85 Mins
DIRECTOR: Michael Zen
2000 (6/97)
THEMES: Gothic Sex
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Asia Carerra, Brad Armstrong, Missy, Mickey G, Mark Davis, Stacy Valentine, Peter North, Tom Byron.
When I originally reviewed this movie on video, I was just starting to enjoy both Jenna and Asia Carrera, so I had plenty of reasons to like the movie. It came out at the height of Jenna’s popularity, when she was absolutely the biggest star in all of porn and Asia was nearly as well loved. Combining them in a Michael Zen movie about mythical creatures, ancient curses and hot, hot sex, is a recipe for something special. This kind of well crafted porn is perfect for DVD and as usual, the picture quality on this Wicked disc is top notch.
Asia Carrera kicks things off by casting a spell to trap Jenna when she comes close to the house. Hey, if you could cast a spell that would make Jenna trapped at your place for a weekend, wouldn’t you give it a shot. While waiting for the prey to enter into the web, Asia keeps herself occupied with the help of a couple of guys she keeps around for just such an occasion. How Asia can fuck with that thing on her head is anyone’s guess, but she manages to look sensational as she shares some sensual licking and kissing with Brad Armstrong and Mickey G. Check out the hand action as she sucks Brad for a bit. I’d buy that for whole truckload of dollars. I want a job where one of my duties is to lick and stick the gorgeous pussy of my off the chart pretty boss. Nice, quick opening fuck.
Jenna arrives with some questions for the mysterious Dr. Jade (Asia) about animal mythology. Of course, it’s too late for her to drive home, so she has to spend the night in the big, spooky mansion. Still horny, Asia retires to the bedroom with Mickey to finish what they started earlier. Great shot of Asia in piledriver as he tongue fucks her beautiful pussy. When it’s time for Asia to work her mouth magic, all eyes should be glued to this great blowjob. Mickey bends his boss over and really fucks her hard before dropping a load all over his tummy.
Jenna finds the mansion quite erotic and spends some quality time with an interesting bedside nick knack that quickly becomes a sex toy. Missy watches from the doorway, but pictures a torrid lesbian encounter with Jenna. It’s easy to see from this scene that Missy was a star waiting to be born and that Jenna really deserved a lot of the hype she got. Jenna has got such a hot body and that pussy looks like candy. I’d dive between these two muff hungry blondes in a heartbeat. Very nice lesbian encounter with the very exciting use of that crystal dildo. (Complete with anal for Ms. J.)
Things are even stranger out in the woods. Jenna is brought out to witness a sexual ritual that quickly becomes an all out orgy. First, she watches Chloe and Mark Davis rock each other’s world. You have to love Chloe when she does anything, but watching her fuck a big cock and take it in the ass is pure porn perfection. Great anal scene that ends with Chloe licking cum off her fingers.
Watching soon turns to participating for Jenna who finds herself servicing two men. Mickey and Brad give her two cocks to play with and as always, Jenna delivers a first class blow job. They give her a far too quick fuck, filling her mouth and pussy before both cocks explode all over her big tits. You know, I don’t think you could shoot Jenna from a bad angle at that time, she looked great no matter how you looked at her.
All of this action has Jenna going through some changes and some wicked dreams. The story drags a bit here. In part because Jenna has a really difficult time with some of the more dramatic scenes. In her knew movies, she is concentrating on her sex scenes, and I have enjoyed her performances in lighter roles, but it gets a little ridiculous here. On the positive side, Asia has Missy in the dungeon for a little punishment. Wow, if you work for Asia and you disobey, you have to service her sexually. Yeah, punishment to be sure. Maybe in some parallel universe. There is enough of an edge to this scene to make me pay attention even though it’s a veggie scene. Great shots of Asia’s tight little cookie as Missy enjoys her punishment. Hey, it’s a lesbian scene that I actually liked, that says a lot.
There is more fun in the woods, with everyone breaking into spontaneous sexual activity. This time, Stacy Valentine is carrying the sexual action. Tom Byron and Peter North provide the meat to the sexy blonde. Look at the way she sucks a dick, like there is nothing else on earth. She takes then both in a blistering DP and takes the loads right on her tits. Nice to see Stacy doing such a great scene, even if it’s a bit too short.
Jenna is going through some strange transformations and ends up as a half human, half beast creature. No matter, we still get to see her give her world class blowjob. Her legs are all covered with fur, but she really gives a great scene this time around. Her less than human co-star fucks her with plenty of energy, helping give us one of the hottest fucks of the movie. Great eye contact as she takes a big load on her pretty face. Woman or beast, Jenna has a face worth a big load, that’s for sure.
This is a great looking movie, to be sure, especially with the great picture quality on DVD. The story is interesting, though it sometimes gets a little drawn out. Still, most of it is necessary to make the costumes and gothic sex scenes make sense. Asia and Missy do a great job with their dialog and share a fantastic lesbian tryst. Asia’s other scenes are also pure highlight reel material. He, Missy, Asia, Chloe and Stacy make this cast one of the best looking, as well as hottest fucking collections of female porn talent on any DVD. If you want some hot, hard-core sex with costumes and interesting locations, you won’t find many movies any better than this one. This was a well done video, but on DVD it ranks among the year’s best.

One Response to “Satyr”

  1. lindsay says:

    i just ordered this movie and i cant wait to get it! i love jenna, especially her early stuff like conquest, dreamquest, flashpoint, satyr, blue movie, wicked one ect when i watch those movies, i can see why shes become the biggest porn star in history!

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