88 Mins
DIRECTOR: Bobby Rinaldi
Wildlife/Tight Ends – 1999
THEMES: Dom/Sub, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Taylor Moore, Torri, Brandon Irons, Julie Meadows, Chris Cannon, Jenny MacArthur, Tye, Kasorn Swan, Tyce Bune, John Strong, Lexington Steele, Brick Majors
Not much here, just a little photo gallery that is filled with some pretty poor quality photos. Get this one for the movie, not the bonus material.
I reviewed this movie on video a few months back and was impressed by much of what director Bobby Rinaldi was trying to do. Some of the scenes were fantastic, while others were a little arty for my taste. In the DVD format, with even better picture quality, arty porn often works better. We’ll see how this one turns out on disc. Regardless of the format, the best reasons I can think for watching this movie are Julie Meadows, Kasorn Swan and Tye, all of whom look fantastic and fuck like the sort of dick starved sluts we all want to meet.
Starting any movie off with Julie Meadows works for me. Just looking at her semi-naked on the bed is enough to have me sitting on the edge of my seat. Two men circle her prone body and begin to explore he soft skin with their hands. With their fingers pinching and probing, Julie gets worked into quite a frenzy. There is no question that this scene is beautifully shot, with a mixture of tight close-ups and long shots that include a set laced with candles and a chain link fence. It’s not the skillful shooting that really gets me going here though, it’s the way Julie sucks cock like her life depends on it. Watching her head move back and forth from cock to cock is stunning, even if it’s mixed up with slow motion shots. Sensuality is a key here, but you can’t tell me that watching Julie take a big dick in her ass and get DP’d is anything short of strokeworthy smut. I guess it’s couples friendly to a point, but not so much that we lose sight of the fact that Ms. Meadows is one totally fucked slutlet before things are finished. Both guys shoot loads into he gloved hands to close out in impressive opening scene.
Torri and Taylor Moore circle a bed, taunting each other as foreplay. Taylor is in leather and chains while Torri looks like the little farmgirl next door. All this leads up to a little dom/sub lesbian sex that takes place with candles all around and a strobe light going off. There is quite a bit of attitude to this scene, giving me more to be interested in than your typical veggie scene. However, even candle wax and strap on sex can’t keep me from wishing I could see little Torri get busy with a real cock. Still, I can’s say I didn’t enjoy watching Taylor fuck her pretty playing with that fake cock. In this scene, the mixture of artsy lighting and hot sex works really nicely.
A very under-used porn starlet, Tye brings a lot of impressive assets to her scenes. She has a pretty face and tits that are just to die for. A masked Lexington Steele approaches the busty brunette and she is at his mercy in seconds. All the ingredients are there for a hot scene. Tye’s little leather outfit is super sexy and Lex goes to work on her exposed slit like he’s determined to make her beg for more. More is what Tye gets when he mounts her chest, feeding that massive cock to his new friend. More blowjob footage would have been nice, but it’s time to mount and ride. Great reverse cowgirl here as Tye shows off her thigh boots and great rack. Lex is gentle with Tye here, inching his massive prick into her at first, then speeding up as she gets into it. Lex gets to work without a condom in this scene and ends up dropping a load all over Tye’s belly and boobs. More of this woman in porn would be a very god thing.
Exotic cutie Kasorn Swan is up next in a bright pink outfit that really stands out against the dark backdrop. Tyce Bune and John Strong come in and literally attack the long legged cutie. Not nearly enough blowjob footage here, but since there are two guys, her skilled mouth does stay full even as Tyce plows away from behind. No need for slow love making with Kasorn. She loves it hard and fast and that’s just what she gets. Both guys get shots at her lovely looking pussy, and when she goes RC, we all get a great look at her dark, tan lined body. A bit too much of the black light and arty look here, but still a very hot scene, including a couple of REALLY messy facials. The best shots in this movie by a long shot.
Those of you with bride fantasies will love the way pretty Jenny MacArthur looks in her gown. Brick Majors comes in to take what is now lawfully his and the carnality commences. With soft music and some visual tricks, this one is very couples friendly. Hell, there is even kissing and half of the action takes place before anyone even gets naked. Brick lays his new bride on her stomach to get a taste of her asshole, but spends most of his time sucking her pretty pussy. With her veil and stockings till on, Jenny gives a wedding night blowjob that should have been longer. Once she starts fucking, you can see why Brick walked this sexy girl down the aisle. The effects slow this one down, making it great couples fair, but really cooling what could have been a hot stroker scene as well. Jenny takes her cum on the face and sucks his cock with glee.  
  As a DVD with strong couples appeal, I would say Heat works somewhat better on disc than it did on DVD. The picture quality is really good and that helps with the moody lighting in each scene. Don’t get me wrong, Rinaldi did not make, nor was he going for an Andrew Blake movie. There is plenty of good hardcore action, especially the Julie Meadows scene. Kasorn takes on two cocks and does a great job of it. Add Tye’s hot fuck with Lex and you have more than enough good action to make this one worth checking out. I’d still like to see less slow motion and shadows, but this is still a nicely balanced, extremely well shot, porn flick.

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    is this the same tye that was going out with julian st jox?

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