Still Insatiable


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140 Mins
DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart
VCA � 1999
THEMES: Politics, Interracial Sex, Older Women.
STARS: Marilyn Chambers, Juli Ashton, Kylie Ireland, Stacy Valentine, Julian, Nikita, Vicca, Chloe, Tyce Bune, Steve Hatcher, Jack Garfield.
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Wow, there are a lot of choices on this menu. The full motion chapter stops are well done as always. Under the cast selection, we get mini slide shows, bios and an interview with Marilyn. The way VCA does this particular extra feature is very unique. You can click to a scene from the bio, allowing you to see your favorites in action. This time around, we also get interviews with the whole cast. Nice slide show with high quality photos of some of the hard core action. Both the Behind the Scenes and Outtakes sections are well worth looking at as well. The audio commentary is a nice touch as well, especially if you switch back and forth during the movie and just catch the highlights. Previews for other titles and multi-angle selections round out this top notch extras package.
Along with the return of Ginger Lynn in �Torn�, the comeback of Marilyn Chambers in �Still Insatiable� were the biggest stories in porn for 1999. No one can argue that Marilyn is one of, if not the single biggest star in the history of adult films. She was part of groundbreaking projects in the 70�s, then helped lead the video revolution with a number of successful movies in the 80�s. Now, as the 90�s came to a close, Marilyn stood ready to do something that few would could even attempt. She�s older, more experienced and a bigger legend than just about any of the young starlets working today. Can she still deliver the way she used to? Can she carry a plot driven sex movie nearly twenty years after Insatiable? Standing around gabbing is no way to find out.
Marilyn plays a California Senator on a crusade to stamp out pornography. (Election year porn politics is so much fun.) Marilyn is a bit thicker in the middle than we remember her, but still quite beautiful and in the early scenes, she shows that she still knows how to handle her dialog. On the way home from a fund-raiser, she does a little research into the filth she is trying to stamp out. Marilyn pops a tape into the VCR and gets an eyeful of Chloe as she performs in a peep show booth with Steve Hatcher. There is just no way to shoot a bad scene with Chloe and the Senator can�t help but watch with great interest as Chloe fills the air with filthy take and deep sucks Hatcher�s horn. Letting her breasts loose, Marilyn starts playing with them, eventually letting her fingers move to her pussy. I know what she�s feeling since watching Chloe fuck always makes me want to keep my hand in my pants as well. Hatcher does his best to keep up with Chloe, fucking her as hard as he possibly can and enjoying her snug snatch and ass. She scratches and claws at the ground as Steve drops a load on her hot box.
The Senator is so excited by the awesome display, that she drifts into a soft fantasy masturbation sequence. With plenty of filter on the lens, we watch as Marilyn literally glows with excitement while fingering her juicy slit. Some thing never change, and one of them seems to be the fact that Marilyn Chambers is one super hot lady who needs her pussy tended to on a regular basis. This solo action is followed up by another diddling scene with limo driver Stacy Valentine. While the Senator is dealing with a stuffy speech, Stacy is getting herself off in the front seat of the car. The heat in this one is cut a bit by the constant switching between the hot blonde and the dreary anti-smut banter.
Looking to expand her sexual horizons, the Senator puts the moves on her hunky young bodyguard. Julian is the perfect man to re-ignite the fires burning in her loins. He stammers for a bit, but when Marilyn gets on her knees, Julian decides that the best thing to do is just let her do her work. No doubt Ms. Chambers still has the oral skills of a champ and puts them to good use on Julian�s fat cock. Director Veronica Hart is careful to keep her middle covered during the se, but no special considerations need be made when it comes to fucking. She can still take a big cock and take it hard. Julian delivers some serious wood to his prone boss. He fucks her from behind on the couch and Marilyn seems like she is ready to just explode. Explode is just what Julian does, dropping his seed on Marilyn�s ass.
