daily of the scenes or projects of that day.  If this works out perhaps
the industry may change even more.


Thanks a lot
and we’ll be looking forward to seeing a lot of new stuff from you.

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