Best of Sunset Thomas

Best of Sunset Thomas


103 Mins

DIRECTOR: Compilation/Veronica Hart


THEMES: Sunset, Lesbian Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Sunset Thomas, Becca Brat, Felecia, Alex Jordan, Jerry Pike, Debi Diamond, Jeanna Fine, Anna Male, Zach Adams & Kurt Lockwood.


Sunset Thomas has really come a long way since I met her in the early 90’s. She was just starting out as a pro-am girl then and had just given birth to a child when I talked with her in apartment. Since then she has had a very full career and has spent time on the cutting edge of many different aspects of porn. Back when we met, she and her husband were just getting into the pro-am thing and Sunset was one of the big stars who came from that genre. Later she would go on to become a top feature dancer and contract girl. (After doing interracial scenes, despite conventional wisdom.) She went on to star in some of VCA’s ground breaking features in the mid-90’s. Later in her career, Sunset would become one of the first big stars to do regular stints and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. That is not a part of her career that we will see in this movie, but it’s all part of the mystique Sunset has created over the years. In this VCA compilation, we will get to hear from Sunset and take a look back at some of her most memorable scenes.

After a brief introduction talking about her first movie (Mr. Peepers 25th Anniversary) and her introduction to girl on girl sex, we get to see Sunset taking on one of the nastiest girls in the history of porn, Debi Diamond. Even though Debi is the veteran it’s clear that Sunset is right at home sucking Debi’s stiff nipples and licking away at her shaved lips. Debi wears a strap-on so that we can see just how well young Sunset can handle a dick. They hook up for some great looking doggy and reverse cowgirl that keeps Sunset’s great body as the focus of the action. The girls finish up with a double dong that has Debi writhing as Ms. Thomas fucks her as hard as she can.

One of Sunset’s breakthrough movies was Michael Ninn’s “Sex.” It may look a bit dated now, but her scene with Jerry Pink in the middle of the desert helped create the legend of Ninn. With a strong wind blowing to add atmosphere, the sex would probably take a backseat were it not for Sunset’s beauty and energy. She gives a great looking blowjob and then bends over so he can fuck her from behind. After hearing her talk about how cold it was during the intro, you can see why they left most of her clothes on, choosing to have Pink lift her dress, pulls aside her panties and pound away. They do eventually get naked and fuck on the back of the car. There is a bit of slow motion, but the scene is so beautifully shot that it’s hard not to love it. Sunset takes the load on her chest and then cleans him off with her tongue.

Sunset tells us a story about guys eating cum-covered donuts on the set of “Babenet.” That leads us into another girl/girl scene, this time with Felecia. Sunset looks great and Felicia goes right after her. She focuses a lot of attention on Sunset’s tits before moving down to give her pussy a taste. Showing skills that impress even the veteran veggie girl, Sunset shows that cute girls can be nasty and provides with some good eye candy during the scene. Two girl-on-girl hook-ups in the first three scenes is kind of dull if you ask me, but there is some good strap-on play at the end of this one so it’s not a total loss.

Going back to a Ninn flick, we get a long loop of a fake cumshot from Latex. Sunset takes on a squirting penis that just won’t quit blasting fake cream all over her prone body. It’s interesting, but the full scene comes from earlier in the movie. Sunset is enjoying a little private time in the kitchen while wearing yellow gloves. Her husband, Zach Adams comes home and slips her right out of her panties. They clear off the dining table and exchange oral sex. This whole scene has a very strange look to it. Within the context of the movie it was all right, but in a compilation it is disorienting to jump around so much. (Or maybe I just hate the strobed look so much that I can never really enjoy stuff like this.) There is some great energy to the fucking, with Sunset squirming and creaming like a champ, but it’s slowed down just enough for it to be off. They hook up for some anal action that features the gloves if that’s your thing. The big facial shot is totally slowed down and really a bit of a disappointment.

Jeanna Fine and Anna Malle join Sunset for a veggie DP scene from her New Wave Hookers flick. Sunset dances for Jamie Gillis and then gives the two fetish nurse-clad brunettes some tasty flesh to feast on. There is some medical instrument play to go along with a little vibrator action. If the veggie action hasn’t already sent you running for your remote, then you may want to watch as Sunset takes two toys at once. Well, you could check it out if the edits didn’t cut away every 1.8 seconds.

Sporting red hair, Sunset is busy munching away on Alex Jordan in a bathroom when Tom Byron walks in. (OK he walks in after another five minutes of lesbian footage, but come on.) Both women are horny by now so they attack Tom. He just stands there as Alex and Sunset pass his cock back and forth eventually joining at the head for a very nice double blowjob. Sunset sits back and watches (And for those keeping track, this scene was shot with her tits totally natural) as Byron bangs Jordan on the toilet. Not willing to sit out the whole time, she stands in the middle of the room, bent at the waist so that Tom can fuck her while she licks Jordan’s labes. She backs her ass up and gives one hell of a hot performance. The girls go back to the floor where Tom sprays a big load right between them. They share the cream and enjoy a mid-day snack.

Sunset finally hits the stage and we get to watch her dance. She’s a very good performer who really knows how to work a crowd. We get a really good view of the action, but the movie isn’t over yet. Two of her fans, Kurt Lockwood and his pretty girlfriend, join Sunset backstage. She signs some autographs and then moves in on the young couple. Kurt focuses on Sunset while his girlfriend licks the make up girl’s pussy. Living out every porn fan’s dream, Kurt gets his cock sucked by his favorite porn girl and then by the other two chicks as well. Since this is a Sunset comp tape, I find the veggie action between the other girls unnecessarily distracting, but I’m sure some people will love it. After sliding a condom over his prick, Sunset squats over Kurt and strokes his meat with her pussy. He fucks the other girls as well, but they can’t quite keep up the heat like Sunset can. When Kurt finally pulls out, he shoots all over his girlfriend’s stomach. It’s a bit of a let down since Sunset is such a great facial queen, but still a nice little scene to end the movie.

I really like these Deep Inside movies from VCA. I would like them even more if they weren’t made up of at least half veggie action. Sunset loves pussy so she ends up eating a lot of it over the course of this flick. These scenes look good and the energy is high in all of them. Beyond the girl on girl action, there are some very high end scenes that Sunset did for Michael Ninn. If his stuff does it for you, or if you have always wanted to see what the fuss is about, you get a pretty good idea of how he shoots sex. The outdoor scene with Jerry Pike is pretty damn good and her kitchen scene with Zach Thomas has plenty to enjoy. Of the hetero scenes, I like the three-way with Alex Jordan and Tom Byron. They really work each other hard and it’s a chance to see a still natural Sunset do her stuff. The new scene isn’t bad, though I would have liked it more without the other girls. (Who are cute, but take away from Sunset just a bit.)

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