Black Safari




80 Mins.
THEMES: Black Girls, Interracial Sex
2000 (7/97)
STARS: Nicole Jefferson, Macy, Meka Johnson, Brooke Ashley, Weed, Tony Eveready, Mann Stile, Byron Long, Tim White.
Those of you who may have seen the title and thought this might just be a big budget adult film about an actual safari may want to rethink that assumption. The all-black wing of the JM Productions doesn�t do movies like that. Byron Long�s safari through the wilds of Africa is actually just a park or vacant lot in the Valley, but the focus in this movie really isn�t going to be on location. It�s going to be on some very hot looking black women getting seriously fucked.
Byron Long tells us through a voice over, that he is on safari in Africa for a two week vacation. His wife has been kidnapped by white cannibals and Byron is now wondering the countryside searching for her. The intense heat has begun to effect him and he�s seeing things now. What he sees on top of a huge rock is a sexy, half naked woman dancing on a rock. As he is about to talk to the woman, her boyfriend, Tony Eveready comes by and sends Byron on his way. (Apparently the white cannibals took Tony�s wife years ago, but he�s happy with the local talent.) With Byron gone, Tony is free to enjoy the sweet treats of little Meka Johnson. He goes down and works on her slick, puffy pussy with his tongue and fingers. Wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock, Meka uses her mouth to work over about half of Tony�s hard prick. She�s a bit quiet and never looks into the camera, but this cute black girl looks good licking and sucking a stiff pole. Once she has thoroughly worked him over, Meka mounts that cock and starts squat fucking. Nice close up shot that really shows how hard she�s working to get her dark slit filled with meat. High energy squat fucking that looks great carries the action early. Tony rolls her over and drops the hammer on that snug little pussy as a warm up for the anal. Her ass is a really tight fit, but he manages to fuck it from behind long enough to work a good load up in his sack. Out of her butt he goes to leave a serious streak of thick cum down the side of her face. Brother�s been saving up big time.
Still wandering, Byron remembers how the whole thing started. While preparing to go on his trip, Byron�s wife, Macy begs him to go. He says no, but you know that she has ways of making him see things from her point of view. Sure, Byron leans back like it�s no big deal, but once this babe gets those thick lips working on his big cock, I think he�s already ordering her plane tickets. A guy as big as Byron has to be careful not to hurt someone with that thing (Or knock furniture over.) but he manages to get his woman wet enough to seriously pound her. Nice close up shots as she holds her pussy open for his pumping prick. If she�s willing to fuck him this well for a safari, think what she would do for a week in the Caribbean. No pop shot at the end of this scene.
Back in the heat, Byron runs into another guy who has gone nuts. Weed is a Vietnam vet who still thinks he�s in country. He�s got Brooke Ashley masturbating on a rock while he points Byron to where is woman might be held. After he leaves, Weed finally moves in to quench Brooke�s cum thirst. Brooke looks great here and is easy for Weed to pick up and toss her into all kinds of fun positions. Her fingers keep working that pretty little pussy, but a hot slut like Brooke really needs a big cock in her mouth. The sight of her bobbing that pretty head on his rod is totally hot and makes it really hard to type on a laptop if you know what I mean. Weed goes to the ground, lying on his back with his cock sticking straight up for little Brooke to ride with her tight cookie. She likes it on top, but really comes to live on her back when he can slam her good. As small as she is, her feet barely reach his shoulders, but this shit looks fine to me. Of course, no Brooke scene would be complete without her little ass being violated. Great doggy ass action as her Asian ass gets black boned to full capacity. For some reason, he ends up popping on her tits instead of in her slutty mouth, but this is still a hot scene.
Byron finally finds his wife, but to his dismay, she enjoys being with the cannibals. (For some reason, there are two white guys in a tribe with one black guy, but that just means more dick for Macy to suck.) Byron tires to take his woman home, but being a member of the tribe just isn�t something she is willing to give up. He leaves dejected, but she is happy as hell to have three guys working her. Maybe this is the kind of living arrangement we all need for racial harmony. She bends at the waist and sucks one cock while another splits her black cheeks and finds her pink treasure. No matter where the guys are, Macy manages to keep one of them in her mouth, showing just how dedicated she is to her craft. Nice shots as she rides RC on the black guy while her mouth goes back and forth on the two white shafts. I just wish these guys could keep their dicks hard for this cock hungry convert. When the first guy cums on her face, Macy leaves it there while the second keeps right on banging her bush. The other guys decorate her as well, leaving Macy totally drenched.
Byron becomes a man of the wild, living off the earth. When a game warden, played by Nicole Jefferson comes by, she attack him. (It�s sort of a porn anti-fur thing.) She strips him of his clothes to teach him not to treat animals the way he does. Sweetie, when a woman tears a man�s clothes off and starts sucking his dick, it�s not usually punishment. Nicole looks pretty good except for what looks to be a really bad wig. She takes Byron�s big log pretty well, sucking and stroking it into her eager mouth. I�m sure the rocks aren�t that comfortable, but she lies on her back to take ever inch. What a trooper. Nicole isn�t as cute as Meka or as energetic as Macy, but she turns in a nice scene, complete with a few butt shots that will make booty bandits go nuts. With a hearty yell, Byron dumps a load on her face, ending this sexual safari.
I always get a laugh out of Byron Long. Every time he does one of these light dialog flicks, he manages to dead pan his way through. Either Byron is just really horrible with dialog, or he is having a great time poking fun at everything he does. This is basically just a series of mostly outdoor scenes between a nearly all black cast. Other than Meka and Brooke, the women are pretty good, but not great. Brooke really turns in a great scene, pushing this movie up a notch. Meka is cute, but I would love to see her actually look like she is enjoying herself. Macy is very enthusiastic and her two scene are a lot of fun. Black Safari is a jerk off movie for guys who are looking for all-black action, but it�s worth a chuckle no matter what you like.

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