Up Your Ass 21

Up Your Ass 21



140 Mins.



THEMES: Anal Sex, Interracial Sex




STARS: Lena Juliet, Audrey Hollander, Ana Nova, Maxine, Katja Kassin, Mandy Bright, Jr. King, Joachim Kessef, Mr. Marcus, Devlin Weed, Darren James & Sledge Hammer


This is a series that has already undergone one serious change at the top. When Sean Michaels left to pursue his own stuff, Mike John was given the daunting task of taking over a successful line. He did fine, better than fine actually, taking Up Your Ass to new heights. The most recent exodus has once again left UYA in the hands of someone new. I won’t even pretend to know who SU is because this is the first I have heard of him. (Or her I suppose.) All I know is that SU has a cast that is a good mix of new babes and skilled anal sluts like Katja Kassin and Mandy Bright. Will that be enough to keep this great series on top? Will it remain one of the best interracial anal-themed series on the shelves? He or she has two hours and twenty minutes to show us what he’s got. (It is a woman’s voice doing the interviewing so we can only guess who it might be.)

Maxine is a petite blonde who is going to loose her on-screen anal cherry for us today. Without much of an interview she is introduced to her co-star. He’s got a big black dick with a serious downward curve that barely fits into her tiny mouth. It takes some work, but she is able to push it past the back of her throat and make it all disappear while only gagging slightly. Wasting no time, he turns her around and shoves four fingers up her ass. It opens easily and his long prick follows within seconds. Maxine sure takes cock easily in the back door and shows no signs of slowing down even when he’s all the way up in there. He tosses her around and stuffs that back door full of meat. After taking great liberties with her butt, he pulls her face close to drop a wad of cream right on her smiling mug.

Cover girl Lena Juliet is a sexy Latin girl who comes face to face with Mr. Marcus, Jr. King and Joachim. She is a pretty good looking girl in with a rather huge and tragic tat on her tummy. The guys surround her and throw her on top of a big black dick. Lena is very good with her mouth and when she isn’t sucking cock, is not afraid to do a little dirty talking. Settling in for some serious ass fucking, Lena gets on top, spreads her thighs and lets her weight push inch after throbbing inch of black dick right up her butt. The guys happily wreck her ass and leave streams of hot cum in her mouth. Lena just gobbles it up perfectly.

Audrey Hollander is a naturally busty redhead with super pale skin. She starts her scene in a little bikini as her mouth gets pumped full of cock. Mr. Marcus grabs her by the hair to make sure that every inch makes it down her throat. When left on her own, Audrey just keeps shoving it down, giving a super hot blowjob. Wanting to reward her for her hard work, Marcus pumps her pussy and holds her legs high in the air while she dirty talks like a seasoned whore. This girl is really sexy from head to toe and loves to fuck. He moves to her ass and that doesn’t even slow her down. When she pulls his cock out of her ass, Audrey has to talk to us about how tasty her asshole is. Watching this chick take it in the ass and swallow a big load makes you realize that you’re watching a future super star.

Mandy Bright is a great looking Euro-babe who loves it in the ass. They give her two black cocks to play with and she responds perfectly. I would like to see some more footage of her before all of her clothes come off, but while she is busy sucking, the guys strip her bare. Mandy’s got a great body and outstanding enthusiasm as she tries to swallow both cocks. The guys are impatient, so they each pick and end and start pumping her hard at both ends, trying to meet in the middle. Before long they split her cheeks and start fucking her pretty ass. It grips cock so tightly that the first guy can only go about halfway in. These guys both have big cocks and they just slam her raw with them. She rolls into piledriver and really shows her skills by letting them pound away on that fantastic backside. All set up for the facials, she rolls over and gets a taste of thick black cum.

Katja Kassin is a first-class ass queen with some serious junk in her trunk. Weed, Darren James and Sledge Hammer line up to take on one of the biggest butts in the biz. They surround her and give her enough hard cock to kill an average girl, but Katja just goes right after them. On all fours, she is able to take one from behind while sucking the other two. They give her pussy some attention, but quickly turn to those full cheeks. In no time she is stuffed in all three holes by black dick. Katja is a not a girl who needs to be fucked gently so they give her all they’ve got. When she gets the chance to do the fucking, Katja pumps her rump up and down on every inch of meat she can. As usual, she gives a fantastic anal scene and is happy to have the guys unload all of their jizz on her waiting mouth.

Ana Nova is another world class ass fuck. Two dicks are enough for this blonde and she happily works them up with her mouth. Ana spits, strokes and sucks until both rods are throbbing for her. They spread her thighs for some great looking pussy fucking, but once again the ass is the ultimate goal. She takes DP with ease and keeps encouraging them to fuck her harder. Ana gets a break only do a little A2M and then let the guys go right back between her cheeks. The best footage comes with her butt high in the air as she keeps sucking as hard as she can. When the guys have had enough of her back door, they shoot a whole lot of spooge right on to her face and mouth.

The continuation of the Up Your Ass series has to be considered a success at this point. There are some really great anal action in the movie and some truly great butts to boot. Ana Nova and Katja Kassin are women we expect a lot from. They don’t disappoint and show off some nice big butts. Audrey Hollander is probably the hidden gem here. She looks good and turns in the best fuck of the flick. This girl is hot and I can’t wait to see her in something else. The interracial anal action in this movie is top notch and that is what we’re looking for from a UYA movie no matter who is behind the camera.

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