Real Sex Magazine 30



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89 Mins

Digital Sin

DIRECTOR: Wild Bill Whitrock




STARS: Gauge, Jesse, Sophie, Mei-Yu, TT Boy, Mojo, Rick Masters


Since Digital Sin took over distribution for the Real Sex DVDs, they have turned up the release schedule. There seems to be a new RSM DVD on the shelf every couple of weeks now. Wild Bill has a good track record of taking really new girls and getting them to turn in fine performances. In this volume, he’s got three women who are well known to strokers around the world. Hot Asian honey Mei-Yu, super sexy Appalachian darling Gauge and one of my personal faves Jesse.

Nineteen year old Jesse looks like a perfect sorority girl. Her girl next door looks, perfect body and awesome tits make her a well rounded package. She says she likes rough sex, so Whitrock brings in TT Boy to really put her to the test. He starts of playfully enough, letting the pretty SoCal princess suck his cock. I love way she smiles up at him with those pretty yes gleaming as she takes him deep. Before really dropping the hammer on the pretty little blonde, TT lies back and has her do the work. Once they get warmed up, he tosses her around on the bed, finding new and fun ways to poke his prick into her pretty pussy. This scene has great energy, but a little too much choking for my taste. Even with that working against it, this white hot fuck is bound to stiffen quite a few pricks in the audience. Everything is really good until the pop. Jesse already said she didn’t like cum in her mouth, then nearly pukes when TT forces the issue. After a convenient fade out, we come back to find out that she had a great time. (Can someone say ‘cover your ass?’)

Gauge is another perfectly shaped fuck bunny who knows how to make a cock stand up and dance. Whitrock pairs her up with her boyfriend Mojo. I don’t know how old this guy is, but he’s got the body of an out of shape forty year old with pale, hairless skin dotted liberally with a lot of tattoos. Turning this horny young couple loose is a very good plan because they get right to it. Mojo does some munching between Gauge’s nineteen year old thighs, but the highlights begin when this Doe eyed darling gets her lips around his stiff schlong. Leaving the pace up to the performers, Whitrock rolls camera while Gauge mounts her man and fucks him for all she’s worth. Since they have plenty of practice, there is no way Mojo is going to le this little woman get away with a seriously hard slam job. Another well shot, high energy fuck the ends with some hard anal and a big facial. Gauge has no problem taking jizz in her mouth.

Mei-Yu is a very sexy Filipina. She has been in a few videos before this one, but is still quite fresh faced with a tight body and a great attitude. Of course, in porn a great attitude just means she’ll suck your cock before even knowing your name. After a skilled blowjob, she spreads her thighs to show off that smooth pookie. Mei-Yu shows great energy when she’s on top, working her hips until her tits dance. When the guy moves in for some doggy, he pulls out all the stops, grudge fucking her until she can hardly take any more. Top that off with some tight anal action and a stream of cum right in her open mouth and you have the third hot scene in a row.

Last, we get Sophie a fairly cute Hungarian blonde who has done mostly magazine work before this video. Since she doesn’t do boy/girl, the thin Euro-babe is going to get off for us. After three very good fuck scenes, it’s hard to get too excited over a solo, even a well done one with a pretty girl. Sophie’s pussy is juicy, inviting and gets a rigorous finger workout from the pretty blonde. Whatever guy is banging that beaver on a regular basis is lucky as hell. We have to settle for just watching her get in a nicely shot solo.

I like this series, but it’s not often even Wild Bill manages to bring us four women this hot. Jesse really shines in the opening scene, taking cock beautifully. The only thing that mars this is the ill advised mouth shot with a girl who really hates the taste of cum. Gauge turns in another blistering performance and looks as good here as I’ve ever seen her. Mei-Yu gives us the third winning boy/girl scene and Sophie adds a little variety with her solo closer. I’m not sure this is the best RSM ever, but it’s easily in the top five, a real winner.

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