The next day at a gathering of other anti-porn crusaders, the Senator shows another film to the ladies. At the same time, Stacy Valentine and Juli Ashton are hooking up for a very good looking lesbian tryst. Even if you don�t dig veggie sex, the sight of these two women together, has to fulfill plenty of fantasies and is damn fine looking lesbian porn. Everything is nicely shot and there is some good toy play, but mostly, you have to credit the two women who are so clearly into each other in this scene. Anal toy play for Julie gives a touch of nastiness to this one.
At home with her new guy, Marilyn actually plays the porn tape for their enjoyment. This time we get to watch as Vicca and Nikita double team Tyce Bune. No matter how many times I watch these two women together, I can�t get over how much more I enjoy Vicca than her tall friend. She is prettier and seems to really get into her scenes. Tyce has his hands full, but delivers the good to both Euro imports quite well. He manages to fuck Vicca�s pussy then finishes with a poke to Nikita�s skinny ass.
Something has snapped in the Senator�s mind and now she wants something special. Julian takes her to a bar where the Senator hooks up with a couple of black men, Mr. Marcus and Julian St. Jox. Before we get to their scene however, we get to see just how dedicated her staff is. Trying to find out what a reporter knows, Kylie Ireland uses every weapon in her considerable arsenal to get the truth. This lucky guy spends a lot of time licking at Kylie�s pretty pussy and believe me, great rewards are in store for this dedicated dude. With a great looking lingerie uniform, but it�s her blowjob skills that really shine here. What a great face, especially for cocksucking. Moving her onto the counter, the guy gives Kylie a solid fuck, making her cream and scream for more. No wonder she�s working for the horny Senator. This is one visibly snug, tasty looking pussy that I for one, would love to ride. Oh yeah, did I mention she also takes it in the ass, long and hard? Oh yeah, this is one dedicate aide. A pop on her ass ends things for Kylie and her lucky partner.
Now it�s time for Marilyn to take on two young studs. She doesn�t miss a beat, feeding them her ample tits and getting that mouth busy again. I know a lot of people call politicians cocksuckers, but if any of them did it as well as Marilyn, I�d vote for them in a second. Nice footage here as she worships Marcus� cock with her mouth. For anyone who wondered if Marilyn still had the stuff, just watch the way she takes these guys on. She is still a hot talking woman with a super deep throat. Even the ass is in play for the horny Senator. Julian fucks her ass until Marilyn is just about ready to burst. The cover her body in cum, leaving her totally drained.
Well, not totally drained because she still have enough to party with her whole staff. Juli, Kylie and Julian join Marilyn in bed and all try and impress her with their sexual skills. Lucky Julian now has three pussies to enjoy and lets the girls keep themselves occupied while he works each one. Juli is always sexy, but Kylie actually does the best blowjob this time around. Not to be outdone, Marilyn shows that she still loves a big stiff one in her pussy. Everyone gets into the act, turning in a fine four way fuck to end the movie. Kylie�s doggy while Juli and Marilyn share a two headed dildo is the best looking shot here, though there is plenty to enjoy from all three women.
There is no doubt that the great picture quality on this disc makes �Still Insatiable� a better DVD than it was a video. There is a plot here, though it�s thin and really without a lot of involvement. I mean, once we get beyond the idea that censorship is a bad idea, what do we have left? That all Senators need is a good fuck in the ass by a black dick? The sex is feature sex and as always with Veronica Hart, is well shot and nicely lit. There are no facials here, but some decent anal action. Still, the attraction is Marilyn Chambers. How doe she do? Pretty well. As I said, they are careful how they shoot her these days, but her sexual energy is still top notch. She can take dick as well as ever and I would still kill for one of her cock loving blowjobs. Her scene with Julian is really good and the three way fuck shows that she really is still insatiable. Nice job by the side players as well in this one, especially Stacy, Kylie, Juli and Chloe. All of these women turn in performances that prove they are fantastic porn stars as well. Personally. I�m glad to see Marilyn back, and now I can�t wait to see her Private Fantasies movies on DVD.�

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