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Brandi Love Pens Article Defending OnlyFans for The Federalist Website

Anyone who follows Brandi Love on Twitter (@brandi_love) knows that she has no shortage of opinions and that she doesn’t particularly care if you agree with her politics or not. She’s an outspoken conservative voice among the overwhelmingly liberal adult industry.

Youtube Video: IStandWith Political Quiz

This may be a little late, but I figured I would add it. I was trying some new screen capture features and recording the screen live while I took a quiz. It is a political quiz from isidewith.com/ and it measured how my beliefs stack up against the Presidential hopefuls.


HUSTLER Video, the leader in adult entertainment, is proud to present its newest parody adult film, “Republican Candidate Wife Swap.” More than the polls will be rising as HUSTLER Video and acclaimed director Stuart Canterbury bring you a hilarious, make-believe, behind-the-scenes look at the GOP (“Good Ol’ Pussy Party”) and watch these would-be Presidential candidates do what they do best.

Hirsch to GOP: Catch Up to Modern Times

Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of adult movie powerhouse Vivid Entertainment, today cautioned the GOP to lower the rhetoric against adult entertainment intended for adults. At the same time, he saluted Republicans for their stand against child pornography but suggests that they catch up to modern times when it comes to grown ups.

Blog: Guy Chokes Kid over Black Ops Smack Talk

When I first read about this story involving a full grown man hunting down and choking a teenager over an insult suffered during an on line game I was appalled as anyone. It’s just not something any sane person can ever condone, right?

Rog Blog: My Tweets, Expanded

One of the funny things about the new Twitter Universe is how everyone is able to reduce their thoughts, both deep and banal into 160 characters. Don’t imagine that this is a blast on Twitter because I actually have learned to enjoy it a bit. However, the idea that anyone is able to have a serious conversation on that thing is pretty insane.

Rog Blog: Westboro Hate Group to Protest Ford Memorial

Yes, the funky freaks from WBC are at it again. This time the bigots that only Satan himself could love are picketing the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford.

You can read more here:

IBTimes.com Article on Westboro’s Plan to Protest Ford Memorial

Blog: Cheerleader Refuses to Cheer for her Alleged Rapist

When I first read the headline on this story and read the word “controversy” I thought to myself “huh, what controversy”. After all, who would blame a girl for not cheering for a guy she claims assaulted her?

Political: Good News From Gates, TV Viewers

It’s time for a positive political post. Good news from Def. Sec Gates on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and better news from TV audiences are running away from Keith Olbermann.

Political: You Want Issues? Here’s Your Issue

President Obama’s Administration is looking into the BCS. Seriously, don’t we have bigger issues in this country than whether Utah gets to play Florida?

Political: State of the Union Apathy, Free Speech Victory & Other Stuff

No I didn’t watch the State of the Union speech. I do wonder about Free Speech though because everything seems to be turned upside-down.

RIP Senator Kennedy

Love him or hate him, America lost a political icon today.

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