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I ran this interview two weeks ago and have since seen the footage in question. Yes, it is Paris, yes much of it is night vision and yes there is a great blowjob at the end. Review? Not today, but let’s say that this is much better than any celeb video that has been made avilable to the public. (Pam, Tonya, Mimi etc) (Though maybe not the best anyone has ever seen, wink, wink, Neve, wink, wink.) It is well worth a look for anyone who digs Paris or just wants to enjoy the whole forbidden video thing.

Original Interview from 2/15/04

I got a call this morning from the owner of There have been a lot of rumors about this footage, but I want to say that at this time I have not seen it. I will watch it this afternoon, but for now I am keeping my mind open. I’m not sure if this is an exclusive web interview, but for now it’s one of the first up. (If anyone is interested in running this interview on their site, please email me.) Enjoy it everyone and please feel free to chime in on this site, the footage, Paris, celebrity sex tapes, anything and everything is open for discussion.

I am interviewing the owner of Thank you for the time, good morning to you.

I am in Europe so it’s good evening for me, but thank you Roger.

How did you get your hands on the footage?

No comment.

When people go to, what are they going to find on the site?

They will find the complete video. This is not the two minutes that have been floating around for some time. That one is grainy and poor quality. This is high quality with 18 minutes in full color.

Does it include the night-vision footage?

It does, but it includes much more.

Do you have any fear of a lawsuit over this site?

Not at all. I own the footage.

I noticed on the site there is no mention of names. We are led to believe it is footage of Paris Hilton, but her name is not on the site.

That is true. In 90% of the footage, there are only two humans shown. For maybe 40 seconds, they are in a cab or an airplane, but mostly it is just two people.

And who are those two people?

Rick Solomon and Paris Hilton, THE Rick Solomon and Paris Hilton not look-alikes, not people with similar names, these are the real people.

Are you one of the two people in the footage?

No one has thought to ask me that yet, congratulations Roger. No I am not one of the two people in the footage.

I know that you’ve been on Stern, but you must be in the middle of a media blitz right now.

It has only begun. I have only done one live interview with Howard Stern and just a few of these interviews. I plan to do a lot more in the future.

When did go up?

Wednesday night.

Do you know what kind of traffic it’s been getting?

The response was immediate and it has been overwhelming.

Do you think it is safe to say that you got your hands on the most sought after video footage on the planet?

There has never been anything like it. Paris Hilton is American royalty, a super model and a TV star of sorts. We have her seven minutes of fellatio close up. There has never been anything like it. Pamela Anderson was a silicone Playboy model who did Baywatch, but she is nothing like American royalty. Not to be morbid or anything, but this is almost like getting a hold of similar footage of Princess Dianna when she was alive.

When someone goes to the site, what do they get?

They get to see the full 37.5 minutes video up to five times over five days.

And after that?

After that they are offered the video at half price for another five days on the same computer.

Are you planning to release the footage on VHS or DVD?


Are you worried about someone stealing the footage?

We have a code that will be tough to crack. I am not worried about someone making money on another site because I own the footage and I’ll shut them down. It should be nearly impossible to crack the code anyway.

Do you have more than a business relationship with either of the people in the video?

No comment.

Are you worried about any trouble over this?

There are some idiots involved in this situation so you never know. I am not worried about anything from the two people in the video. I’m not calling Rick or Paris idiots. I’m, not worried about them at all.

If you got your hands on similar footage, would you do it again?

Yes, absolutely.

How long have you had the footage?

It has just been a short time.

How much money do you expect to make?

Bill Gates made 100 billion off software. There is no reason why I can’t make 100 million off of hardware.

There is a report (On there is a radio playing in the background that indicates that the footage was shot recently. Any response?

There is a radio playing during the infrared footage and that is same sound that has always been there. The infrared footage was never in doubt. It was never disputed by Rick or Paris. The new footage leaves no doubt.

So you are saying that the video on is absolutely real.

This is definitely the real thing. It is totally authentic.

There was another site that supposedly had celebrity sex video footage, but it was shot with doubles.

This footage is not like that. This is real. You can see for yourself, but the mannerisms, the voice, it would be impossible to hire doubles to look and sound and talk exactly like Rick and Paris.

When you first saw the footage, were you impressed?


Would Paris make a good porn star?

I am sure she would do really well, but I don’t think she ever would.

Are you already searching for the next big celebrity video?

I may already have my hands on it.

That wouldn’t happen to be the elusive Neve Campbell video would it?

No comment.

Is it possible we could see Britney or Christina on

No Comment.

I’m going to give you the final word.

Your average Manhattan taxi driver, if he is lucky might pick up a super model as a fare, or might get American royalty as a fare or maybe even a young TV star as a fare. He knows that he has no hope with her. This is a chance for him to vicariously experience everything he has ever dreamed of.

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